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How Students Can Succeed by Turning Their Thoughts into Actions

How Students Can Succeed by Turning Their Thoughts into Actions

Wednesday October 10, 2018,

4 min Read

Image Courtesy: Pixabay
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

How many times have you thought of finishing homework before midnight on a Saturday and failed miserably in keeping the self-set deadline? How many times have you found yourself thinking that had you actually followed the study schedule, you would have been able to score better? How many times have you thought pretty hard about doing something and ended up, well, doing nothing about it?

Yes, we often had to bury our thoughts because we could never turn them into actions. Not being able to do what we thought we would sometimes is a major burden for the mind.

There is a quicker and simpler way out of this.  All you need to do is make sure that you understand what is that you want to do. The next step is to proceed towards achieving it. Here are a few ways that you can do that.

Delve deep into your mind - Uncover the secrets to tricking your mind to positive action

Having a desire for academic success does no harm at all to your mind. However, simply letting it rest idle among your thoughts will undoubtedly have a negative repercussion. When you do not achieve the desired results, for example, you might get depressed. In fact, one out of every five students in college suffers from depression or anxiety attacks, if leading psychological studies are anything to go by.

However, you can come up with a brilliant fix for this, all by yourself. Simply follow the tricks below to train your mind to take action about those thoughts.

Put your thoughts on paper

This is a time-tested practice for making your ideas a reality. You can go about putting the thoughts on paper using an old-school journal or its digital counterpart, whichever works for you. Your subconscious mind – responsible for most of your thoughts and plans – will get a positive boost from the visual representation of your plans and goals.

Reward yourself with affirmative thoughts

Positive thoughts give way to a happier and calmer mind. Make positive thinking a daily habit. Introduce conscious efforts to cut down on negative emotions. The trick is to make your mind believe that you can and will achieve your goals. 

Practice mindfulness

Devote some time every day to mindfulness practices. Meditation, devoting some time to envisioning a successful future, focusing on a painting on the wall for five whole minutes – mindfulness practices can be varied indeed. Mindfulness thus aids you in putting some crucial thoughts into perspective.

Bring your body and mind in sync - Top tips that help you turn thoughts into action

Once you have a grip on positive thoughts, here are a few simple everyday actions to help you become a doer. Ditch that procrastinator tag, for it is time to turn your thoughts into actions! Here is how you can do it.

Confidence boost: check

The first step in turning your thoughts into actions is to believe in your abilities. Do not let one or five bad grades deter you. Keep up the chain of positive thoughts in your mind in times like this. Give it all you got, and you can surely achieve all that you think of.

Willpower level-up: check

Introduce specific routinely activities in your daily life that require testing and training your willpower. For instance, you can go to sleep early or choose to spend the afternoon researching on the task instead of napping.

Ridding procrastination: check

Whenever you feel the urge to push off tasks for later, make yourself think of doing the opposite. Get rid of procrastination by forcing yourself to start the task immediately. After a while, you will find yourself speeding up to finish the task. And by that, you can set things in motion.

Leveraging on a body and mind sync, you will be able to bring about a remarkable amount of change in the way you think. Then comes the way you choose to turn those thoughts into action. As the psychological studies over the decades have shown, achieving a healthy level of body and mind sync will help in turning the thoughts into a reality. Couple that with positive actions and you will flourish in your academics in no time at all!

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