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How Did Facility Management Come Into Existence And Its Evolution?

Smooth infrastructural functioning is a boon that is easily ignored these days. To commemorate the growth of integrated facility management services, we are here to divulge the evolution of facility management came into existence.

How Did Facility Management Come Into Existence And Its Evolution?

Thursday June 27, 2019,

3 min Read

Facilities management, as a sector, has come a long way since its advent. As a result of continued technological growth that is constantly improving in functionality, the expectations of the workforce have continued to grow, which has allowed facilities management to expand to the sector that it is today.

How Did Facility Management Come Into Existence And Its Evolution?

As the complexity of buildings has continued to become complex, so has the significant cost of their upkeep and operation. This has ultimately led to an increased need for the introduction of both planned and tactical management roles, which has in turn gone a long way in upholding the profile of the discipline.

The history of Facility Management

Facility management has grown significantly in a short period over the last 40 years. Although the scope of the genre still remains a prickly issue, the definitions of what facilities management consists of depends on the local culture, as well as the organization and the people involved.

By and large, the history of facilities management can be traced back to the 70s. At the time, facilities management was simply thought to be an association that joined together janitorial and caretaker service givers. Basically, it involved things that related to cleaning and general maintenance.

How Did Facility Management Come Into Existence And Its Evolution?

In the ’70s, a lot of businesses were driven to outsource janitorial and caretaker services to available integrated facility management services. By the 90s, the scope of integrated Facility management had increased to include property management, relocation, and space planning. By the 2000s, the sector of facility management had expanded exponentially to include human resources and payroll in the service list.

Today, facility management is made up of a blend of different in-house departments that deliver a full range of services including specialist contractors, multi-service provision, as well as design and finance management. Facility management, though well established today, is still evolving and growing to become more and more complex.

There is still no universal pact as to what facility management consists of as almost every organization, business, facility and management organization has its own definition as to what it stands for.

Where is the genre of facility management headed?

Facility management services, like most sectors and industries today, are impacted heavily by technology and connectivity. For players in facility management to succeed today, data-driven decisions must be at the forefront of all things. Businesses must rely on tools, technology and contemporary workspaces for the industry to continue thriving. In the future, facility management providers will not just be seen as mere service providers but as strategic partners that will help organizations grow and develop.