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How Has Learning Changed Your Life?

How Has Learning Changed Your Life?

Thursday January 31, 2019,

3 min Read

Learning is an ongoing process!

It is not depended on any age or situation. Every day there is something new to learn. A person who has a learning attitude can change its life in a big way. There are many benefits of learning which can actually change your life.

Uplifts your Self-Confidence

As you learn new things you build on your self-confidence. For instance if you are learning a new language you will observe that you are believing in yourself more. At the beginning of any learning process, you plan your ways to achieve it and thereby feel motivated by those small steps taken for its fulfilment. The process of learning  a new language is very interactive in nature. This process can be expedited when you take the help of a native speaker for communication exchange. Practicing this regularly can quickly improve your skills. Learning a new language will help you impress the native speakers when they hear you speaking their language correctly and at the same time you will get compliments from people who scared to try learning a new language.

Increase your social circle

Learning a new language or any new hobby opens the door to many new different areas of life. With a new language you will be able to communicate with people of different culture and language and can expand your personal horizon. Most of all you will be able to bond well with new people and will help you increase your social circle.

Activates your brain

The process of Learning sensitizes the neurons of the brain and improves the learning ability within you. Listening to new terminologies, learning new words stimulates the brain muscles and keeps you healthy and fit. According to the experts learning new things in life boosts the grey matter in the left parietal cortex of the brain. As you train yourself in the gym and or as running stimulates your leg muscles and make them grow, similarly brain has the ability to change its structure through stimulation which is scientifically known as plasticity. Learning is that gift of God which makes you evolve from your older version into something new.

The moment we leave the process of learning and when we aren’t forced anymore to remember about things like exams, this part of the brain is less used and regresses.  Learning new things helps you to keep in time and forces you to continue memorizing things. So train your brain and get smarter.

Fun while Travelling new places

If you are fond of travelling and exploring new things the habit of learning leaves a massive impact on the way you experience your trips. Rather than spending most of the time sitting in the hotel and feeling bored. If you have a knack for learning the new language then you have a greater opportunity to explore the place that you are travelling. You will end up having a much deeper and different way of looking at things and experiencing them.