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5 Live Audio Streaming Software For Podcasters

Looking to stream a live audio podcast? You’ve landed in the right place. Here is the list of live podcast streaming solution providers.

5 Live Audio Streaming Software For Podcasters

Wednesday February 05, 2020,

5 min Read

A podcast is an audio show, which can be downloaded from the Internet as a series of episodes or a standalone show that can be streamed over a PC, smartphone/tablet. When it started out, live podcast streaming was reserved for the technologically-advanced production houses. But it has evolved over time, to be an independent content creator’s voice to give out a message and build a community of people with similar interests.

Businesses realize that podcasts are a powerful marketing tool and are scaling up the use of podcasts to improve their prospects. With the increased penetration of smartphones, the trend shows explosive growth in live music streaming. 

Why should your business use podcasting?

  • As an Alternative to Video - Shooting engaging and quality videos need to tick many boxes including expensive equipment for audio, visuals and light. But setting up a podcast streaming studio as a marketing solution requires very little investment. In fact, building a music streaming app like Spotify is not as hard as you think.

  • Increased Traffic Generation - Live audio streaming has the advantage of building a dedicated fan following because of its deeper engagement. By creating behind the scenes shows and teasers to be shared on social media, an audio podcast can be streamed live globally. 

  • Barriers to Entry are Extremely Low - Podcasts only need steadfast commitment (plus good audio recording and editing software) as they do best when released consistently. But it involves very few restrictions. Lights, background, costumes are irrelevant. While there may be formal sit down podcasts like the BBC radio show, it is usually an informal affair.

  • Easy to Create - The equipment required for online radio is affordable and easily accessible. The audio hardware and software are pivotal for efficient live radio broadcasting. Having a mailing list can help boost the number of listeners for your podcast. 

  • Brand Building - Social media sharing, advertising, banners, billboards et al. Once you have built visibility, live podcast streaming service is a natural progression. Tapping into an audience that already trusts you is a smart way to begin building a loyal subscriber base. 

Top Picks of Live Audio Streaming Software used by Businesses

Well, now that you why podcasting is good for your business, let us tell you how to do it best! Here is a list of live podcast streaming solution providers:

1.Vplayed - Enterprise Podcast Streaming Solution

enterprise podcast streaming solution

It is a SaaP based live audio streaming software for podcasters. Buffer-free audio shows can be streamed over a simple and convenient platform for music, sports, talk shows, comedy series etc. With integrated social media sharing and recommendation engine strengthen listeners’ engagement. Drill down to understand trends and analyze each piece of content through detailed analytic reports. With a one-time license fee and quick launch, you get to own the platform and monetize your content through a customizable plan to generate a sizable ROI for individuals and small to medium business organizations. 

2.Podbean - Live Audio Streaming for Podcast


Podbean offers an interactive experience to the listeners as they can call in and send real-time messages on the podcast streaming service. Its user-friendly interface and detailed analytics are an added advantage. Deliver even live episodes of podcast shows on multiple devices. Limited security features are however a concern while hosting content on the platform. While looking at the long term the lack of guarantee of no downtime is also a cause of worry.

3.Contus Vplay - Live Streaming Podcast & Radio

live streaming podcast

With cloud transcoding and adaptive bitrate system, streaming live audio over the Contus Vplay platform enhances the quality of your services. Ideal for use as an enterprise-grade solution for large and medium businesses. With an option to choose between cloud hosting using its servers or your own servers, the platform can be customized for features like user interface, security, marketing tools, monetization and much more. With extensive experience in designing and implementing podcast solutions for corporate communication, town halls, live global sports events, Contus Vplay brings professional expertise to build a unique platform for podcast streaming. 

4.Ustudio - Podcast for Business

podcast for business

Live audio podcasts are a much better way to communicate with remote employees at important company meetings and announcements. The Ustudio app lets them plugin by simply tapping the Ustudio app. When the live event is in progress, they can listen to it conveniently from anywhere. Making it easier to connect increases participation and enables real-time transmission of information.

5.Mixlr - Broadcast Live Audio


Mixlr’s live podcasting solutions can be streamed on any mobile device with a browser effectively allowing listeners to tune from anywhere. Also, streaming audio gets your computer to use lesser computing power and is much easier on your bandwidth.

Bottom line:

You no longer need to depend on radio stations to be the voice of your community or brand. Through podcast streaming, serve niche-specific content at the listener’s convenience to multiple devices making it easy to access.