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Healthcare App Development 2020- Types, Trends, Features and Cost

Healthcare App Development 2020- Types, Trends, Features and Cost

Thursday June 25, 2020,

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Healthcare App Development

According to Statista, around 448 million users all over the world use smartphones for browsing the internet. Another report from this renowned market research company says that there will be around 43, 285 healthcare mobile apps on the Google PlayStore by the end of this year. These figures indicate why mobile applications have become a prominent part of every industry, including Healthcare.

If too are looking out for healthcare app development services for turning your healthcare app idea into reality, then it is advised to have a basic knowledge of the same. Here, in this article, we have provided detailed information about the types, latest trends, and features. Have a look below:

Types of Healthcare Applications:

There are generally three kinds of healthcare apps:

  • Patient app
  • Doctor app
  • General healthcare info app

Feature of healthcare applications

The most common features of all these three types of applications are:

Let’s start with the features of a patient app

  • Sign up and Sign in- To let the patient register by entering the basic information. You can also add the option of registering through social media profiles or email directly.
  • Appointment- To allow the patients to book appointment with doctors.
  • Search- To find out doctors by entering the name of a particular disease or specialization (Gynaecologist, Dermatologist, ENT Specialist, etc.).
  • Pill Reminder- To remind the patient to take the prescribed pills on time.
  • Telemedicine- To let the medical professional to monitor and provide the prescription to the patients.
  • Electronic Health Recorder- To keep a track of the health records. This feature is actually for both the patient and the doctor.
  • Feedback- To provide feedback to a doctor.

These are the basic features that could be there in a healthcare mobile app. You may add more like push notifications, one-click ambulance, finding nearby hospitals, and other advanced features.

Now, check out the features of a doctor app

  • Profile Creation- To allow doctors to create their profile by adding required details and certifications. Ratings and reviews submitted by the patients, experience, and specialization of the doctor, and other information will be added to his/her profile.
  • Managing appointments- To deliver both the patients and doctors a smooth appointment booking experience.
  • Dashboard for patients- To check the patient’s previous medical history, including any medications, diagnosis history, vitals, nutritional values, treatments, etc.
  • Online Prescription- To write and send prescriptions to the patients.

Some of the additional features you can add in the doctor application is push notifications, decision support systems, clinical photo capture, and more.

Finally, look over the features of a general healthcare app

  • Doctor management system- To allow hospital staff (doctors and nurses) to use healthcare applications.
  • Inventory management- To track and trace the inventory in a medical facility or hospital.
  • Patient management system- To keep a record of a patient’s health history.

Latest Trends in the Healthcare App Development

  • Use of telemedicine services to allow patients and doctors to connect remotely.
  • Artificial intelligence-based applications for accurate diagnosis and smart decisions.
  • Focus on data security using blockchain.
  • Healthcare insurance companies as distribution channel.
  • Leveraging big data and analytics to process data and get useful information that can make a significant change in medical research and analysis.

How much does it cost to develop a healthcare mobile app?

The total cost of developing a healthcare mobile app depends on various factors, such as platform (Android, iOS, Windows, or any other), technologies to be used, language to be used, the complexity of the app, features required in the app, location & size of the development team, and more. It may also vary depending on the type (urgent care app, electronic health record app, ePrescription app, symptoms checker app, online doctor consultation app, etc.) of the app you want to develop.

To know the estimated cost, share your specific app requirements with a custom mobile app development company, and get an instant quote. Depending on your app needs, the cost of healthcare app development is between $10k to $50k or depends on the complexity of the app. However, for a basic healthcare app, you may need to pay far less than this amount.