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5 Excellent Reasons to Have Flowers in the Office

5 Excellent Reasons to Have Flowers in the Office

Monday March 09, 2020,

6 min Read

If you’re not entirely satisfied with your work environment and you feel like some changes should be done to make your office prettier and calmer, perhaps bringing and adding some flowers in it could make things better. Flowers and plants aren’t there just to make your work environment prettier they can also improve your mood and boost your productivity. Besides, it’s shown that flowers and indoor plants in the office can increase your memory and more importantly your concentration. The best part is that it doesn’t take too much effort and time to take care of flowers and they can make a lovely and economical alternative to art in your office.

Having flowers and plants in the office will make you and your colleagues happier and calmer, and you can engage your whole workplace in choosing which flowers to bring in the office so you can all enjoy it.

Memory and Concentration

It’s important both for you and your company you work for that you’re productive and concentrated at work, so you can easily and fast complete all the tasks. Sometimes, people lack concentration which results in bad productivity at work. Luckily, there’s one small trick for these kinds of situation. A trick that’s inexpensive and easy to add up in your office – flowers.

Nature can influence and improve people's attention span and memory, which increases their ability to complete the task to a higher quality. Flowers are part of nature, so there's no surprise that these little friends' of nature can help you with improving your mental cognition and stimulate your mind which is essential in the workplace. Adding a floral arrangement in your office will stimulate your brain cells which will make you more energetic. Rosemary, for instance, is very good for your memory since it can strengthen your memory.


Everyone enjoys the smell of fresh flowers which can put a smile on almost everyone's face. Flowers are a great way to cheer someone up and to make your staff happier. A gesture of receiving a bouquet or giving it to someone you care about will certainly put a smile on your and that person's face. Colourful and fresh flowers are a great tool to make someone’s day nicer and more relaxed. Instead of looking at dull and colourless walls of your office, place some flowers and plants in there and start your day better and happier. Because what's better and nicer than happy employees and a happy workplace? A floral arrangement can improve your overall mood and satisfaction. They can improve both your long term and short term happiness. People who receive or buy themselves flowers seem to be friendlier, and they also show a positive emotional reaction. So, one can say that flowers can make people happier and bring people closer together.


Another thing that lovely flowers can help you with is your productivity. Some studies have shown that flowers can increase employees’ well-being by 47% and their productivity by 38%. It was also shown that employees had better results on memory retention when they worked in an office with flowers and houseplants rather than in an office without them. The reason for that may lie beneath the fact that flowers and plants better psychologically engage people in the office. Both men and women perform and have better results in an office environment that’s decorated with fresh flowers and plants. These lovely nature’s friends help employees to generate good ideas and help them better solve problems compared to an office that’s dull and where there are no plants.

Anxiety and Stress

Unfortunately, stress and anxiety are part of every employees’ life. But luckily, some natural things can help you reduce these uncomfortable feelings. One of which are flowers for sure. They can help you decrease symptoms of anxiety, stress or depression. It’s believed that people who have flowers at their office and homes have fewer anxiety attacks. True, flowers can't cure you magically, but they can reduce symptoms of anxiety or stress and make you feel better at least for a short period. For instance, lavender is a type of flower that can help you lower your heart rate which as a result, lowers your anxiety levels. Apart from that, oils from jasmine and rose can help you improve your psychological well-being. Just the presence of flowers and indoor plants can make your office space more calming and relaxing to be in. Even just seeing flowers can trigger a response in your brain that will help you calm down. This will cause you to feel more comfortable and happy to be where you are. So, by placing flowers in your office you can easily create for yourself a calming environment that will help you feel better and keep you safe from work stress.

Better Décor

Last but not least, placing flowers in your office and workplace can spice it up and make it livelier. Remember that your office isn’t made just for you and your colleagues. You’ll probably have some clients or visitors that will pass by, so why not make your office more beautiful and more attractive by placing fresh flowers and indoor plants. The design and layout of an office shouldn’t be underestimated. The interior of your office is as important as the quality of the work you proved your clients with. For most people and clients an office layout can play a crucial role in deciding whether they’d like to choose you to be partners or to work for you. Decorating your office with some art and flowers will definitely attract them and create a better and peaceful environment for your clients and visitors.


Having flowers and indoor plants in your office is a must if you’d like to improve your overall well-being, to increase your productivity and job satisfaction. Flowers aren’t there just to make things prettier, they can also lower your blood pressure and create a less stressful environment at your workplace. Besides, they can increase your concentration and improve your memory which will help you deal better with your tasks at the job. So, go to the nearest flower market and get yourself some of your favourite flowers that you can enjoy.