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How AI is Changing the Future of Web Design?

Adobe, Wix, and Firedrop are just a few companies that use AI and automated learning to make website design easier for both professionals and the average Joe.

How AI is Changing the Future of Web Design?

Tuesday November 06, 2018,

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Adobe, Wix, and Firedrop are just a few companies that use AI and automated learning to make website design easier for both professionals and the average Joe.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes the Internet world out of the storm. You can see evidence of this with all the talk in the forums and all the published articles on the latest trends in the digital world.

Customization was another hot topic in digital marketing. However, with a lot of things related to running your online store and getting a balance between your work and your life, it can be overwhelming.

Amnesty International has applied different industries, improved functions and enhanced efficiency. What should Amnesty International do for the future in web design? Can Amnesty International resolve the issue of customization that web designers can not keep up with?

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AI Lends a Helping Virtual Hand

You may notice that artificial intelligence is actually everywhere already. From chatbots to virtual assistants, AI is used to make everyday life easier. Google's RankBrain is a working AI that is responsible for providing researchers with relevant and quality results for their search queries.

Default helpers like Siri and Cortana help users process their Internet queries via voice. They can also perform simple tasks such as playing music or setting the alarm on their devices. Home helpers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo offer users easy, simple activation of home appliances at home.

Whether I like it or not, Amnesty International slowly and steadily introduces itself to the everyday lives of people.

Employing AI in Web Design

Amnesty International exists in medical and health care. He also works behind the scenes of SEO. You may not know, but AI is already making its way to web design.

Here are some examples where AI is implemented to work in web design.


Another example of an easy-to-build Web site is Wix ADI. The role of Wix and TheGrid is to make it easier for people to create their own websites than difficult coding and techniques. This makes it easier for users who have no experience or knowledge of coding to create and manage their own websites.

Once you have set your preferences, the program automatically adjusts all formatting and formatting for you. However, despite having AI run their programs, users still believe that both Wix and TheGrid did not meet their expectations.

Users are still waiting for the moment AIS is working in both programs to play a more comprehensive role than simply promoting their automatically generated websites.

2.Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei is a framework for automated learning and automated learning that enhances Adobe tools. Adobe Sensei provides users with more options in their Adobe tools to manage and work on their files. For example, Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud and Photoshop Fix.

You can see AI in action through Face-Aware Liquify. Face recognition in AI enables users to select facial properties and adjust them for better image enhancement. In addition, Adobe Sensei can also convert low-quality self-images by incorporating effects

By applying artificial intelligence to many Adobe platforms, designers and media makers will be able to use Adobe tools more efficiently and effectively.


The digital world is growing day by day. This is why it is necessary for people to have an Internet connection. For business owners and marketers, it is important that they have their own websites.

However, years ago, there were no one website builders still have knowledge about how to code. This is still true in existing web site builders that still require more coding when it comes to optimizing or beautifying the site.

TheGrid is an AI web designer that automatically decides to plan your website, color scheme, and layout. TheGrid's AI, Molly, is the person who improves your site, ranking and designing it according to your theme, preferences and content.

Final Note

AI is revolutionizing the web design and development industry. Therefore, the demand of web design is increasing with a great pace. PixelCrayons always strives to provide the best web design solutions based on AI. If you are looking for a reputed web design company feel free to contact PixelCrayons.