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5 Creative Ideas for Marketing on WhatsApp

By Neha Kapoor|25th Oct 2019
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Video Invitation Maker

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Whatsapp users increase in millions every month now and are having more than 1.7 billion users now. After not getting a job in Facebook after leaving Yahoo, Brian Acton & Jan Koum started Whatsapp in 2009.  But after five years, they got only 19 billion USD from selling Whatsapp to it. To date, it is the biggest deal Facebook has entered with anyone else. The fact remains that the user base is still growing in millions to make it an excellent marketing tool.

It is time for many businesses worldwide to utilize the vast user base of Whatsapp to market their businesses online. With most of the urban population around the world having smartphones reaching people anywhere, anytime with the touch of the screen is now possible. It has opened the floodgates of opportunities for many businesses to seek Whatsapp as their marketing tool. It has helped businesses that never thought before they could have such a fantastic chance at most negligible costs.

For any business to connect to customers without much difficulty or cost, Whatsapp is the right platform With its nearing the 2 billion users. It has even outranked Facebook with 1.3 users and WeChat with 1.1 billion users. After Facebook and YouTube, it is the most popular social media network also. The following details could be useful to highlight the reach of WhatsApp.

  • India, with more than 250 – 300 million approximate users, is the biggest WhatsApp market.
  • Nearly 500 million of WhatsApp Status
  • Three million WhatsApp Business users
  • More than 75 + billion messages are sent through WhatsApp which is roughly 30 million per minute
  • Approximately 100 billion hours of WhatsApp usage

Business marketing needs WhatsApp not only for smooth and free communication. But it is the core need now to utilize it for developing many marketing strategies. The reasons for it can be many which include

  • First of all, it is free
  • It helps not only to send messages but to send images, ebooks, brochures, and catalogs
  • Easy to submit video presentations and audio advertisements
  • Used as a survey tool to ask for feedback directly from customers
  • Customers can be targeted to convert via Whatsapp marketing
  • Send alerts about new products, events, discounts, offers, and many others
  • All will view all the messages including the offline
  • Help to improve business to send messages directly to the business houses
  •  With nearly 50 % of young users below 30 years, it is the right platform to target young customers
  • With 95 % of messages are read unlike other messaging platforms like E-mail and SMS
  • No cost for any amount of messaging in WhatsApp
  • Marketing campaigns with WhatsApp get high engagement rates with 90 % of its messages are opened within 3 seconds
  • Ability to share content via Dark Social means which allows marketers to share content through private channels

WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

WhatsApp marketing campaign is not just sending messages, files, videos, and chatting. It is about its power, high convenience, excellent level of interactive nature, and practical ability with a personal touch. The developed WhatsApp marketing campaign should effectively target and successfully convert probable customers for better ROI. The following five of the innovative ideas to utilize the high rate of engagement of WhatsApp for marketing rightly:

5 Creative Ideas for Marketing on WhatsApp

1.     Flourish with free messages

Gone are the days of the enormous costs spent on SMS with WhatsApp link to both Android and iOS smartphones and also the windows.

2.    Gaining from group chat

Group messaging up to 256 people at once and share messages, photos, and videos and also see everyone's responses. Market studies can be conducted effectively by thinking interactive when conduct chats with focus groups

3.    Video Invitation

WhatsApp is the right social media network only next to Facebook and YouTube to make send a video invitation for any functions anywhere anytime. Be it Wedding, Birthday, Baby Shower or any Business Event. Video Invitation Maker business is fast flourishing with the quick and far reach of WhatsApp.

4.   Quality curated content to resonate with the target audience.

Only knowing your target audience will be able to reach them appropriately to resonate with them. Hence writing style and word choices should be able to resonate with the target audience. With the core strength of messaging, the right quality content of messages could be powerful enough to bring in development to businesses. Also, Include more of links and invitations about specific topics to increase engagement

5.    Respond directly with phone calls

To clear customers' doubts, the direct phone call would help to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales

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