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How Mental Well being and Performance at Job are Correlated

We will see some of the basic factors of how mental well being and performance at your job are co-related to each other and their impact.

How Mental Well being and Performance at Job are Correlated

Tuesday September 03, 2019,

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A perfect balance between personal life and professional life is merely impossible even if the company management delivers long speech on making this happen. The real fact is far way different and corporate people end up spending long hours in the office leading to jeopardy in the actual balance needed. At the same time, due to management expectations to do better the next time what you did today gets you to another level of pressure at work. If you’re not fit mentally, that is somehow going to impact your job responsibilities and the quality of work that you normally do.

Here is how both are co-related to each other-

1)     Unwanted mistakes

If you have some personal issues going on while you are continuing in your job, which will impact your performance. The reason is pretty simple, your focus is now divided into two things even though you are physically present at your desk doing your work but mentally it is not giving its 100 percent to the work. Taking a break during personal issues might help alleviate such issues or discuss with your supervisor regarding the issues you are going through.

2)     Not thinking out of the box

Everyone wants to do something new at their work; it makes the work place more interesting. People working in Information Technology field try doing the same code in different ways to innovate something new. This also enables your thinking capabilities and enriches your skill-sets.

3)     Missing out important things going on

When you are not paying attention to things going on, you might end up losing some key discussions around the meetings or internally as well. I have seen an employee forgetting to fill up his performance review which happens only once a year and he was going through some personal issues. Though, his manager was pretty calm and things were sorted out. But not always you will have the luxury of revisions. It is better to keep things moving or at least make notes if you are not able to remember everything. This way, important things won’t get missed out.

4)     Change in behaviour is noticed by everyone

Think about a situation where you smile to everyone at your work place even if they are strangers and all of a sudden you keep your eyes down on a day when you meet them. It gets noticed immediately and management keeps a track of things like this. Do not let your personal issues impact your work so much that it starts getting noticed by everyone. Discuss with your colleagues instead and take their help when needed. It is not just about the work we do but rather we also support each other when needed.

These are some of the factors how your balance in personal and professional life might impact directly at work place. There are many remediation to personal issues until it is related to medical issues of family or friends. If it is just burn out, plan a trip with your friends or family. You can find various travel discounts and hotel discounts for your trip. Try to keep yourself engaged with some interesting reads to keep you entertained.