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Hostnetindia's VPS Hosting Review (2019)

This informative article consist the valuable review about specific VPS hosting product. Read this guide to learn the advantages and disadvantages

Hostnetindia's VPS Hosting Review (2019)

Wednesday July 10, 2019,

5 min Read

Hostnetindia VPS hosting Review

I am a bloggers (Cutewriters.com) and want to share my personal experience about hostnetindia VPS solutions and its advantages and disadvantages.

VPS hosting means virtual private server hosting. It is a virtual machine that services providers sold as an internet hosting service. VPS has several names including VDS in other words virtual dedicated server it has same meaning as VPS web hosting. VPS hosting runs its own copy of an operating server as same as dedicated server.

VPS customers have special user accounts access like root, administrator, admin, supervisor and many others. By using the account access of operating system customers can easily install almost any software by their own to run it on their OS.

As mentioned above that the VPS functions as dedicated server. Also it can be easily created and configured according to the needs of the customer. They have lower cost than dedicated server because customer owns a part of a physical machine not the whole machine.

But customer have to share their physical machine with other VPS owners as same as shared, so it may affect the machine performance, depends on the workload of machine only.

There are many companies that offer VPS hosting services with add-on and amazing features or you can also say best services at different costs with different or maybe same configuration.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

There are many advantages of the VPS hosting and many features that will be really helpful for you:-

· Money saver: VPS is less expensive than dedicated server hosting. If anyone can’t afford dedicated server or the whole physical server they can easily go with VPS server. It has same services, features and it is considered as a small copy of dedicated server. Hostnetindia provides cheap VPS hosting services at very affordable price. By using this VPS hosting service you can save your money.

Also you get all the features and services at the best level service without paying any extra cost. Also you get all the dedicated server features at low cost from prize of the renting an actual whole dedicated server.

· Reliability: VPS server is one the best reliable web hosting for any website. Mostly for low traffic. Reliability of web hosting service is very important. If you are creating a new website or you are upgrading your web hosting this is the best option in both the cases.

It increases your websites reliability. As well as the performance and uptime of the website can be improved by using VPS server. Also it helps to overcome the issues of RAM, Server load and many others.

· Efficiency: Virtual private server acts as an independent dedicated server and also it is actually a copy of it. It runs its own operating system in its virtual environment. Customers have access to administrative account and can also install their instances of various applications such as MySQL, Apache, and PHP.

· Security: Security of the website is very essential. It can be the main reason to make or to break any website. Web hosting plays important role in the security system of website. VPS server web hosting ensures high security levels to the customer.

Because it provides private environment to your data as well as website you host on it. Mostly people think that SSL certificate is enough to secure the website, but it’s not true I am not saying that it is a waste of money SSL is also an essential part but you have to secure your data environment first to secure your data and it is only possible with the best and private server only.

· High Level of Control: It gives owner of the VPS server a greater control system as compared to shared hosting. You have whole root access and you can use it anyway you want. You can install any operating system you want. Store as much data as you want. If you choose managed services you also get technical support at free of cost 24/7. You can also choose unmanaged services if you have technical knowledge or you are hiring human power to operate and to solve the issues whenever it affects your website.

There is very small difference between managed and unmanaged VPS servers prize, so I personally recommend you to go with managed services because first it will be most costly for you to hire manpower and not always they can solve the technical problems but service provider team have professional technical support team and experience to solve any problem.

Free SSL and Free Domain - One of the greatest advantage of VPS that you get free SSL certificate and a domain name without any extra price.this is also an advantage so why I always recommend this vps hosting solution.

Disadvantage -

This concern comes every blogger's mind that what will happen when their VPS hosting will go down and suddenly blog is to be stopped working. This issue has to be faced by every blogger. And when you use VPS hosting then it become major issue because VPS hosting is used for blog that are very high level and getting sufficient visitors and earning.When run your blog on hostnetindia's vps hosting then sometimes downtime issues may occurs. In this case you can contact support team via email or chat or direct call.You will get instant technical support benefits and your issue will recover soon.

In fact downtime is not burdon or issue when service provider is ready you solve issue in a while.

My blog (Cutewriters) is running on hostnetindia's VPS hosting service and I recommend VPS due to their 24*7 technical support and friendly behavior.


Honestly, never fall in hidden trap of VPS hosting companies. There are lots of companies offering VPS solution by fake client’s reviews and follower base. So you are accountable to identify responsible VPS service provider. Carefully go through their websites and previous clients. They can give you best suggestion about hostnetindia.