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7 Blogging Trends You Must Follow To Build A Better Blog in 2020

Is blogging dead in 2020? Well, this is one question I found very common these days on social media or question-answer platforms like Quora. The way of blogging or getting success in blogging will definitely change in 2020 and that is what I will be addressing in this topic, Blogging Trends 2020.

7 Blogging Trends You Must Follow To Build A Better Blog in 2020

Monday December 16, 2019,

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Is blogging dead in 2020? Well, this is one question I found very common these days on social media or question-answer platforms like Quora. Just think logically, do you think the demand for content will die? Then I am sure you can answer this question pretty quickly. But the way of blogging or getting success in blogging will definitely change in 2020 and that is what I will be addressing in this topic, Blogging Trends 2020.

Blogging was quite easy back in 2009-10 as there was less competition and the search engines are not that smart. But with time, search engines become very smart, people realized the power of blogging and the competition go high. In 2020, you just blog casually and expect something amazing.

People are taking blogging seriously and focusing on building a full-time career in blogging. Businesses started realizing the importance of content and started investing after content heavily. Although the trend is showing people watch videos more, that doesn’t mean that the demand for content is slowing down. It’s just another form people started consuming information. 

So, if you are planning to start a blog or want to explore the possibilities of blogging, then you must follow these 7 blogging trends in 2020 to build a successful blog. 

7 Blogging Trends To Focus in 2020 To Build A Better Blog

There are multiple factors that will decide whether you are going to get success or not in blogging. The most important point is to build a brand around your blog. Yes, after Google’s EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) update it’s quite clear that people only love to read & recommended the content they trust. And that’s what you have to focus in 2020. Let me explain in detail how exactly you can grow your blog as an authority in 2020.

1. Quality Content

Well, This is a topic that you might have noticed in every article. What is quality content and how exactly one can make sure that the content is high quality? Let me share a few points.

  • In 2020, it’s not necessary to write the longest content. But you have to write the content that will exactly address the topic. Make sure to write an article which is easy to read and answer the users query without wasting much time. Of course, you must cover all the necessary topics to explain the topic.
  • Don’t stress much on keyword optimization or density much. Rather optimize for semantic search terms, LSI keywords, questions around that topic.
  • Make sure to correct all grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. This may not be a ranking factor, but this will definitely impact the writer’s reputation and harm the quality of the content from reader’s perception.

2. Fast Loading Website

SPEED is the new SEO. Yes, as website speed is one of the ranking factors it is very important for you to make sure your website loads faster. It is quite obvious, as people’s retention time or patience is going down. That means if your page will take time, the user will look for another page for that particular information. In that case, your page will lose trust and lose the ranking as well. Google’s AI algorithm, Rank Brain is smart enough to detect such behaviors and accordingly punishes the websites with lower search ranking positions. Then how exactly we can get a fast loading website? Just follow these few points.

  • Make sure to host your website on quality hosting where you will get the latest fast-loading SSD servers, high security, server-side cache system, etc.
  • Use a simpler design & look to make sure the pages are light enough to load.
  • Don’t use unnecessary plugins or tools for any heavy design, if that is not that important. 
  • Optimize images before uploading them to your article.

3. Better Website Structure

A website structure will decide the reputation of that website or brand. As I have mentioned that people have less time to read or explore, in that situation you have to make sure your website is structured well to provide everything in front of readers & search engines. Here are a few points to note.

  • Follow the SILO structure and create a good navigation structure to help readers to explore your website content easily.
  • Create a sitemap and all that to one of your website menu.
  • Keep a balance to link/text ratio and add necessary images or videos.

4. Understanding Search Intent

Search intent or keyword intent is the key thing that one must understand before jumping into blogging in 2020. If you are not aware of how exactly people use search engines to find out solutions, then you will not be able to create content for your readers. Make sure to understand what is search intent and how exactly one should target keywords. You can watch this video to understand what is search intent with an example.

5. Improve User Engagement

User engagement is one of the key criteria to tell Google or any search engine about the relevancy or trustworthiness of that page. If someone discovers your page through a search engine and then clicks the back button quickly, it will impact your dwell time. And as I said earlier, Google Rank Brain is smart enough to understand that behavior and then get into the conclusion that your page doesn’t have that relevant information what the user is searching for. Which will further lead to a ranking drop? So make sure to add such elements so that user will spend some time on your page. E.g. add relevant video, some info-graphic, add a quiz, etc. 

6. Understand Ranking Factors

If you want to get success in blogging in 2020, then you have to understand how exactly search engines are working. As we all know Google is the biggest search engine, so if you know how exactly things work for Google will be enough to understand others as well. Every year Google is upgrading its algorithm with the single purpose of giving better & highly relevant results for every search query. And for that, they are changing the ranking factors as well. Keep a track of all such updates and get educated. Because if you are not doing what Google is expecting, your content will never get the visibility it is expecting. 

7. Don’t Ignore Videos

Lastly, video content is the most demanding thing in 2019 and we will definitely see more in 2020. YouTube has grown as the best alternative to TV and people spend the majority of their time watching videos, compared to reading. That doesn’t mean that you must quit text blogging and go for creating videos on YouTube.Definitely, if you have more interest in creating videos then you can go for starting a YouTube channel. But here my intention is to tell you that, you must utilize that platform as well. Create text content and also video content for the same topic and bring traffic to your website from YouTube as well Don’t ignore this as YouTube has the potential to drive some crazy traffic to your website. 


So these are the few points or blogging trends that are going to be very important in 2020. Starting a blog is just a 5-minute walk, but growing that blog into a high-quality blog needs huge time, dedication, patience, and great knowledge. So, don’t hesitate to invest enough time and have an attitude to learn more. If you have to interest to learn more, then you can build a good career in blogging in 2020.