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How technology play vital role in health & fitness industry - Odeta Stuikys Rose

Hidden facts of technology in the field of health and fitness industry

How technology play vital role in health & fitness industry - Odeta Stuikys Rose

Monday December 10, 2018,

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Today, technology has touched biggest as well as smallest part of our life. Involvement of technical upgrade into our daily life increased use of technology in fields like education, medicine, science and fitness & health. Technology has changed our entire prospective towards life and things. We cannot imagine a day without it. From mobile phones to internet, speedy cars etc. technology is everywhere at any time. Powerful mobile phones have created the potential of having a fitness trainer in everyone’s pocket. Technology has effect on fitness industry too for good and technical upgrade in the world has proven technology boon for fitness industry.

• Fitness Instruction

We can understand technology impact on fitness industry through virtual training programs. Various virtual training programs are being introduced in the market by which you can get fitness instruction to keep yourself healthy. The virtual training programs give you better option and services, though some of them are paid and some of them are free like youtube.com. Like youtube.com other sources are also available there like vimeo and dailymotion etc.

• Online Community

A good online community and social support always encourage your adherence of long-term exercises and other activities. Online communities give you suggestions about daily exercise, when to push and healthy diet to keep you motivated towards health.

• 24-hour Workout Assistance

Technology has also introduced 24-hour gym services online. You can take any fitness advice anywhere anytime according to your convenience.

• Online Fitness Apps

Technology has given a new concept to the fitness industry by introducing fitness apps. These apps provide easy access and assistance depend on the category like weight loss, flat stomach, avoid injuries during exercise, giving shape to the body etc.They also tell you where you are and where you have to go for fitness program.

• Heart Rate Monitors

Technology involvement in fitness sector don’t stop here it is increasing day by day as per the demand and behavior of the people said “Odeta Stuikys Rose” (A business woman in health & fitness industry in Australia). On one hand there are people who wants to live quality life so they are moving towards gym and workout and on the other hand people which have been more concern about fitness & health issues. To solve this issue technology also introduced heart rate monitors. Heart rate monitors tell about your cardiovascular health. Heart rate monitors are like your personal trainer which tells you how your cardiovascular system is responding during exercise.

• Metabolic Test

Until you have current accurate assessment of your cardiovascular health and you are trying to find appropriate exercise for you, is just a game. “If you are really serious of about your heart health, the metabolic text can be extremely helpful” said by Odeta Stuikys Rose.

• Health Screening

The most innovative advancement in health & fitness industry is health screening technology which has availability to health risk assessments and screening without involvement of doctor or hospital. This health screening give detailed information about your diet, your metabolism state, your hormonal profile and any possible sign of heart disease or cancer.

• Wearable Fitness Technology

It is very common in people to track calories that they are taking in and how much calories they are burning during workout. Now it is easy to know how much calories you are burning with wearable fitness technology which can clue you with just touching a button. Wearable fitness technology integrated with fitness apps and website that allows you to view your workout progress. The most beneficial part of it is that you can connect to a friend, your personal trainer and any family member.

• Technology makes Fitness more Fun

Best part of technology that it makes fitness a fun. There are some cool fitness gadgets in the market that allows you to work out smartly with a smile on your face and that can make you excited towards physical activity and stay motivated onboard for longer time of period.

In the end Odeta stuikys rose says- setting fitness goal is easy but starting fitness routine is not easy. Technology can be catalyst, not reason. Technology is the thing that pushes people on top for becoming passionate about health and fitness not just today but for long term.