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Ghost Writer- The invisible writing profession

If you're a writer interested in becoming a ghostwriter, here is what you should know about this invisible writing profession.

Ghost Writer- The invisible writing profession

Thursday November 08, 2018,

5 min Read

What is a Ghost Writer?

Ghostwriters are the writers who write under someone else's name, with their consent in exchange of agreed sum of money as their charge. Many celebrities, politicians & business professionals hire Ghostwriters for writing down their autobiographies since they themselves are too busy to devote time writing for themselves.

Ghost writers, for writing down for you, take money but pass on the work credit to you. This means the author who hires a ghostwriter takes all the credit for all the original writing produced by the ghost writer. The Ghostwriter who works as a “work for hire” job can be paid in advance or as decided mutually.

5 Best Reasons to Hire a Ghost Writer for you

Taking someone's credit for a work may sound odd & illegal, but it’s a common practice these days. Whether it’s about writing down a new website copy or writing an appealing business ad, or supplying new or rewritten material for personal or professional use, ghostwriting plays an important role.

A ghost writer is more of a professional freelance writer who works to deliver high quality content. If you are wondering why one should rely hiring a ghostwriter for his/her writing needs, then look at the best 5 reasons below:

Big Celebrities/Politicians or Top level Professionals Hires Ghostwriters

Ghost writers are also hired to write books for famous people like politicians & celebrities. In such cases, the author remains the person who hires the ghost writer. The concern person will take all the credit of the book produced by ghostwriter. He may however be listed as a coauthor or the “editor” of the book as per the consent of the person who hired him.

Hiring Ghostwriters is Easy & Effective when you have no time

Ghostwriters make sure that he/she manages the process of your blog or article writing from beginning to end. Before start writing down, they gather information either from you or your executive over call or personal meeting. After capturing the content needed they keep following up directly with your content experts, take approvals and edit or modify the work before delivering a final version to you.

Ghostwriters are a good researcher too

Most ghostwriters are also expert researchers, who fact-check the data before finalizing your writing work. They work with SEO techniques- like adding links to different sources for extra search engine boosts.

Hiring a Ghostwriter saves both your Time & Money

Getting a ghostwriter for your writing work is a smart decision since it will eventually saves both your time & money. Ghostwriters with years of expertise in just one field i.e. content know their work perfectly and you don’t have to sit with them or monitor their work frequently. Hiring a ghostwriter for your writing work can also save your money as you don’t have to spend monthly on an additional resource to your staff.

Ghostwriters can capture your voice more efficiently

This is one of the most important reasons to hire a ghostwriter for you. A ghostwriter is an expert in its field. He must have written hundreds of blogs and articles for many high-level executives & personalities. So he knows exactly how to capture the voice of content owners. The content formulated by a Ghostwriter will sound like it came directly from the person who has hired him/her.

How Can You Make Money for Ghost Writing?

Ghostwriting often makes you earn a lot of money. An experienced ghostwriter works for very high sum of money. Yet there are competition standards being set by many countries. Bidding service agencies also look for the highest bidder on ghost writing projects. Basically, a ghost writer will charge a fee anywhere from $10 to $25,000 for a book writing with exceptional quality content including all research work for the time frame of over three to six months.

A ghost writer is although hired for his or her quality of work, and not necessarily for his or her “name” as a book writer. But there are many kinds of deals Ghostwriter & hiring persons can agree upon producing a fair deal for both parties.

In many cases, ghost agrees upon a lower fee if credit is shared with the book author. But ultimately its Author's (hiring person's) decision if he wants to share his ghost’s name on the book.

A ghostwriter can either take all his/her money for ghost writing in advance or can also ask to have a credit with the book author or to take a percentage over gross profit over time as payment for the work. Let’s understand it with an example: Suppose the ghost writer takes a lower fee for a book likely to sell widely. He got the partly advance to write the book and agreed to take about 10-20% of the book’s gross profits over time as it is sold. However this method is only used when there are chances of getting the high profits for sure.

How to Become a Ghost Writer

Ghost writing professional is quite lucrative because of its being an excellent paid job in India & other countries. In order to become a well paid ghost, you should not only be good at writing & have a creative mind for research & correctly framing your content but also have plenty of experience as a freelance writer. You may have some books published under your own name or have many years expertise in writing websites and other types of copy for businesses. If you are a freelance writer who has been paid regularly then you may take on the career of becoming a paid professional freelance ghost writer. Writing profession is a very demanding career these days. Once you know how to handle it efficiently dealing with the diverse clients, you can start reaping the benefits for being a good ghost writer.

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