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5 Test Automation Trends Set to Develop in 2020

5 Test Automation Trends Set to Develop in 2020

Monday May 18, 2020,

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When creating any computer software, testing is an important process that should be given topmost priority. For many, the knowledge of software testing is only limited to quality and correction, but it also points at the fullness of a software. At present, Quality Assurance (QA) processes are getting impacted by improved digital technologies, thereby, driving greater traction towards test automation.

Automated testing or Test automation is a software testing technique that is carried out using special software tools. This activity is managed automatically without any interference from any professional engineer or tester. Why is automation testing the most vital factor in the software testing industry? Since software projects need significant investment for testing, there are associated factors like inbound resources, time, and miscellaneous costs, which tag along. As a smart solution, most of the companies aim to lessen the cost through the deployment of an automated method that also quickens the process.

Currently, test automation is regarded as the foremost arrangement within the software testing space. There are newer test updates and frameworks introduced every year that are acknowledged by software development companies. Let us try to comprehensively highlight the most recent test automation trends of 2020 that will prove beneficial for the software testing arena.

AI & Test Automation

During the overall software development lifecycle, it is common to operate different test scenarios. In case of test code failure concerning any particular web, the developers can be forced to extend time and effort in order to furnish necessary changes. With the implementation of AI, it has been observed that vital challenges associated with image recognition are conveniently sorted out. In addition, AI algorithms work to capture and study data that behaves as the primary assist while talking about the DOM.

Revival of Codeless Test Automation

It is important to note that Selenium automation testing as presented as Selenium framework is supported by famous programming languages such as C#, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, etc. Furthermore, the structuring of test cases linked to automated browser testing is difficult to carry out without the presence of programming knowledge necessary to operate Selenium Grid.

For the creation of codeless automation testing tools, AI is seen as the core concept. To be precise, visual modeling assistance allows the creation of accelerated test cases which are aligned with Selenium automation testing. In fact, testers can gain higher benefit from these tools for creating test scenarios without worry about coding knowledge.

Performance of Smart Tests

Smart test processing permits the developer to examine the code by channelizing an added compliance to automatically recognize specific tests needed to screen a particular check-in. Hence, the problem to run all the tests is alleviated. The presence of smart test activity allows you to save time, money and resources. Therefore, you now possess a fine test set which highlights a more targeted viewpoint.

Extensiveness of Hyper Automation Testing

The merger of AI, ML, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) together forms ‘Hyper Automation’.  All of these tools are utilized together to present the advantages of AI-supported decision making. It is essential to know that hyper automation testing tools lift human productivity by implementing automating routine processes.

Currently, hyper automation is seen as one of the crucial automation testing trends which might augment in 2020. As per forecasted data, several companies would be using a combination of AI and RPA targeting test automation along with the examination of automation reports.

Crowd-Sourced Testing

It is noticed that numerous organizations are searching for testing resources to accomplish multi-experience necessities. Crowd-sourced testing is one striking method which is gaining popularity as organizations are aiming to enhance user experience. In addition, the extended goal is focused at upholding competitiveness across the global market.


The software testing space is receiving greater traffic from test automation that has effectively streamlined development processes for many organizations. The stated test automation trends are expected to transform the software development arena in the near future.