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Home Office/ Flexible Office? The Modern-Day Professional Dilemma

Home Office/ Flexible Office? The Modern-Day Professional Dilemma

Saturday November 14, 2020,

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Home Office or Flexible Office?: The Modern-Day Professional Dilemma

Before Covid, most professionals had just one standard option- going to the company's office and working there. 

When work from home was declared during the lockdown, these corporate professionals were over the moon! A unique privilege could now be enjoyed every day!

  • Liberty to wake up just before work begins and follow a flexible schedule
  • Freedom from dressing up in formals every day (one could just work in their comfortable pyjamas all day long!)
  • Relief from traveling with crowds and pollution
  • No more rules about sitting up straight at a desk for 8-9 hours (now each had the choice to pick a spot and posture in which they felt comfortable)
  • Getting to spend more time with family and taking a peaceful break from our hectic social lives

Despite all of these plus points, the last few months have revealed that WFH is not all rainbows and butterflies. This independent style of working has its own downside.

  • Virtual micro-management and continuous reporting due to lack of physical monitoring
  • Having multiple calls and virtual meetings to ensure smooth execution of work
  • Working longer hours to make up for the missing coordination that used to happen face-to-face
  • Barely any distinction between personal life and work- household distractions interrupt work and work spills over into evenings and weekends
  • Feeling a little disconnected and isolated since real-life interaction is now limited to just family members

Having seen both the merits and demerits of WFH, we have started waiting eagerly for offices to reopen. Unfortunately, companies are unable to invest in acquiring more commercial office space and transportation isn't available either. 

In such a scenario, many have switched to Covid-safe flexible offices to alleviate the situation.

In the past, the choice between a home office and a flexible office was a privilege only available to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and artists.

However, today, corporate professionals also have the luxury of making this choice, too!

After experiencing all aspects of working in a home office, it's time to have a look at what a flexible office has to offer:

  • A ready professional setup with modern technology and services like call forwarding, mail handling, a front-desk receptionist, and conference rooms for meetings with clients
  • Variety of space options ranging from a 2-seater private office to an open co-working area with safely-arranged seating
  • Affordable and flexible plans that do not require major down payments or a long-term commitment
  • Access to a work environment that is casual and comfortable, yet free from the distractions and interruptions one would face at home
  • Opportunities to interact safely with people outside one's family- acquiring new professional contacts, as well as sharing thoughts and views

Flexible offices seem to have struck the correct balance between the formal nature of a traditional office space and the flexibility of working from home.

However, it's a purely personal choice and it depends entirely on how you feel in the current situation. 

Many are comfortable in their own company and don't require as much face-to-face interaction to feel connected. For some, wfh has allowed them to care for their young kids and elderly parents without having to take leaves. And for others, a flexible office would just seem like an extra expense that isn't really necessary.

Whatever the reason may be, it would only be fair to make a decision once you've experienced both options. With a clear understanding of a home office arrangement, it's time to see for yourself how a flexible office would suit you.

At OfficeBing, we provide solutions that are tailor-made to meet your needs. Just let us know your location preference, space requirements, and budget, and we'll find the best office space and plan for you! 

You can try it out for a few days, weeks, or months. Without the pressure of a long-term commitment, you are free to cancel or modify your plan at any time.

The world is constantly changing, and the pandemic has challenged us to adapt if we want to pull through. Just like the other aspects of our lives, the professional world is adapting, too. 

Flexible offices are our first step towards a better tomorrow in the professional world- where productivity and independence are equally valuable!