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5 Tips For A Successful Pitch For Startups

5 Tips For A Successful Pitch For Startups

Tuesday March 24, 2020,

4 min Read

Whether it lasts a single minute, 3 or 10 minutes, the pitch has the ultimate objective of allowing your startup to raise funds. The presentation of your project is essential: You must combine clarity and precision while going straight to the point because time is running out for you. How to present all the fundamental points of your project while being synthetic? How to capture the attention of investors and especially how to convince them?

5 tips for a pitch that will leave a lasting impression

To Each Audience, Its Pitch

Before getting started, you need to know your contacts in order to adapt your pitch. The latter will be broadly similar to each presentation but certain details adapted to your audience will make all the difference. Ask yourself some relevant questions: Who are these investors? What are their criteria, their expectations? Which startups have they already invested in? What elements would be likely to interest them in my project?

Learn about these people, their intentions and analyze their profile. You will understand your presentation much better and potential investors will feel concerned by your project. Once these elements are collected, you will be able to start the plot of your pitch.

Structure Speaking Time

A good pitch is a question of organization. Certain elements are essential during your presentation. First, introduce yourself very briefly, no need to recite your CV. Your name, the name of your project and the members of your team will be enough to make you identify by your audience. The first few seconds are crucial: investors know whether the project interests them or not. It is therefore necessary to stand out from the first words and get investors involved in your environment.

Teaser, Anecdote, Storytelling

By way of introduction, these facts must be quick and original, but must also announce the problem to which you wish to respond with your project. Present in the process the solution that you bring : explain the concept with simple words . Briefly describe the market: what are your targets? Who are the actors? Briefly comment on your business plan by giving the figures that seem relevant and attractive to an investor. After going through the financial projections, you will explain the financing needs of your structure, detailing their allocations.

It is of course advisable to adapt the content of your pitch according to the time you will benefit.

Get to the Point

What do I want to remember from my presentation?

No need to get lost in excess information. Investors sometimes know nothing about the field in which you operate but need to be reassured with a viable economic model. Giving too much detail and using too scientific language to show that you have a perfect grasp of your subject is not necessarily the solution: you have to go straight to the point . You will gain in clarity and your performance will only be better. Keep in mind that the simplest and most effective models work best.

Anticipate Questions

What is your business plan? What about the traction of your startup? What actions will you take to achieve your goals? What are your assets? Investors will not spare you , they are looking to find the flaw in your project that will not make them invest. Your contacts will also judge your sense of distribution, your ability to get out of a difficult question .

Cite certain elements in your pitch without revealing too much, the investors will ask you for more explanations during the questions / answers. Save comments given during this question session, they will be used later to improve your next pitch. Prepare your subject properly and train in front of your loved ones. Repetition is the key to a well-constructed pitch.

Nothing but a game of seduction

The choice of investors is 80% from the attitude of the founder and 20% from what he says. Investors will therefore mainly retain your attitude and your personality. They don't just bet on a project, but on one person: you. It is a real game of seduction with your interlocutors that is established. So sell yourself, be positive, show your confidence in yourself and your project. Make them want to collaborate with you and your team.

Just be passionate and energetic, and you will create a “Wow” effect with your audience.