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Top 10 Proven Hacks to Earn Money Through Digital Marketing

Top 10 Proven Hacks to Earn Money Through Digital Marketing

Monday May 25, 2020,

6 min Read

A stand-alone “Marketing” as a word has lost its niche, after social media interruption into the market. The essence of true marketing has changed drastically from being an offline communication of Brands to Online communicator and voice of Brand as well as Personals.

Today “Digital Marketing” has helped numerous to achieve a pinnacle. Here’s the quote by a top-notch digital marketer Neil Patel itself :

“To be a happy person doesn't have to be rich. You just need to love what you do”.

And loving Digital Marketing is our choice, it is my responsibility to provide you with valid information about Digital Marketing and its Earning Potential. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is nothing but advertising and selling the products and services at online platforms or any other medium. Time has passed when people used to sell goods/services using their high pitched tone and shouting about attractive offers. Day by day people are engaging with their favorite brands on social media, and companies also have great opportunities knowing more about their customers and targeting them with the help of Digital Marketing.

Now the question comes: How can you earn money through Digital Marketing?

There are 10 best ways which can help you achieve your dream, such as 

1. Content Writing/Marketing 

2. Blogging

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

4. Website Designing

5. SMM (Social Media Marketing)

6. Affiliate Marketing

7. Email Marketing

8. Mobile Marketing

9. E-Commerce Marketing

10. Freelancer

1. Content Writing/Marketing :

         Writing content that drives customers, drives traffic to a website is very much required in today's marketplace. A content that persuades people to buy the offerings mentioned in a complete text either consciously or subconsciously. It can also be termed as a bridge between seller and consumer.

 The free piece of information required in all the platforms to convert Cold Leads into Hot Client such as

· Query Resolving Platform - Quora, Google Search

· Commenting on social media posts and redirecting prospects to our page

· Posting a paid promotional contents on your page for the company’s products or services

2. Blogging :

Blogging is writing a piece of content or information which can be shared on one’s website to attract traffic and a good piece of work can attract a huge visitor to your landing page and can generate a decent amount of revenue out of AdSense(Google shows ads on a website which generates high traffic and on other parameters as well). 

A popular blog can also generate revenue by selling backlinks and by promoting other brands on websites that contain a huge visitor base.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) :

         Search Engine uses numerous algorithms to rank websites on top in organic searches which can be achieved by using relevant keywords, relevant phrases, by writing SEO optimized content, and many more. Every company pays hard to rank itself on top of Google searches in its niche. Good SEO personnel would never be a “job/project” less.

4. Website Designing :

         Having a digital presence in the market simply means having a website, hosting, and a domain name. Good website design with an effective landing page and direction can gain you enough Site In-time and this can increase a website’s credibility and much higher chances for conversions. Having a sound knowledge of graphic designing and coding can help you achieve this goal in no time.

5. SMM (Social Media Marketing) :

Getting real-time customers, interacting with them, and connecting with them on Social Media platforms is so much simpler these days. Social Media is a platform where you can know your customers in and out for which companies are willing to pay to get themselves on all these platforms to get a good lead turning into an end customer. Social Media Marketing is also helpful for companies to maintain CRM activities online.  

6. Affiliate Marketing :

         Affiliate marketing is a good way of earning money from digital marketing, there are lots of companies out there in the market who give commissions to promote products/services to customers and who end up buying the item. The best one in the market is Amazon Affiliate Program, where you can make 8-10% commissions on referring a product on your blog or websites by getting affiliate code.

7. Email Marketing :

         A tool that has the potential to reach millions on a single click to their direct mailing address having contained promotional contents/offerings/newsletters etc. Though it has very low conversion rates and also it is the oldest form of digital marketing. It is still in use and quite affluent because of its easy to use mechanism.

8. Mobile Marketing :

         If you are focusing on earning money from digital marketing, Mobile Marketing is the new buzz in the market. Every individual is carrying a smartphone and its a gig for digital marketers to promote and advertise Directly to their customers through their Smartphones. Applications show ads as a pop up on every device and it can be personalized by adding cookies to mobile phones. The market is adapting AI-Based technology and it will go more personalized in the near future. 

9. E-commerce Marketing :

         Selling your goods and services online can any day make you earn money through digital marketing. It is the process of procuring or creating an article (goods or services) and selling it to an open market through an E-commerce platform. The best of the examples available in the market are Alibaba, Flipkart, zomato, etc.. It has the potential to take you globally in no time providing your strong resources and efficiency. 

10. Freelancers:

         If all the above-mentioned skill falls in line or even if worked on just one or two can make you work independently in the field of digital marketing. Skilled personnel are required worldwide to complete a task remotely, here where the freelancers are hired. It contains no boundaries and no limitations to your earning potentials. 

Conclusions :

         There are several ways by which one can earn money through digital marketing. All you need to do is research for your niche and try to figure out your expertise and what you love doing. Consistency is the key to success in Digital marketing, all you need to have is patience and being consistent in your efforts. 


Keep Dreaming, Keep Learning!