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How can podcast upgrade your influencer marketing game?

How can podcast upgrade your influencer marketing game?

Tuesday April 02, 2019,

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Influencer marketing is growing rapidly with emerging platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, WordPress etc. It is an effective strategy for brands to interact and connect with the audience. You can contact an influencer in your industry with a good number of followers to enjoy innumerable advantages.

If you are an influencer, you certainly want people to consume your content. In this fast-moving world, most people do not have time to sit and listen to you. So, how to tap such people? The podcast feature is at your rescue. Moreover, this platform is continuously gaining popularity and new followers with each passing day. It can be included in both content and influencer marketing strategy.

Strategies to Use Podcast for Influencer Marketing


You might be wondering how can platforms such as podcast help you to boost your brand image?

To get a clear picture of it, read further.

Build a Network with the Podcasters

Many podcasters look for people to interview. So, take advantage of that opportunity and ask a few top podcasters that you would like to talk as an expert in your industry. Remember that you should provide valuable information about your industry to your listeners rather than making it a sales pitch. People listen to the podcast to learn or to entertain themselves. You can certainly mention your brand or talk about your services but make it looks contextual to your information all the time.

For example, Born to Influence is a podcast where some of the best marketing minds share their tactics and strategies daily. These experts give actionable advice which the listeners can apply in their businesses immediately.

Go for an Advertisement Within the Podcast

Podcasters have their websites to which listeners often turn up for exploring about what they heard, to replay what they listened or to know more about their favourite podcasters. They intend to earn revenue out of it.

Here, you can play vital role in the entire ball game. All that what you can do is placing the advertisements about your business in their websites. In such a way, you will make use of the podcast advertisement opportunity to increase your website’s traffic. Also, you should aim to advertise when the podcasters take a few seconds of break in the middle of every episode.

Ask Podcaster to Review Your Product or Service

Another good way to use podcast for influencer marketing is by sending free parcels of your product to podcasters and ask them to review it on air. Since, they are talking about their experience with the product, it doesn’t sound like a sales pitch. As the listeners are already their fan, they might want to try what their influencers are using.

Not only products, you can ask the podcasters to try your service and share their experience with their fans. If you are a smaller brand, this marketing strategy will work like wonders! You will have to invest less for it and in turn you will get a good return on investment.

Hire a Bunch of Podcasters

Rather than asking other influencers, you can create your own channel. For that, you can become the host or hire a bunch of influencers to market your products or services as per your interest. This strategy surely takes more work but your audience will soon start heading towards your other marketing platforms. Remember, you are not there just to promote your brand. Rather, providing valuable input is crucial to gather a quality audience. Finally, it will also help you to book popular guests.

Moreover, after reaching to a good number of audience, other brands will come to you for their advertisement. Thus, you get a new source of revenue.

What are you thinking? Try including podcast as an integral part of your influencer marketing strategy and you will certainly enjoy fantastic results.                                         

Most of the people turn up to YouTube for listening interviews, Ted talks, motivational speeches, etc. Podcast is the platform for such an audience. It is an exciting and rapidly growing medium in many countries. Hence, podcast is a medium for businesses to tap new customers.

Don’t wait anymore! Just get into the scenario and boost up your brand awareness like never before. Besides, you can tune into various podcasts to learn more about your industry.