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25+ Home Based Business Ideas with zero investment in 2020

During the crisis times when the entire world is isolated at their homes, There is a surge of work from home opportunities being searched across the globe. Below are some of the trending sectors to work in and have a financial freedom filled lifestyle.

25+ Home Based Business Ideas with zero investment in 2020

Wednesday March 25, 2020,

5 min Read

If you are planning to start a business right from your home but feel cash strapped, this article is for you. Here we discuss some amazing business ideas which don’t require investment and which can be started right from the comfort of your home! Let’s see what all you can do to earn in 2020!

Home based business ideas with zero investment in 2020

  • Podcaster – There are free tools to setup your own podcast, which later allows you to earn through advertisers. The platform will take a small share out of your earnings.
  • Custom Illustrator – Illustrators get paid for creating illustrations, logos, brand designs etc. You can get paid on the basis of hours or complexity of the project.
  • Errand Service – You can run errands for someone else and get paid. Or you can run errands such as washing clothes or tiffin service at your home taking projects from someone else.
  • Affiliate Marketer – Affiliate marketing lets you earn by referring customers to specific websites. You can share links on blog, social media etc. to get people to buy products.
  • Social Media Influencer – This works for those who have an aspiration to become a mini-celeb! Build your influence over time and offer services to brands for promoting their products.
  • Blogging – You can setup your online blog for free on a CMS like WordPress and generate content. Earnings will come through sponsored posts, ads, and product sales.
  • Freelance Writer – You can offer your services as a writer to various institutions and businesses. Payment is done usually on either hourly basis or word count basis, Being a writer has always been an evergreen make money online opportunity since years.
  • ebook Author – If you have literature skills and a knack to become an author, you can create your own eBook and publish it on a self publishing platform.
  • Social Media Manager – Social media management is based on managing social media channels on the behalf of businesses. You will be in charge of social media accounts management.
  • YouTuber – Setup your own channel on YouTube and start earning through videos. You can earn a portion of the ad shares and grow your earnings with more views, shares, and subscribers.
  • Business Consultant – If you are into business, you can start your own business consultancy and simply communicate over email and Skype with your clients.
  • Collectibles Seller ­– Collectibles and vintage goods can be scored from flea markets, garage shops etc. and sold for a big mark-up online on eBay, Facebook, or Amazon.
  • Used Book Seller – You can buy old books from markets or even sell your old books on eBay or Amazon. This works best with old editions, rare books, or signed books.
  • Recycled Handmade Seller – If you are creative and passionate about recycling things, you can create fancy decorative stuff and sell it on etsy and similar platforms.
  • T-Shirt Designer – T shirt designers design t shirts on graphic softwares and sell them. There are websites such as CafePress which lets you create designs and sell them later.
  • Dog Walker ­– If you love dogs, you can choose to become a dog walker or dog sitter at your home. Bonus points if you know even the slightest basics of dog training.
  • Child Care Provider – Many students babysit to earn. Some others start a day-care at home to earn money. You can choose depending on the space and manpower that you have.
  • Life Coach – Offer inspiration and guidance to those who are in need by becoming a life coach. Certifications certainly help in upping your profile and getting paid more.
  • Tutor – Become a tutor and teach clients any skill that you are expert at. Be it piano lessons or guitar lessons, math or English, you can teach anything for a monthly/weekly basis payment.
  • Personal Trainer – Personal trainers earn handsomely by offering their services in fields of yoga, pilates, home gym, and other fitness methods. You need to make visits though.
  • Proofreader – Become a proofreader for someone else’s work. You will have to point out and correct mistakes related to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Editor – If you are interested in going in-depth, you can become an editor for businesses or evening dailies. This will earn you considerably good amount of rapport too.
  • Resume Writer – Resume writers are responsible for crafting resumes for others. You can write or even design resumes based on data provided by the client.
  • Event Planner – Event planners are responsible for organizing events. You can build a team or collaborate with other people in the business and start an even management firm.
  • Scrapbooker – Scrapbooks sell for a good price, provided that they are creative and done diligently. You can make your own scrapbook layouts to sell online or create custom pages.
  • Online Tech Support – Become an online tech support executive by offering support to distressed or stuck customers who will contact you over phone or email.
  • Voice Artist – Voice over artists are employed for their voice. If you have a good voice with different textures and effects, you can become a voice artist for ads, movies, documentaries etc.
  • Vacation Rental Person – Have a spare room in your home? Why not to let it? Use AirBnb to use that spare room and earn through reservations made by tourists and travellers.
  • Baker – Many women do bakery from their home and take assignments for parties, gatherings etc. You can sell your baked goods to local bakeries too!


These are some of the best and traditional businesses that you can take right from your home. The best part is that you don’t need investment in these which means you won’t have to gather funding too. So, tell us which business do you intend to pick and start earning!