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Five Habits of Highly-Successful Bloggers

Five Habits of Highly-Successful Bloggers

Thursday January 09, 2020,

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Blogging has now become ubiquitous, thanks to the ever-growing internet. Literally, anyone can pour their ideas onto the web so that others can gain insight through those articles. But, here's the difference - not everyone does it. Not many people can write, and if they can, they don't or won't. You can partly blame their habits and inconsistency.

Writing blogs just become a New Year resolution that is seldom followed.

If you are someone who can write well, has knowledge of a particular field, and want to earn money through blogging, you'll have to be disciplined. Habits are the main part of it. According to James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, habits are "the small decisions you make and actions you perform every day." Sound quite simple but it really isn't. To put in other words, habits are a routine or a ritual that forms over time, if it is practiced daily.

So if you really want to become a blogger and don't know where to start, this article will guide you with just 5 simple habits that you must develop to make the audiences yearn for more of your content.

5 Core Habits Of Highly Successful Bloggers

Just Read & Write

People assume that habits are something that needs a bigger leap. A big habit can be achieved if broken down in chunks. You can apply this formula to your blogging as well. Keep in mind that blogging is something personal. And some are successful while some aren't. But you can change that - with some reading. You might have heard the phrase "Readers are leaders." That applies to writing as well.

The more you read, the more insight you gain for your content.

If reading is the first habit, writing should obviously the by-product. Just writing something should be your first goal as it leads to a whole lot of things. Writing is developed by elaborating on your ideas so you must write down your ideas, all the time! Even if you are at a party, at a friend's place or out for dinner, ideas strike us without any warning. Moreover, you must focus on what is your main goal while shunning the other attractions.

For instance, many writers purchase their own domain only to be inconsistent in their blogging. Being curious keeps your brain active and reading ads to that experience which you can use in your blogs. Keep in mind that writing a blog is like giving the world a window into your thoughts.

This means being true to yourself and your thoughts.


The process is a holy book for any professional that belongs to any field. Writers, too, follow a process that they build with each passing day. This can include reading a few chapters of your favorite writers/bloggers, writing a few pages every day, etc. To climb the top of the mountain, you must take a few baby steps and if you don't take them, you'll live in a bubble.

To stay out of the bubble, dividing goals is an easier task. Group your goals into small and big goals. Make sure you build a routine that adds some value to your small goals, which if practiced regularly, will become a pathway to the bigger goals. Another part of any process is reading about the trendy subject, technical SEO, Blogging trends, Onpage SEO, Keyword Research and SEO trends. Research is crucial and imperative. Wrong information can wreak havoc as it builds a chain that follows your readers which they pass on to others and so on. So collect enough research material that your integrity isn't questioned.

Writing is tricky but the final draft shouldn't feel like one. Bloggers should remember that the attention span of an average reader is relatively short as compared to a book reader so your words must be concise. Make brevity your best friend as it will help you in the long run.

To make your blogs more interesting, tell a story.

Not necessarily yours but a tale that will intrigue people to scroll below. Integrating stories with human angles give an impalpable factor to your blogs that more people could connect with.

Adapting to a process will ensure your longevity as a writer. Don't think that if you follow everything, you'll get all you ever desired. If you have sorted out one element, another one pops on and so on. For instance, say you wrote a compelling blog about global warming and you mention Greta Thunberg.

Many people might not be aware of the 16-year-old who's challenging the human stance of Earth's survival.

So, you simply include a picture. But selecting one could be a nightmare as finding a perfect image could be more difficult than you actually thought.


Once you have your writing and its process figured out, the next step is to form a schedule. This is an imperative habit that will either make or break any activity you wish to achieve over time. To get in a slender shape, you'll have to hit the gym more than 4 times a week or to improve your vocabulary, you'll have to read more.

Hence, you set a schedule that won't be interrupted by any unwanted activity.

The same goes for writing your blog.

Keeping a schedule is like walking on a thin rope on top of a skyscraper - it is difficult and full of distractions. Take any blogger.

They are consistent about their timing. It essentially means sticking to regular posting schedules. This sets a tone for your audiences.

They know that you publish two posts in a week and they know what to expect.

A schedule is critical if any of the aspects aren't followed.

So, the best way to follow your schedule is to tailor the timing, content marketing, Website layout for better user experience and pictures of their posts that will connect with your readers


Audiences are the whole and soul of your blog. They pay your bills and you are at the mercy of your audiences. So to appeal to the, you must study your industry's audience. Research is a sub-habit of studying your readers. As mentioned above, modern readers have small attention spans so keeping attention on the current lingo and surveying your audiences is your go-to path.

To attract readers to click on your blog, use captivating headlines and compelling subheadings so that they can skim for the information they need. So how would you know what they need?

By constant surveys that ask the audiences what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. You also need to go out and network with people in your field. That's one way of using social media appropriately. Go on Twitter and ask your readers what they like about your blog and what they don't. This makes your audiences loyal to you which is why we are doing it.


Consistency is the Apple tree in Sir Isaac Newton's narration - Apple wouldn't have fallen if there wouldn't have been a tree in the first place. You might have heard gym trainers hurling these words - Consistency is key.

Because it is! No successful people would have made this far had they disregarded consistency. Writing, as a process, is beautiful. You get to learn new things every day or rather every time you write your thoughts. But consistency goes hand-in-hand with your process.

Just doing it is what you should keep in mind. Remember, choosing smart work over hard work will help you climb that mountain peak that others deem impossible.


Blogging is fun if you take out time and concentrate. You shouldn't list it as a "task" because then it becomes one. The process of writing is different for everyone but no one can reach the pinnacle of their aims if they don't follow a certain protocol.

The 5 habits mentioned in this article aren't the only factors that will take you on the path of blogging. There will be many more habits that make your blogging journey successful .

The world is full of advice and it can get overwhelming.

In order to maintain your focus while honing your skills simultaneously, you can start with the basic 5 habits that any blogger you ask swears by.