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Guide to Why and How to Start an Online Grocery Store

Here is why and how to convert your offline Grocery store into an online Grocery store to reach your customer in this COVID-19 pandemic.

Guide to Why and How to Start an Online Grocery Store

Wednesday July 01, 2020,

6 min Read

The Internet and smartphones have totally changed our life. From clothes to furniture and food to homes, almost everything is available on the internet to buy. Our generation mostly depends on technology. We can say that digital presence is required for almost every business and a need to reach out to customers. 

Grocery is the thing that mostly relies on the physical store. Before couple of years, we liked to go out to purchase groceries and vegetables, but currently, that trend is changing. Corona virus pandemic is converting people’s needs and behaviors and placing the focus on the eCommerce industry. 

Here, we will discuss the advantages of starting an online grocery business. Every time is the right time to start. And this time is the right time to cater to the demand of customers. 

Why to start an Online Grocery Store? 

Look at the Demands 

Corona virus outbreak affected every industry and business. Thanks to the internet and technology, who connect us with people and our needs. Due to COVID-19, people are scared to go outside to buy things. They mostly prefer to buy things online. 

Here, the below-mentioned image shows the monthly searches for the keywords related to online grocery and vegetables in India. These search queries are big numbers. 

demand of online grocery store

Moreover, customers have many options in buying the things online and get delivery at their comfort at home. So, the demand for eCommerce is growing exponentially for every industry. 

Executable Business Model

Identifying the right product demand and implementing the business model accordingly will bring profitable business. There are some prerequisites before starting an online business like you need to decide the delivery region, connect and deal with the online grocery model, make a strong delivery network to fulfill the orders on time. 

online grocery business model

In the above image, you can see the flow of the online grocery business model. This business model is very practical to execute. Technology is the blessing for the current time because it provides many smart features and reduces our time and energy. Currently, there are many softwares available for eCommerce business management which will manage your orders, inventory, customers, and many more. So, starting an online business is not as tough as before. 

Marketing Made Easy

The Internet provides us a great way to market our business online because it has the ability to reach a very large amount of audience. We can take advantage of digital marketing to advertise our business in a specific location and audience. 

In online marketing, your business gets many benefits like low-cost operation, tracking and measuring the results, time-effective marketing, better sales relationship and many more. You can run Google ads campaigns, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, etc to market your business.  

How to start an online grocery store?

The online grocery business perfectly fits in the current situation. Every business has its challenges and solutions but if you go with proper steps then it’s not hard. Below are the steps to consider to start an online grocery store. It will help you to conduct research about the online grocery store. 

#Choose eCommerce Platform 

To jump into an online business, your eCommerce website is the first step to start because it’s the identity of your online store. People are going to judge your brand and business from your online store. And for that selecting platform for your eCommerce store is also an important task. You need to study about the various platforms for eCommerce websites, and then select the right one which provides the functionalities you want in your budget. 

Make sure you choose the platform which provides necessary features like payment gateway, product management, social integration, order tracking, digital performance monitor tool, etc. There are many platforms that allow you to directly sell your products. So, selecting the platform for your eCommerce business and making a user-friendly website is an important task to start an online business. 

#List down the Products and Categories 

To start any eCommerce business, deciding the relevant products is the key task. You have to select the products and categories, and according to that, you have to decide proper inventory management tools. If you categorized your products properly and use smart inventory management tools then you need less manpower for managing your business. You can sell thousands of products on your eCommerce store by proper categorization and inventory management tools. 

#Decide the Target Market or Area

For selling groceries and vegetables online you have to decide the particular area or target market. First, you have to do research about the market for the areas that you selected to serve. You have to decide in which area which kind of products are demanding. According to that, you can run different marketing campaigns for different products for different areas. 

#Make Solid Delivery Channels 

As you want to start the eCommerce business, delivery channels are part of it. Your customer and your online store are connected through delivery channels. Make sure you select the delivery channel which is reliable with your business and area that you selected to cater. Your delivery system must-have features that update the user about delivery. You can gain the trust of your customer by providing such features. Groceries and vegetables are the things that we have to be careful of, so your delivery channel provides the order to the customer as fast as possible. 


Groceries are generally wished to attract customers who are nearby areas. In current time thanks to digital marketing which allows you to do precise location-based marketing. You can do on-page and off-page SEO to get organic traffic on your online store. Most of the online marketing tools give you insights of audience behavior which will help you to make better marketing campaigns. So, you can promote and market your online store easily. 


Starting an online business and scaling that business both are different things. There is extra research and hard work required to scale the business. However, to scale the business, your ultimate goal is more customers purchase from your store. To make more new customers, you have to identify customer’s entry points and behavior through some analytics tools and according to that, strategize marketing campaigns. Also you have to focus on making your eCommerce website more user friendly. 

Conclusion :

Of Course, COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives totally but it also opens the door to start eCommerce stores. As we all know, groceries are the daily need of people's lives. Due to lock-down, most people prefer to stay at home and buy things online. So, this is the high time to start the business of online grocery store. We hope that above mentioned points will guide you better to start an online grocery store.