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5 Features Which Make iOS 13 Superior to iOS 12

5 Features Which Make iOS 13 Superior to iOS 12

Thursday September 12, 2019,

6 min Read

With the latest revelations, iOS 13 has launched its beta version for the iOS App developers. Apart from the same, there is news that it has also released its public beta form which is open to all. The users might be in a dilemma if the new version is well enhanced and picturesque great functionality in comparison to iOS 12. To bring to your notice, there have been loads of changes as well as the implementation of new features in iOS 13. You will be able to notice what is new and different. You will be able to discover most of the elements which are available in iOS 12. But this enhanced version has a lot more to showcase which you will be able to visualize. Hire iOS App developers who will be able to incorporate the enhanced features in their native apps for the device.

Where Will You Be Able To Visualize The Implementation Of The New Ios 13?

Devices like iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X/XS/XS Max/XR and the iPod Touch will be able to see the update. It will also be available on iPad Pro 10.5/11/12.9/2017/2018 versions and also for iPad Mini versions 2, 3 and 4.

Coming to the upgrade of iOS 12, iOS App Development Company has worked efficiently in fixing the bugs and stabilise improvement. But above all of it, all the planning, implementation of new features and functionality has been made to iOS 13, making it way more effective than iOS 12. 

Here Are Some Of The Few Features Which You Will Be Able To Notice And Understand The New Venture Of Apple Users With Ios 13.

1. Dark mode and Sign in

  • The two new features incorporated in iOS 13 are Dark mode and Sign In with Apple. The functionality of Dark Mode is where users will be able to change the colour scheme into the dark. It is compatible with all native applications. Not only this, it will be available for other third-party developers to integrate the same into their applications. 

  • It has been specifically designed for iPhone users to make your way better even in a low-light or darker environment. You are entitled to decide when you want to make use of these incredible features which is of course not available in iOS 12. 

  • The other feature that is Sign In with Apple will allow you to make use of your Apple ID for logging into applications and other sites through a single tap. It is almost similar to the services of Facebook and Google, but the first things first, privacy is thoroughly maintained. 

2. Siri Improvements

  • After a long while, there has been new implementation and enhancement in the functionality of Siri which you will not come across in iOS 12. iOS 12 had Siri's translation skills, Siri's shortcuts to let the user take quick actions and implement shortcuts to maintain a daily routine. 

  • In iOS 13 Siri has got great improvements. The operating system will send a message and tell the user if the call needs to be taken. It has got the implementation of natural language output in relevance to providing directions through the new Apple Maps. All kudos to the ‘advanced neural text-to-speech technology’ for making it worth it for interactive with Siri much smoother and natural. 

3. Camera and Live Photos

  • For iOS 12, the camera had features for Portrait lighting, automatic QR reading as well as had the option to search for specific photos gave a user-friendly experience. You can search either through events, dates or make use of other search terms at once. 

  • There has been a sheer focus portrayed for Camera in iOS 13. A live photo can be attached to having a video length of 3 seconds. It could even enhance the timing and length to 6 seconds. Additional of new monochromatic effect has been implemented covering a redesigned editing experience for the users. 

  • You will be able to review every effect and fetch the benediction of using new tools in the Photos app like "Noise Reduction" and others. The photos are going to be displayed in a new photo table than highlight shots from specific days, months or years. 

4. Maps


  • Apple Maps were never considered that great in comparison to Google Maps. The updated information somewhere lacked and people did make use of the third-party applications rather than following through the directions or location of Apple Maps till iOS 12 version. 

  • The brand is now ready to beat the bush and take a whole new step to revolutionize the concept of Apple Maps. It has got the implementation of Junction View along with 3D format where you will be able to see the buildings, small streets and all other locations, just at ground level. 

  • The Map app has been completely rebuilt. It includes detailed location, realistic deals and also has got the implementation of another new feature known as Look Around. This offers a 3D experience just like Google's Street View. You will be able to share your location with your loved ones, get real-time transit information, create Favourites and Collections of the places you visit more often, set up navigation for the same, on time ETA and so much more. 

5. Reminders, Messages and Memojis

  • Apple has completely redesigned the Reminders app for iOS 13 presenting it with a brand new interface, supporting attachments and "smart lists". The functionality of this is to organize and showcase reminders automatically. Mainly you are entitled to go through the relevant days, reminders, schedules ones, almost everything.

  • Coming to the Messages section, iOS 12 allowed to personalize your interactions through Animoji and Memoji features. And for the Message app, iOS 13 will let you share your name and photo. you can choose it on your own by the way. The search tool in this section has also been improved, automatic message display and images, you will also be able to categorize your messages. 

In iOS 13, you will be presented with more variations of creating customized Memoji on any of your iPhone models. Starting from picking up 30 hairstyles, headwear options and so much more. It has also increased the Animoji characters into mouse, octopus and a cow. For every of Memoji and Animoji character curated on your device iOS 13 will be able to create sticker packs automatically for using it in Messages.

Final Words -

There has been the implementation of loads of features with while new home screen, Car Play and so much more. With the functionality of this new version, you will be in awe of the features curated by the iOS App Development Company for your device apps.