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Growing Salaries – Do They Still Exist?

Skills such as blueprint reading, social networking and the ability to write web content are being sought by more employers than ever before.

Growing Salaries – Do They Still Exist?

Monday February 11, 2019,

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Contrary to what the Bureau of Labor Stats, Wall Street and the media reports, there are actually careers that saw a healthy growth in salary increases. Surprisingly, a degree doesn’t always have to be part of your best nursing resume. Skills such as blueprint reading, social networking and the ability to write web content are being sought by more employers than ever before.

•  Although construction has yet to see a full recovery, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment numbers are beginning to stabilize with indicators suggesting hiring surges in early 2018. National hourly rates are near $22.00, up thirty-two cents per hour. As new construction projects such as oil refineries and windmill projects begin to gain momentum in first quarter 2018, hourly wages are expected to climb further.

•  Sales positions always increase towards the end of the calendar year; as such, the holiday season that’s rapidly approaching is making way for more companies to bring on board sales personnel. Bonuses, higher percentages and slightly higher hourly compensation make this an ideal position for many.

•  Although the country is still reeling from the mortgage crisis that’s consumed each of us the past three years, as the system is revamped, loan programs redefined and the collective sector regains its bearings, loan officers are expected to see more opportunities that will increase their salaries. Those who weathered the catastrophic downfall have already been enjoying higher commissions and salaries. Most states don’t require financial degrees; however, there are compliance laws and each state requires its loan officers to be licensed. Be sure to include any past experience you have on your job resume.

•  Human Resources Managers are another example of salaries that continue to rise despite the recession. As more of us are expected to pick up the slack in roles that fell victim to lay-offs, employers are rewarding that dedication with more consistent pay raises and in some cases, annual bonuses.

•  Webmasters, not surprisingly, are becoming far savvier and those willing to keep up with the ever-changing technological advances are being rewarded handsomely. BLS reports this is one of the fastest growing sectors and expects a 12% growing over the next decade. Those who are already established are in the unique position of defining the salary growth as this is still considered a sector in its infancy.

Clearly, the recession, which many say is the closest to the Depression a recession can be, has forced many of us to redefine success. Fortunately, if there’s any silver lining, it’s that each of us is also afforded the opportunity to redefine what we see “successful” as.