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Five Ways to Promote Your Small Business to Increase Sales

Have you just begun your business journey? Here are #5 ways to spread the word about your small buisness.

Five Ways to Promote Your Small Business to Increase Sales

Saturday March 14, 2020,

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Do you find scaling up the sales of your business a tough nut to crack? Well, It is! It can be puzzling to find ways to get your product in front of the right people.

In this article, I am listing out five effective ways to promote your small business to increase sales.

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You need not invest a substantial amount of time on implementing these methods, but when done right they can bring overwhelming returns.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

1- Be Active in Your Local Community

Being out there networking, attending business events or taking up the mic at local seminars can be highly beneficial to your business. Booking a spot in trade fairs is another way to go. Those opportunities allow you to spread awareness about you and your business.

Joining your local Chamber of Commerce can also help you find markets for your products and services while keeping you updated with the best practices in the industry

You can even organize workshops helpful to the community. And in the process, you increase the chances of sales.

2- Partner with Local Influencers

Influencers have a huge and loyal fan following. And roping in a local influencer to promote your services can hike the sales figures significantly.

These “micro” influencers have an active community over social media, YouTube or even offline. And their fans perceive them as people who are genuine in their deeds.

Therefore, partnerships with local influencers can bring new customers to your business through subtle and non-salesy way of promotions.

So, when you find someone with influence over your target customers, find opportunities to pull them in a promotion strategy.

3- Create a Good Referral Plan

Getting referred by customers is one of the best ways to increase your sales.

People trust the references received from their friends and family members. And 67% say that they will prefer buying a product or service which a friend or family member mentions.

So, when you have a rewarding referral plan, your existing customers will refer you to others to reap the benefits.

So, provide an exceptional service to your customers, create an incentive-based referral plan and ask people to refer their dear ones to you. Don’t shy away.

4- Strengthen Your Online Presence

In today’s digital world, your prospective customers are seeking information online, and you should be present there too.

Create social media pages, and ask people to join it and share helpful resources as much as possible. For offering prompt support to your customers, you can start using Twitter. Sharing valuable video tutorials on YouTube or publishing engaging articles on your website are other ways to build trust and boost sales.

So, find one or two platforms, where your customers are active, and engage with them. Also, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of Google My Business listing in building powerful online presence.

5- Give Ads in Local Newspapers and Magazines

While trying to generate more sales, you should be aware of the power of print media too. Local newspapers and magazines have regular readers who spend considerable time going through the news and updates.

So, while your customers are reading through daily news, they can find the launch of your new food delivery service. Or a teenager can come across your small business ads while browsing a local magazine.

Therefore, my friend, you should never forget to give ads in local newspapers and magazines to attract more sales.


You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to promote your small business. It can be done naturally through offline meetups or online interactions with your target customers. For quicker results, you can invest in social media ads or advertisements in newspapers and magazines. And both those options are cost-effective.

So get ready for the action!