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Five Key Strategies For Successful ICO Marketing

Five Key Strategies For Successful ICO Marketing

Thursday December 06, 2018,

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Blockchain technology is changing many sectors of the world’s economy. The start of this change first was seen in the financial service sector, and now we are watching the supply chain, healthcare and other sectors being changed by eradicating issues affecting it. Blockchain technology further introduced various programs facilitating these sectors. These are cryptocurrency development, Initial Coin Offering development, smart contract development, Dapp development, Hyperledgers, and Digital wallet development. Out of which ICO development turned into a noteworthy tool to raise funds for business or enterprises. Noteworthy because it offers benefits of venture capital funds but no negative aspects for the business owner. For example, an IPO or venture capital funds, one loses ownership of the business to investors but here that wasn’t the case, as developed cryptocurrency power remains with developers only. But this features has changed after regulations have been implemented by various countries; government to protect investors from scams. Now, placing an ICO positively in the market has become harder than ever but with right branding and marketing strategies tables can be turned.

Marketing for a product or service has turned out to be basic for each business in the aggressive economy. The product may not hold much a motivator to the overall public yet rather how you promote your product or organization talks about your group and level of work, paying little heed to whether you dispatch your own specific ICO or make through an ICO development company.


Nowadays, even a small business can succeed without proper marketing strategies. And when it comes to Initial Coin Offering (ICO) marketing is important in a cut-throat market. Typically, one might think developing cryptocurrency and ICO is enough to attract potential investors but the truth is even if your project holds unique features it might fail without strategically defined marketing of your ICO. Hiring an ICO marketing agency to promote your ICO in the market can be beneficial in terms of positioning in the market. Some of the techniques through which these agencies build a concrete ICO marketing strategy are as follows:

1. Whitepaper & Yellowpaper

The whitepaper is the first marketing as a well technical document, one must develop in order to attract ICO token investors. The whitepaper holds information about problems in a specific type of business or a new innovation through Blockchain technology to solve existing problems, existing market conditions, details on your underlying business, cryptocurrency development process, ICO development details, your capital needs and other details about people working for ICO developments. To be more influential on traders and investor, the yellow paper development process is suggested ICO development services as it shows that level of sophistication in your newly developed cryptocurrencies attracting more investors.  

2. Website Designing

The most important tool of marketing today is a website for a business or service. Because of WordPress, having a website is easy now but representing a unique idea with already made or might be used web designs would not be a good choice for your ICO development. ICO and cryptocurrency should be represented according to unique feature it is providing to the world with clear communication to upcoming investors. An ICO development consulting understand market force and helps you position your ICO website in a competitive market.

3. High Ranking On Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) works for ranking of your website on different search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The marketing team of you ICO development company helps your website to elevate in ranking through SEO tools. The ranking of the site is important is because it increases the visibility of the same on these search engines. And if visibility will increase, your website will be able to attract more investors and cryptocurrency traders. Another method is Pay Per Click (PPC) ads to promote your ICO on various popular blockchain related websites and news blogs. But Facebook, Twitter, and Google have banned PPC ads to reduce scams.

4. Public Relations

Public relations are important as it helps with a positive grapevine of your ICO token. Spreading the words through public platforms or social media is one tool a marketing strategist don’t want to miss. This procedure can be done by participating in gatherings, taking note of various sorts of a Blockchain related request, and raising issues in these discussions and sites. A social media marketing campaign for the success of ICO token can be built according to market demand and competition.

5. Electronic Marketing

ICO development is a long-term project in terms of investments by investors, building business based on Blockchain development and other factors required based on your project. One of the marketing tool used for long-term trust building is e-mail marketing. Mostly, ICO investors are professionals in various fields. Reaching those high net worth investor while communicating your ICO can be done through e-mail templates and documents. This service is offered on freelance as well by ICO marketing agency in the US and other countries to reach a global investor base.

ICO marketing has become more important in the market as every country is introducing ICO token laws to control the investment flow. And the days of marketing of ICO like IPOs are not far with fast-changing conditions of each country’s ICO market.

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