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How Smartphones Are Rapidly Overtaking Laptops

How Smartphones Are Rapidly Overtaking Laptops

Tuesday October 16, 2018,

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There was a time when we used to carry our MP3 player, camera, laptop on an everyday basis. However, mobile phones evolved through the recent years and got smarter. Mobile phones became smartphones and these smartphones play a very important role in helping us with our everyday lives. This eliminated the need to carry around so many gadgets with us at all times. We can listen to music, download files, click pictures and browse through the internet and so much more with a single device. With smartphones offering us a wide range of options, do we really need laptops anymore?

Laptops have played a very important role in digitalization. Professional and educational industries are incomplete without laptops. However, with every new generation of smartphones, these devices are getting even smarter and powerful. With a few simple swipes and taps, we can get our work done. So why do we need a laptop, when we rarely use them anymore? Are smartphones overtaking laptops like many other devices? If you want to know about the different ways in which smartphones are replacing laptops, read on.

Access to Multiple Apps & Websites

Every smartphone user is sure to have multiple apps on their smartphone. But, have you ever wondered what these apps are? In simple terms, they are the mobile version of websites. Want to transfer cash from your bank account to another? Pay your electricity bill? Check the weather forecast? Looking for a price comparison website to find the lowest price of the product you want to buy? Your smartphone can do it all. You don’t have to switch on your laptop anymore to get things done quickly.

Large Displays

One of the benefits that laptops had over smartphones was the large display. However, with time even that is changing. Laptop screens are getting smaller and smartphone screens are getting bigger. Smartphone screens are no longer small and pix-elated. In fact, smartphones these days come with large displays. 6-inch mobiles are the standard screen size currently. And it is not just the screen size that has improved, but the screen resolution as well. With options like Full HD, 4K and OLED, you can rest assured that your smartphone also offers your great screen resolution. With these benefits, you don’t specifically require a laptop to watch a movie or browse the internet.

Massive Storage

Laptops were commended for their amazing storage and processors. Laptops even today provide users with amazing processors and storage functionalities. And even though smartphones haven’t reached that level, they can be called mini-computers. Most flagship smartphones these days come with great computing and storage capabilities. Latest smartphones are built with powerful batteries, high-end processors and sufficient storage. The features of these smartphones are as equal to mid-range laptops. With 8GB RAM smartphones built with 512 GB internal storage slowly making their way into the market, there is no doubt that these devices will eventually overtake laptops.


Cost Effective

While most of the flagship smartphones come nowhere close to being called affordable, they are most definitely cost effective when compared to laptops. The amount you spend on a high-end flagship smartphone can only be invested in buying a mid-range laptop. If you are looking for something more powerful, you need to invest more. At the same time, consider investing in a laptop only if you will be using it for functions that your smartphone cannot carry out. When you have a smartphone that can perform most of the required functions, you rarely tend to use your laptop.

Boon of Virtual AI Assistants

One of the recent boons that the world of technology has brought to us is AI-enabled personal assistants. Instead of typing away at the keyboard, you can use your voice to give commands or ask questions. With personal assistants like Siri, Cortana, Google and Bixby, you don’t have to worry about tying anymore. And not just voice commands, these personal assistants in your smartphone can also be connected to other smart home devices. So, you can turn on the lights at home when you are on the way back or unlock/lock your house doors from anywhere to let someone in and so much more.

It is important to consider that while these features might soon be available on laptops, they are not with us constantly. We carry around our smartphones with us at all times, which is why these features are more preferable on smartphones rather than laptops.

Gaming Laptop or Gaming Smartphone

For a long time now PCs and laptops have dominated the gaming industry. A hard-core gamer will not prefer a gaming smartphone over a gaming laptop. But, as mentioned above, with every new generation of smartphones, these devices are getting better and smarter. With powerful processors and increased RAM & storage capacities, it is possible to enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience even on smartphones. If rumors are to be believed, 10 GB RAM smartphones will soon make their appearance in the mobile market. With massive RAM supporting the smartphone, there is no doubt that gaming smartphones will outperform gaming laptops.


Laptops have been our go-to device for years now. These devices are not going to die out anytime soon. However, smartphones are definitely going to be the most preferred devices in the upcoming years. When we have smartphones that are with us round-the-clock, it becomes more convenient to use that instead of switching on and using a laptop. It is the era of smartphones and these devices are going to rule the world of technology in every which way. 

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