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How Automation & AI are dictating The Event World


How Automation & AI are dictating The Event World

Tuesday July 02, 2019,

4 min Read

You are living in the ultra-modern era surpassed with groundbreaking technology revolutions such as Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Chat Bots, Industry 4.0, Block Chain, etc. You may get mesmerized with what event platforms offer, but my straight question to you is Do Your Event Planner or Event Management Software exploiting all these emergent technology revolutions? After researching and analyzing the event industry trends, a hidden truth has been identified that most top rated event management software providers are not integrated with the advanced techno features.

Despite the organizers of the event know this Big Cheese outdated event ticketing sites are not updated with dynamic changes adopted in the event industry, but many of them are not aware of the disruptive changes occurred in developing an event planning softwareThe right event tool you pick for the first time is going to save a lot of money and time. Hence there is an incumbent urge to get updated with technology trends to survive and sustain in the event industry. Or else the competitors are smart enough to take advantage of technology adoption. Let's walk hand-in-hand to explore the tremendous Event Trends of 2019.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is meant to make everything possible for your event according to your imaginary level in terms of promotions, usage, and functionality. Let the event category belong to the business, education, arts, fashion, food & drink, festivals, wedding, etc., artificial intelligence makes your event highly successful to engage, entertain, reward, and impress attendees. Consider a popular AI trend such as Facebook Chatbot on social media, and event technology experts embed this Chatbot functionality to communicate with people through stand-alone event application on their website and develop a custom mobile app to increase attendee engagement.

Artificial Intelligence is the all-around weapon, and it depends upon the Event Professionals to use best out of it, according to their extensive idea to improve event management and engagement processEventTitans is the NextGen Event Interactive Platform that integrated with 1000+ business tools such as Zapier, Social Media Tools, Event Analytics, White Label Website, Vendor Bid Management, Badge Printing, Biz Card business operations through offline and online (like exchange, print, and scan), Trivia, Surveys, Live Polls, Badge Printing, and lot more, and AI plays a supreme role to develop these event empowering solutions.

2. Event Mobile App

The Mobile app is the choice of smart event organizers and it enables accessing the event schedule, info, speaker information, sponsor details, guest check-ins, event session’s management, event analytics, and a lot more functional features at the distance of fingertips to the mobile. Event App boosts the attendee engagement rate progressively and helps in lead generation with the flair use of Artificial Intelligence during the conduct of events like expos, tradeshows, music consorts, visual arts, plus more. 

Event Mobile App optimizes all event connected individuals such as speakers, sponsors, attendees, and third-parties (if any). Mobile app contributes to integrating social media platforms, display digital profiles of attendees, biz card exchange and share through QR code scanning, facilitating group chat functionality during the event day. EventTitans mobile app offers customizable functional features such as font colors, images, sizes, and content.

3. Event Analytics

What happens when somebody gives your event insights report with respect to collaborative analytics data that comprises profitable channels along with attendee activities? Hence measuring the success of the event is like a cakewalk. EventTitans event analytics functionality helps to set the event goals, tracks the performance, compare the registrations and earnings, etc. The organizer can obtain the insights of social media engagements, demographics, custom event page traction, etc. with advanced event analytics functionality. The organizer gets the contacts’ behavior in terms of conversions stages, attendee interests, etc., and it helps to take the right decisions for future events. Inbuilt CRM of EventTitans enables to auto-save each entry directly into the database for all activities including, survey, trivia, live polls, live QA, and more.

EventTitans has all powerful inbuilt featured Mobile App integrated with 1k+ automated tools and extensive solutions to engage and nurture event organizer needs such as ROI increase, event analytics, speaker/ sponsor auto onboarding, gamification and rewarding to enhance the user engagement and acquire more impressions, sessions management, and etc. The event giants like Eventbrite, Cvent, and etc. are widely popular but not updated with latest technological changes, whereas EventTitans endows with all-time favorite and facilitating event application functionalities to realize an optimal solution across the event industry verticals. To know more information on event management & engagement, explore with EventTitans, as this interactive solution offers Endless Ways to improve your event and make it a grand success.