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Full Stack Development: A Detailed Roadmap For 2019

Full Stack Development Services: Next Generation of Web & App Development In 2019

Full Stack Development: A Detailed Roadmap For 2019

Friday March 22, 2019,

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Full Stack Development Services

It's been a while, full stack development have gained more popularity than other technologies in global IT sector. For that you must need to understand what is full stack development and how it sets a new heights to web and app development in 2019.

Nowadays development services are already stepped into next generation, due to day to day changes in development frameworks as well as technologies. Nowadays web and apps are built utilising ‘stack’ of various technologies . So it's mandatory to stay up to date with latest development trends for quality driven web and app development.

What is Full Stack?

In simple words to say, full stack is a technological combination of both front-end and back-end in which a developer holds expertise of both the ends. Here, "Full" refers to the collection of a series of technologies or frameworks and "Stack" refers to a combination of those technologies in modules to complete the development cycle of the project successfully.

Here is an image that will make you guys understand the Front-end & Back-end frameworks and technologies:

Full stack development

Here are the front end & back end frameworks:

Full Stack Development Frameworks
Now, it's time to take you all to the different aspects of full stack development services in detail which will lead you towards the tending trend of full stack development in 2019.

The partial shift in global market caused a very high demand of skilled professionals in web, app design and development. In the starting of year 2019, the search for full stack developers has recorded a significant hike then ever. So, Why is this happening? The only reason behind is, developers are getting more skills of there niche these days which makes them more valuable in the industry.

Here is an image that will show you the web and app "stack" development trends:

Full Stack Trends In Google

Full stack development trends
Global data from google trends

The two above shared screenshots shows the data of early 2018 to march 2019 about the growing trend of full stack development services in IT industry.

This small shot is representing the geographical coverage of the trending technology.

What makes Full Stack a viable choice?

There are certain things you need to consider before choosing full stack development services for your project, it will give you the boost in both selection and hiring procedure for your need. In a very specific manner front end, back end, database, mobile app and testing are the basics of development services in IT sector.

Choosing full stack development services from a company or a freelancer enables certain benefits and consequences in your project.

The expertise of a master full stack developers includes:

  • UI/UX Design
  • PSD's to Design Conversion
  • Database Configuration and Coding
  • APIs and Third-Party Integration
  • Server and Client Side Scripting
  • Excellent Programming and Logical Skills
  • Mark-up Proficiency
  • Maintenance & Support

Benefits of choosing full stack rather than specific technology stack:

  • Full stack developer are mastered in easy switching between the front end and back end development based on the project requirement
  • Specific developers is capable to look after the entire design structure at any level and work on any of them as required during project development cycle
  • By hiring an expert full stack developer gives you the flexibility and enables cost cutting for your project development rather than hiring the developers from specific niche
  • It makes easy for developers to take the ownership of design & implementation on the website
  • Enables easy up-gradation to new technologies and tools for faster deployment rather than a developer specialising only in particular niche
  • Comprehensibility of an individual Full Stack developer gives them flexibility to move from task to task according to the project need
  • A full stack developer always have a complete solution to the problems, specifically they go to the root of a problem rather than focusing on easy fixes
  • It is an ideal option for small & medium enterprises, as the complexity of website requirement can be broken into modules to save the time and cost

Similarly, There are certain consequences of full stack as well:

  • There is a small chance of choosing the wrong solution for the project
  • The solutions depends on the skill-set of the developer
  • Increases the complexity of the developer
  • Unknown solutions leads to key person at risk

These business benefits and consequences are pretty obvious if you hire a dedicated developer from an IT organisation. The reason is, when you hire a company they follow a standard hiring procedure, where your million dollar business idea is secured with an NDA. The organisation will itself be answerable to you for the time developers have spent and the work they have done for your project. On the other hand, hiring freelancer (Considering cheap rates) may not be a favourable decision in the long-run. There is no assurance that your project is under safe hands and a very less chance that your project will be delivered under the mentioned time-frame. So carefully choose an option that is viable, don't get attracted with lucrative low cost and unethical offers.


Finally, in the last part of the blog and it is my moral duty towards you all that, you all get the best resources for your project development ideas from this blog. So I am sharing you the few links of my medium profile that will assist you in both hiring and technology stack selection as well:

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Hope you all find this blog intuitive and get the best for your business development needs. Do comment below and share for more updates and suggestions.

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