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Gaze 2020 Top 30 Online Reputation Management Companies

Online reputation management companies' mystery is here...!!! Yes, to this article you will be gazing 2020 ignite top 30+ online reputation management agency, all with tremendous ratings and rocking with their niche. I here also had reveled some of their on-going jobs and their healthy arms...

Gaze 2020 Top 30 Online Reputation Management Companies

Friday March 13, 2020,

22 min Read

Are you looking for the best ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT COMPANY to shield your business reputation? If yes, then you have landed on the right place. Even if your answer is no, still you will have the list of best reputation management firms on your fingertips. So, you can use them when you need them.

The world of online reputation management smolders with tragic tales, salacious rumors which can destroy an entire business. It takes in-depth knowledge and years of experience to manage the entire digital reputation of a company.

Henceforth, the number of online reputation management agencies are popping out like bubbles in the air. Amidst such chaos, it becomes a ticklish task to search for the best one.

However, we have penned down the list of best 20 online reputation management firms in this blog to cut the hassle out for you. So, without any further ado, we are starting out with the list of names.

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1: RBS© Reputation Management Company

Speaking of the best online reputation management firms in India, RBS Reputation Management undoubtedly deserves to take the initial place. They aim at restoring your reputation along with bringing down the negative links of your website.


Needless to say that they are one of the leading reputation management agencies that integrates latest trends with modish technologies. So, your reputation will be in the hands of a professional until it’s restored entirely.


Since its inception back in 2012, the company has already acquired a global client base with a nearly 100% satisfaction rate.


Within such a short span of time and with only a team of fewer than 50 employees, RBS has established a global presence in the realm of online reputation management.


One of their clients says "RBS has been a part of our transformation to the next level as a fashion brand, primarily targeted for Instagram users. This company helped us remove redundant information and encouraged us to grow bigger. As the owner, I’m absolutely pleased with their services."
  • Organic Visitors - 29k
  • Clutch Review - 5.0
  • G2 Review - 4.9
  • Headquarter - Nodia, India

2: WebiMax

In 2019, Webimax was voted the best online reputation management firm by the leading organization business.com.


Founded back in 2008 by Kenneth C. Wisnefski, who is known as a seasoned web entrepreneur and also a peerless leader in the industry of online marketing, Webimax has successfully made its authority within a short span.  


Having years of experience in the field of digital marketing, Ken combined his expertise and knowledge to create Webimax along with his partner Kevin O’Brien and Sean O’Donnell. And currently the company has been voted as one of the “best places to work” by 50+ marketers in Philadelphia.


With only a limited number of 10 to 50 employees, the company has proved its authority and expertise to each of its clients. Needless to say, they hold a 97% client retention rate at present.


For its excellency and skills, it has been awarded as the fastest growing and top digital marketing agency in 2020.


The area of services covered by Webimax includes reputation management, SEO, PPC marketing, SMM, local marketing, lead generation, online public relation, and website design.


One of their clients says "Webimax has helped take our online presence status to top standings in many, many categories! Their team is extremely attentive, responsive, and understanding of our needs. Prior to coming on board with Webimax, our rankings had taken a bit of a tumble from a previous experience with a different company. Webimax’s team cleaned up the poor and negative links, and built our ranks up. We have nothing but great things to say about webimax and their efforts."
  • Organic Visitors Monthly - 25, 465
  • Domain Authority - 68
  • Clutch Review - 5.0
  • G2 Review - 4.8
  • Headquarter - Camden, NJ

3: Reputation Resolutions

Reputation Resolutions is one of the best online reputation management firms in the US. Since its establishment in 2013, the company soon evolved into the leading reputation management agencies of all time.


Over the years, they have served successfully to some of the eminent clients that includes celebrities, professional athletes, fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and so on.


Their team of experts comprises internet law and online defamation attorneys, media placement and PR specialists, search engine Experts, online branding experts, etc.


The best part?


Well, they have implemented a “pay only for results” approach which dictates that they only charge you when your issues will be entirely resolved. This unique approach works as a soothing tonic for the clients as they no longer have to worry about their hard-earned money.


The company’s core values include ethics, high-end transparency, and urgency. This is why they have never received below a 5-star rating from its clients.


One of their clients says “The team at Reputation Resolutions is incredibly professional. They were open and honest with me from the beginning about what it would take to resolve my online issue, and I am extremely happy with the results.”
  • Organic Visitors Monthly - 1, 765
  • Domain Authority - 48
  • Clutch Review - 5.0
  • Headquarter - Englewood, CO

4: Neumann Paige Inc.

Looking for an online reputation management firm that has been awarded as the top branding agencies, top PR firms, top advertising and marketing agencies by Clutch?


Well, you’ve landed on the right platform then!!


The way they care for their clients is all that makes the difference. That is the reason why within 3 years of time, they have been awarded with these many titles.


The service area covered by Neumann paige includes online review management, specialized healthcare review management for doctors, enterprise reputation management, and personal privacy protection.


The best part?


It offers a free consultation to everyone. So, you can discuss your project right away with their team of experts and fix your deal.


  • Domain Authority - 32
  • Clutch Review - 5.0
  • Headquarter - Philadelphia, PA

5: SEO Image

Speaking of the best online reputation management firms, SEO image can’t be left uncovered. The company was established back in 2003 with a small team of 10 members. Presently they hold over 95% client retention rate.


The service areas covered by SEO image are search engine optimization, reputation management, PPC, and social media management.


Their dedicated team are best known for ranking clients in competitive keywords with well-crafted strategy and tactics. They have experiences in developing webinars, creating user-engaging content for top rated brands, and so on.


The work of this company has been featured in NBC news, Fox news, wall street journal, and numerous portals.


One of their clients says “Looks like we’ve been making some great progress and are currently #4 overall for our main keyword. That’s fantastic!”
  • Domain Authority - 66
  • Clutch Review - 4.8
  • Headquarter - New York, NY

6: Basic Elevate

The company Basic Elevate is one of the top social media and PR agencies in California. Established back in 2008, the company was primarily a PR agency but later on it was expanded into social media in the year 2014.


Basic elevate offers full-stack services that includes crisis communications, social media strategy making, content creation, social media campaigns, branding, etc. The company’s primary focus is to make the right approach to scale up the online image for its clients.


The best part?


Basic Elevate integrates the unique approach towards the marketing techniques that elevates your business reputation.

Client’s comments- “They would never suggest we do something they didn’t think would benefit us.”
  • Clutch Review - 5.0
  • Headquarter - Newport beach, CA

7: Net Reputation

Searching for #1 company in the reputation industry? Well with net reputation, you will like to put an end to your search quest.


Whether you want to remove your negative links or suppress the defamatory results popping up on your brand related search query- Net reputation will be there to shield your back.


The service areas covered by Net Reputation follows search result removal, search result suppression, online reputation protection, online reputation monitoring, etc.


With simple and effective approaches, you can fix your reputation with the expert’s help from Net Reputation.


  • Clutch Review - 5.0
  • Headquarter - Sarasota, FL

8: Jelly Digital Marketing & PR

We could not help enlisting one of the well-versed reputation management companies jelly digital marketing & PR in our top 10 online reputation management firms. The company was founded back in 2012, but within a period of 8 years they have achieved a commendable place in the field of online reputation.


The team of jelly digital comprises the most enthusiastic, experienced, and highly skilled employee who dedicate themselves entirely to your project with unwavering focus every single day.


The team only comprises 10-50 employees but they are equivalent to 100 of employees with such skills and expertise.


Since social media, digital advertising and PR are the three pillars for a business reputation management, Jelly digital has combined these three into their unique ability to amplify your brand name.


  • Clutch Review - 5.0
  • Headquarter - Vancouver, Canada

9: Big Leap

One of the renowned digital marketing companies that has been best known for its SEO practices. The company Big Leap is located in Lehi, UT and especially they are focused on creating personalized and custom solutions for their global clients.


Combining the pillars of online reputation management; organic search, PR, content marketing, and automated marketing the team of Big Leap creates an appealing site that amplifies your online image.


They have been awarded by Impact, AMA, etc. for its growth and marketing success.


The team of Big Leap holds a number of 50-249 employees who have dedicated their lives to clear the negativity from the internet for their clients. Their SEO tactics include in-depth site audit, technical fixes, keyword research, content creation, content optimization, etc.


One of their clients says “We have more than tripled our monthly web traffic and that’s all due to big leap. Big leap is highly competent at content optimization and keyword research. They effectively allocate resources to maximize results, one of their content pieces is among our site’s five most-viewed pages. Overall, they are a group of smart people that know SEO strategy”.
  • Awards - Top 50 growing companies in Utah Valley, Utah business sales and marketing award, best company for women, and best company culture 2019, etc.
  • Clutch Review - 4.9
  • Headquarter - Lehi, UT

10: 3RD Coast PR

The company 3RD coast PR is a marketing company founded back in 2011. While speaking of an award-winning agency, their name always comes up in the field of online reputation.


The company holds experience both in business to business marketing and consumer marketing. With dynamic strategies and unique approaches, the team of 3RD coast PR has made their mark in this reputation industry.


Since its establishment back in 2011, the company has been serving its clients with 100% satisfaction rate. With expertise and skills, the members of 3RD coast PR have been repeatedly recognized for their quality work.

  • Clutch Review - 4.8
  • Headquarter - Chicago, IL

11: Fractl

Fractl is a full-stack digital marketing agency recommended by MOZ that specializes particularly in digital PR, lead generation, Online growth hacks, etc. The company first found its expression in this reputation industry in 2012.


But, the limited years of experience doesn’t make the team of Fractl less competent. They have a team of 100 employees and most of their marketers are from fortune 100s, bootstrapped agencies, and venture-backed startups.


The main sword of their strength is the way of content creation. Each of their campaigns tells an emotional story which resonates with the audiences. Hence they are able to easily connect businesses with large numbers of audiences and further increase search visibility.


  • Clutch Review - 4.9
  • Headquarter - Delray beach, Fl

12: Reputation Management Consultants

Reputation management consultants or RMC is one of the best online reputation management firms that shield your online reputation and repair the existing damages. High profile individuals including politicians, professionals, executives, and celebrities have assigned their reputation work to RMC and they have all come out highly satisfied.


The company was established not too far ago but ever since its establishment they have managed to make a successful footprint in the reputation industry. Making into the list of fortune 1000 companies clearly dictates RMC’s success. They have been ranked #1 consecutively for 5 years.


One of the top media channels USA today comments on RMC stating “Reputation management expert, whose clients include politicians and celebrities”

The team of RMC leverage the power of high quality content and top-notch technology to repair and build up your reputation rapidly.


  • Clutch Review - 4.8
  • Headquarter - Irvine, CA
  • Domain Authority -52

13: Matter communications

Matter communications was founded back in 2003 as a brand elevation agency. Presently they have 5 extended offices across the U.S in Colo, Boulder, Boston, Ore, Portland, etc., which undoubtedly speaks for its success. Adding to this, Matter is also known to work with some of the leading companies in today’s world.


One of their clients says “We’re a small company, but I never feel like a minor client of theirs. I always feel confident they’re working on my behalf. When I’m in the building, they welcome me with open arms. Everybody participates and looks forward to coming up with the next idea.”

Some of their former clients are CVS, Pinterest, Ray-ban, etc. Their work and dedication has made them competent enough to win the Best in Biz awards: 2017 PR agency of the year.


  • Clutch Review - 4.8
  • Headquarter - Boston, MA
  • Domain Authority - 55
  • Organic Monthly Traffic - 3,933

14: Zehnder Communications

Zehnder communications is one of the best online reputation management firms based in New Orleans, La. The industries they serve are finance, healthcare, food & beverage, travel & hospitality, education, etc.


Currently they have extended their brand office to 3 multiple addresses. So, definitely this shows that the company is growing with each passing day.  


The team of Zehnder communications highlights the beauty of creativity. Their creativity founded expression in this reputation industry 15 years back when they helped a renowned brand fireball whisky to create a stabilized presence on online media.

  • Clutch Review - 4.8
  • Headquarter - Boston, MA
  • Domain Authority - 40
  • Number of Awards - 500+
  • Former Clients - Burger king, Edgen Murray, Origin Bank, etc.

15: Prohibition

The most highlighted fact about prohibition at the moment is that the company was awarded with prolific North’s Best PR agency and also best integrated campaign in 2019.


The company prohibition has successfully made its footprint in the reputation industry with its more than 9 years of hard work and unwavering focus. Their focus and dedication has made them listed in top 15 PR agencies in prolific North. Isn’t it amazing?


The best part?


They have been helping their clients to engage with online platforms and audiences in a manner that brings the utmost outcome.


According to one of their clients “Their whole team has a really sound understanding of content and how content works”.
  • Clutch Review - 4.9
  • Headquarter - Leeds, UK
  • Domain Authority - 31

16: Split an Atom

Speaking of the best online reputation management firm, split an atom can’t be missed. It’s a british integrated marketing agency based in UK.


The team of split an atom specializes in content marketing, PR, and web development services which are the pillars of online reputation management. The team has been serving to companies irrespective of its size and scale for over 9 years.


For their dedication and quality work, split an atom was awarded with the title Top B2B companies in UK 2020, top digital marketing agencies, top 1000 companies in 2019, and so on by clutch.


  • Clutch Review - 4.9
  • Headquarter - Hoylake, UK

17: Sensis

Sensis is one of the best full-stack marketing agencies in the U.S. The company was founded long back in 1998 with a small team. But over the time, they have successfully managed to make the best impression amidst innumerable competitors.


Presently they have branches across the US in CA, Los Angeles, DC, TX, Atlanta, Austin, etc. the area of their services covers advertising, branding, PR, mobile marketing, web marketing, and market research.


One of their clients says “In many ways, I feel that we’re their only client. I know that’s kind of a cliche - the way that they have been able to sometimes just drop everything else, get what we needed done, and bring in any additional partners, if necessary. They have really done an outstanding job”.
  • Clutch Review - 4.9
  • Headquarter - Los Angeles, CA
  • Domain Score - 48

18: Prolifik Digital Marketing

Founded back in 2010, prolific digital marketing is a marketing agency located in Athens. They have a total of 15 employees to work for the marketing campaigns and building up online reputation.


But, each of them hold years of experience in the marketing field and dexterous knowledge which has made the company competent enough to beat the chaos when it comes to online reputation management firms.


The firm is known for its quality work in SEO, branding, social media marketing, and advertising services.


  • Clutch Review - 5.0
  • Headquarter - Athens, GA
  • Domain Score - 32

19: Media Theory

One of the leading online reputation management firms is named as Media theory. Founded back in 2008, the company has made significant impression within a short span of time.


The reason behind its commendable success undoubtedly goes to the team. The team of media theory is highly focused on solving international issues. Whether it’s about leveraging the power of social media to craft the online image or it’s about digital development- Media theory stands for value-driven consultation.


Their client testimonials dictate, “The number of Twitter and Facebook followers have increased since we started working with media theory. We’ve also seen an increase in the number of retweets and other engagement”.
  • Clutch Review - 5.0
  • Headquarter - Washington, DC

20: Reputation Rhino

One of the best online reputation management companies that is based in New York city. Since its inception back in 2008, the company has been serving successfully for small and mid sized businesses.


The team of reputation rhino comprises experienced public relation experts, reputation management experts, technology experts, and marketing experts. The team is experienced working with some of the top-rated brands like Disney, Nestle, Microsoft, wal-mart, and turbo tax.


The list of awards achieved by reputation rhino is undoubtedly commendable. They have a full-stack solution for all you query related to reputation management, review management, SEO, etc. So, if you need a one-stop solution for managing your online presence, reputation rhino might be the one for you.


  • Clutch Review - 4.7
  • Headquarter - New York, NY
  • Domain Score - 58

21: Bob Gold & Associates

If you are looking for the optimum solution for managing your online presence, then Bob gold & associates is the one-stop-solution for you. It specializes in marketing strategy, content marketing, PR, etc.


According to their clients, “They always pitch creative ideas for us to engage with our industry and become thought leaders in emerging areas”.

Wanna know the list of some of their eminent clients?

·         Cisco

·         Immersion

·         The cable center

·         CDSA

So, holding a 4.9-star review on clutch and a number of awards, Bob gold & associates is boutique-sized firm, known for its result driven solutions.


  • Clutch Review - 4.9
  • Headquarter - Redondo beach, CA
  • Domain Score - 47

22: PR Formula

PR formula is one of the best firms based in Moscow that is known for its PR management. Now when it comes to your reputation management, we all know the significance of PR in this process.


PR formula integrates the best approach that enables you to manage your PR seamlessly. Since the year 20009, the company has been growing rapidly for its quality work.


PR formula is well-known to all the brands that want to make effective communication in Russia. The team works with radio stations, TV channels, magazines, internet publications, newspapers, opinion leaders and bloggers.


  • Clutch Review - 4.5
  • Headquarter - Moscow, Russia

23: Marketing Maven

Marketing Mavel is one of the best online reputation management services that provide full-stack solutions for brand strategy making, media relation management, social media management, event marketing, tradeshow supporting, SEO, etc.


Based in CA, the company was founded in the year 2009. Since then, within a very short span of time, marketing maven established its authority in the industry of reputation management.


Their client says, “Marketing maven created our entire social media presence. They had nothing to start out with, and they built everything from the scratch. We were really pleased with what they did for us.”

The baffling part?


Well, marketing maven garnered 1.5 million impressions on Instagram ads for the above reviewer despite they had “zero” social media presence at first.


  • Clutch Review - 4.6
  • Headquarter - Camarillo, CA
  • Domain Score - 28
  • Number of organic visitors/ month - 2,155

24: Gvate

Gvate is a New York-based reputation management firm with a small team of only 11 members. But, despite its small workforce, the impression they have achieved over the past few years’ worth a praise.


The best part of Gvate is that it discernibly focuses on SEO and reputation management. So, if you are finding a dedicated online reputation management firm, then Gvate is right up your alley.


Their client says, “Gvate’s communication skills are excellent, and they understand our company. we move very fast, so we need people who understand what we’re saying. We’ve dealt with companies that just didn’t get it and that’s been very frustrating for us.”
  • Clutch Review - 5.0
  • Headquarter - New York, NY
  • Domain Score - 46

25: Sagefrog Marketing Group

Sagefrog marketing group, based in Doylestown is a top ranked agency in B2B marketing. Over the years, they have extended their offices in multiple places including Philadelphia, Princeton, Lehigh valley.


For its commendable work and hardship, SMG has been awarded with the title marcom award gold winner and Lehigh valley business of the year in 2017.


The notable fact?


The company has achieved such a huge state only with a work force of 11-50 employees. Adding to this, the SMG is also a platinum hubspot agency partner. It means that with SMG you can leverage the power of hubspot to promote your visibility.


  • Clutch Review - 5.0
  • Headquarter - New York, NY
  • Domain Score - 61,
  • Organic monthly traffic - 1,094

26: Label 428

Label 428 is one of the best online reputation management firms, especially known for its quality work done ever since it was established.


The company was established back in 2015, and within a span of just 5 years it has made its mark.

According to one of their clients, “Since we started working together, our following on Instagram has more than doubled. They’ve been very open to our ideas, which has been very helpful”.

Their former clients include the name Pinkberry, teriyaki experience, the halal guys, etc.


Label 428 specializes in content marketing, public relation, social media marketing, etc. let’s take a look at their clutch reviews,


  • Clutch Review - 4.8
  • Headquarter - Toronto, Canada

27: Concrete Blonde Consulting

Speaking of the best online reputation management firms, concrete blonde consulting is right up your alley. It’s a full-stack marketing and consulting firm located in the city New York.


The company was founded back in 2016 with a purpose to help people and companies across industries like hospitality and leisure, e-commerce, and consumer products and services. With a small team of 5 members only they company has successfully made its footprint in the reputation industry.


Specialized in providing custom marketing solutions and creating strategies that drive rapid growth to your business are the prime qualities of concrete blonde consulting.


  • Clutch Review - 4.3
  • Headquarter - New York, NY
  • Domain Score - 40

28: Gadook- 5 Star Reputation

Gadook 5-star reputation is an online reputation management firm that focuses 90% of its services to reputation management and rest to the crisis management.


Both of these services are dedicated to amplify the online growth of your brand. With only a small team of 2-9 employees, the company has made its impact on the realm of digital reputation.


One of their clients says, “I’m delighted with the new website and how cost-effective their team was.”
  • Clutch Review - 5.0
  • Headquarter - Orlando, FL

29: Neff

When we speak about the best online reputation management firm, Neff can’t be left uncovered. It’s one of the premier organizations in the realm of online reputation.


The way they integrate their strategies to tell your brand’s story and further expand your brand is the reason why they have established their mark.


Their client says, “If it ever had a question or sent an email, they’d typically respond in 20 minutes.”
  • Clutch Review - 5.0
  • Headquarter - Philadelphia, PA

30: Adoni Media

Founded back in 2012, Adoni media is a PR and digital agency that is based in spring hill, Australia. They are known for providing full-stack digital marketing solution to increase your website’s visibility and further improve your online image.


Their client says, “I admire the team’s in-depth knowledge and willingness to share it. They are more than happy to explain their ideas in layperson’s terms and empower themselves to take full advantage of their strategies.”
  • Clutch Review - 5.0
  • Headquarter - Spring Hill, Australia


Online reputation management is the must-have marketing strategy for Brands and individuals. But when it comes to choosing the best suitable online reputation management firms, oftentimes people come to a pause.


Engulfed with too many other responsibilities, we understand it’s barely possible for you to find out the best one for your requirements. Because it takes thorough research and industry knowledge to perform such conduct.


We have listed down the 10 best online reputation management firms to cater all your needs. So, now having the list on your fingertips, you don’t need to worry about your brand’s reputation anymore.


If you have picked the best one from the list yet, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.

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