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How to manage a successful Internet Marketing campaign

How to manage a successful Internet Marketing campaign

Wednesday January 15, 2020,

5 min Read


Here we gonna share with you how we keep managing successful internet marketing campaigns in the last six years and how we increase our revenue every year. Every serious business these days should run an internet marketing campaign since the internet take a big impact on people's life.

How much time we spent on the internet?

These days we use to spend most of our free time on the internet, and not only our free time but also the time when we are at work, school and so on. That leads us to believe that we can sale something goods more on the internet compared to goods in the physical store.

time on internet

What percentage of people buy things online?

This is a really good question that we should ask and answer that we would want to be informed of when we are running an internet marketing campaign. Durring the past few years there where many reshearchs and publication connected to this questions. We will present you here the lates statistic that was presented by Entrepreneur.

This statistic was answered by more than 100.000 US peoples. Below is presented the percentage of asked peoples by age and gender.

  • Male ( 56.3% )
  • Female ( 43.7% )

  • 16 - 21 ( 18.4% )
  • 22 - 35 ( 31.2% )
  • 36- 55 ( 27.1% )
  • 56+ ( 23.3% )

In this research, the result was the following, more than 77.4% answered that they are using the internet for most of the things that they are buying.

The result of this research gives us clear evidence to believe that we can make and run a successful internet marketing campaign to increase revenue.

The key thing that lead to run successful campaign

You or every business should have a new and modern website/platform that will be used by users. This will lead to making a relationship between you like a business and your users.

Why this is important?

These days we live in era when technology changes every second. That means that every second

something new comes up and we need to follow the trends if we want to countinue our crowth.

If we are not following the trends we will fail, you probably remember how NOKIA fail. In case if you do not, they fail because they did not do anything to follow Apple's and Samsung's trends of creating a new generation of mobile phones. They start to produce phones with touch screens but NOKIA does not, after one year from more than 70% of world sales NOKIA fail to less than 10%.

Simply if we do not create a modern website, that will have fresh look and will be mobile-friendly, then users will not spend any time and money on our platform, because they will not trust it.

platform usage of internet

Keep looking at what your competitors are doing and implementing to increase their revenue. This is very important especially if you are running big Internet Business.

Why this is important?

Every business should follow competitors improvements and trends. If you do not follow it you will burn. You need to follow and pay attention to their on side and off site strategy.

Here is an example how Ahrefs start to see decreases in the visits and revenue and what they did to return it.

If you do not know, Ahrefs is an online tool that allows you to check your Google rankings for all countries. Not only that, you can check your Backlink profile, research competitor profile and so on.

In past days Ahrefs allows users to use their tools with limited access per day. They analyze that peoples sign up for a free subscription and after that, they do not continue, instead, they are using already created free plan that was limited but good for small businesses.

For those reasons they canceled all the free created accounts, and for trial, they ask you to pay 7$. That use to work well until Neil Pater release the free ubersugest tool.

Then Ahrefs make a decision and they make link explorer tool free to use. This tool was better than Neil's one, so this leads them to return more of their visitors.


Research opportunities in your industry. Follow the trends and implement this in your business. Be faster than your competition.

Why this is important?

This is important because this can increase your interaction with your visitors and can help you to increase your organing rankings in overall. If you increase your organic rankings, you will increase revenue as well.

Here is how where am i with implementing one simple change increase revenue and rankings in 12 weeks.

If you do not know, they are free tools that allow you to find yourself when are you lost, you can find the details of the address. But that was that all the other tools offer at that time, for that they decide to go step further and to implement functionality that will bite their competitors.

Simply they implement functionality that will track all your movements with the option to send detail reports to your e-mail.


There were the most important things that you need to follow every day if you are or if you want to run a successful internet marketing campaign. During the last six years, we rise and fail, many of the mistakes were easy to manage and to recovery from, this one was the hardest one to recover from and to follow.

But now you are having one of the most important factors that you should follow, and hope that these things can help you.