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Government schemes: Every women entrepreneur should know about

Government schemes: Every women entrepreneur should know about

Sunday May 26, 2019,

6 min Read

Winning the dares and adopting a unique lifestyle is what a women power cheers off. Women entrepreneurs are blooming the world with the fragrance of confidence and spirit in the world of entrepreneurs. They have those artistic ethics through which are leading the benchmarks in national as well as international grounds. The greatest examples we can see today are Indu Jain, Shahnaz Hussain, Shilpa Shetty Kundra and many more. There is no limit to there wings of talent.

Seeing this goverment is no way back in assisting women entrepreneurs by providing the numerous schemes for them. Which they can cater easily and use them in future. Some of the schemes are :

Udyogini Scheme

The "Udyogini" scheme is the self-explanatory word means women entrepreneurs. A primary reason for introducing this scheme was to make women self-reliant by encouraging them in business.

This scheme was launched by the Women development corporation. The scheme assists in motivating women entrepreneurs among the poor, basically the women existing in the rural and backward areas of the country India,.The main aim is to help them by financially supporting them. This will work towards the bright future of the country as well as India. Also, enhance them to raise their lifestyle and living by taking an interest in business and establish micro-enterprises.

The Udyogini scheme gives Interest-free loans to women of all division without being biased.

Corporation branch of every district provides candidates with an application for a loan. Interest-free loans will be approved to 88 small businesses/industries that add grocery work, bakery, pickle trade, and many more.


Annapurna Scheme

The scheme aims to render food security to reach the needs of seniors citizens. There is no big work than providing food to those who are in need of it. The senior citizens have lived uncovered under the National Old Age Pension Scheme. The scheme was launched with power from 1st April in 2000. This scheme is an of social sector schemes and becomes a part of NSAP.

This scheme is applicable to the citizens of 65 years and above than that. The 20% of the persons are targeted by the scheme and made them suitable to get pensions under NOAPS. The candidates are provided 10 Kg of foodgrains every month with free of cost. This scheme is also for the women entrepreneurs who want to set up a catering industry in order to sell packed means, snacks etc. The amount is given as loan to fulfil needs like buying utensils. food material etc.

Dena Shakti Scheme 

Dena Shakti Scheme is a public sector banking scheme. That was started with the purpose of advertising economic opportunities for a woman. Plus setting away towards the promotion of economic empowerment to receive business loans.The bank forms a platform for woman entrepreneurs to get business loans. These business loans are designed for maximum business objectives to satisfy the necessity of working capital or for business extension.

There are numerous fields in these schemes that are focused on say, for example, Education, Retail Trade, Micro and small manufacturing enterprises etc. The criteria of providing loans differ in the fields like for Loan Amount for Agriculture is up to Rs.20 lakhs.

Women entrepreneur with higher than 50% ownership of a business enterprise- eligible to practice for the Dena Shakti Scheme. The concession offered to women entrepreneurs is 0.25% in interest rate.

Mudra Yojana Scheme

The Mudra Yojana Scheme started by the Government of India is seeking its very best to raise the status of women by giving loans.

Also supporting them to begin fresh ventures and through enabling them by providing financial security of private income. A particularised amount of money is allowed to be funded. The scheme intends to grow ahead and behind linkages for strong value chains.

To just the women entrepreneurs or the WomenPreneurs, a wise decision implemented by the Indian Government.

1.    Shishu – loan amount is limited to ₹50,000. That can be availed by those businesses that are in their first stages

2.   Kishor – loan price varies between Rs.50,000 - Rs5 lakhs and can be availed by those who have a great and established enterprise.

3.   Tarun – loan amount is Rs10 lakhs. Availed by those businesses that are extremely established but need additional funds for the idea of extension.

UCO Mahila Pragati Dhara Scheme

UCO Mahila Pragati Dhara is intended to help and deliver energy to women entrepreneurs. By giving easy financial assistance at tolerant and concessional terms for managing production. Building or service associated economic activities supporting Micro and Small Enterprise Sector.

Term loan or working capital facilities of a point of Rs.2 lakhs to a peak of Rs.25 lakhs. That can be allowed under the scheme for setting up of latest businesses or for extension or modernisation. institute and so on.

There is no boundary condition for a loan of up to Rs. 2 lakh. Loans over Rs.2 lakhs- Rs.25 lakhs are expected to give a margin of 15%. Margin money can also be included in the structure of any support or sponsor by a Government scheme.

TREAD scheme 

This scheme strives to allow women by giving credit to plans, handling special training and counselling, and extorting data on mutual needs. The scheme caters for a government grant of up to 30% of the total project value as assessed by lending companies. These institutions would support the other 70 %.

The offering of credit acts the various serious obstacle for poor women. There is also a lack of data with respect to the existing status of women. Their everyday needs for giving the necessary support.

Since such women are not able to have secure access to credit, it has been visualised that the credit will be offered free to women candidates by NGOs.

Cent Kalyani Scheme

Central Bank of India has started the Cent Kalyani Scheme. The scheme is for women business owners in various areas such as farm work or local trading. Under this scheme, credits up to Rs 1 crore are allowed and no guarantee or sponsors are needed. The main purpose of this Project is to drive female entrepreneurs to start a fresh project or enlarge or improve an existing unit.

Interest rates on loans depend on changing market rates.

It is available for women engaged in the rural areas and cottage industries, small, agriculture and allied activities, MSME. They do require MSME registration.

Women above the age of 18 can apply for this scheme. The objective of the cent Kalyani scheme is to create constant and sustainable employment possibilities for women entrepreneurs.

At last, all of the schemes are mandatory for women entrepreneurs to know because to fly high in the sky of entrepreneurship. One should be aware of everything. There is no limitation for women to set up ventures. The goverment is always there to help them.

This article was written by Shrishti Jain who is a Content writer at LegalRaasta.

LegalRaasta is a service platform that renders numerous of registration services for women entrepreneurs in the form Microfinance Company Registration, NBFC Registration, Producer Company Registration and many more are accessible.