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How Mobile Marketing will take a leap in 2019?

How Mobile Marketing will take a leap in 2019?

Monday January 21, 2019,

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Mobile marketing is a promotional designed. Mobile marketing encompasses all those activities which connect advertisers to consumers through mobile devices and networks. Mobile devices include phones, media devices, PDAs, portable gaming consoles, tablet, and those devices which function as all of the above.

Mobile Marketing is never an option, it’s a really important aspect of Online Marketing. Mobile commercials are verified to be very a hit in an advertising and marketing.

It can be difficult to know where and how to invest the time and money necessary for a mobile marketing campaign.

A keen understanding of your customer base will be the key to developing an effective mobile marketing campaign whether you employ push, pull or a combination of two. 

You should consider important elements to ensure that you are reaching the right audience, at the right time, with the right content while making own mobile marketing strategy:-

  • Social Media Marketing – Social media is one of the most important weapons in your marketing arsenal, especially if you’re experimenting with different mobile marketing strategies. By engaging users on social media, you’re unlocking a whole new level of brand potential. Facebook, Yelp and other social media sites enable customers to check-in at your business. Deliver a coupon to any customer that checks in at your location. Brands are able to take the user on the journey and tell a real story about their product or organisation.
  • Content - Anything that interferes with it diminishes your success and credibility. Keep your message as concise as possible is critical to users actually read it and take some value from it. Too much text gives the impression that the content is difficult to digest.
  • Emails Campaigns- Develop mobile-friendly email layouts for your campaigns to drive highest level of response to your email marketing campaigns. Website landing pages the reader may reach by clicking on a link in the email campaign should be mobile-friendly as well. Company newsletters are just effective today as they were twenty years ago in terms of marketing potential.
  • Hyper Targeted Ads – Hyper targeted ads allow you to hone in on a specific GPS coordinate and serve users with an ad. Wherever you can, and whenever it’s appropriate, utilize geo-targeting to maximize the return on your investment. Geofencing technology creates a predefined virtual space around a particular location. Whenever an opted-in customer enters that virtual space, an SMS message/offer is pushed to mobile phone for use at your location.
  • Responsive Design – The screen will render appropriately to fit the size of their device. This means no zooming in or zooming out to view photos, field forms that are optimized for touch screen and content is easily digestible on a screen.
  • Mobile Applications – Mobile applications allow you to include advertisements in mobile apps design. Mobile applications can include widgets and virtual machines. Facebook is a great example of advertisements in an application.
  • In-Game Ads – These advertisements will have within a mobile game. These ads can appear as a pop-up or full page.
  • Mobile Banner Ads – These are banners that are same ads your will see on a desktop. When you access a website in your smart phone, it is a trendy banner and you could click on that banner to take you to the patron internet site.
  • Short Messages Service (SMS) – SMS marketing has been increasing in popularity over the past couple of years. Marketers can send text messages to customers with offer and other information. This type of marketing should always give customers the option to sign up or opt out at any time.
  • Multimedia Messages Service (MMS) – MMS marketing sends text messages that contain media items such as images, video, or audio. MMS is better than a simple SMS because consumers will respond better with a visual.
  • Quick Response Barcode (QR Codes) – QR codes are just about everywhere nowadays. QR codes can be scanned with the camera on a mobile device. Once scanned, it will take consumers to the linked website where they can view more information about a business.
  • Responsive Website – Users spend more time surfing the web on mobiles or tablets. Responsive design enables you to build and manage one website and specify how it appears on various device screen sizes.
  • Optimize - Regularly search for new place pages, location pages, and online directory profiles to claim and build out for your business. Some directories feed their information to other directories, so you can expand presence rapidly.
  • Pay Par Click (PPC) Ads – Google AdWords offers the ability to create ad campaigns that specifically target mobile users. There are also other advertising platforms that enable you to target mobile users. You can segment mobile searches and manage mobile ads separately.

Conclusion – Mobile marketing is a big deal nowadays and can make or break your business. Mobile marketing combines proximity, immediacy and impulse to create revenue. The profit potential that lies within mobile marketing is limitless.