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How to assess a Java developer skills while hiring?

Java is the closest to the Lingua Franca in the IT industry. Any developer who has used this once, he or she is going to stick to it always. Before we proceed further to discuss the ways to hire java developer, let us understand what Java is.

How to assess a Java developer skills while hiring?

Tuesday January 22, 2019,

3 min Read

What is Java?

Java is a convenient computing platform that provides portable codes for desktop and other server environments. In a nutshell, it helps to develop an application that can be shared across a number of platforms. It is object-oriented programming.

Things to know when you hire a Java developer

Java has application in every IT field and hence, just the academic knowledge of the technical skills is not sufficient for the candidate unless the recruitment is for a junior level.Java is a versatile platform and it is dynamic as well. The frameworks keep on upgrading every year and thus, a java developer should be well versed with the industry norms and updates.

Hiring a Java developer is not easy and you will come across a lot of jargons. Let us discuss some important ones here.

Java SE and Java EE

Java Standard Enterprise is used for developing and deploying the codes on the desktop while the Java Enterprise Edition is built on the top of Java SE. when the requirement is running large-scale application, Java EE is used.

Java Certification

All the professional Java developers are certified. Without certification, you cannot trust the credibility of the Java developer. Oracle has the following four levels of Java certifications:

  1. Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
  2. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
  3. Oracle Certified Expert (OCE)
  4. Oracle Certified Master (OCM)

The common skills on which the java candidates are evaluated are:

  • OOP Concepts
  • Core Java Concepts
  • Advanced Concepts
  • Java Generics
  • Collections/Data Structures
  • Inner Classes
  • Network APIs.
  • JVM Architecture
  • Serialization and so on.

Assessing the skills of a java developer,

Screening the java developers is a tedious task and time-consuming as well. You might come up with a 1000 resumes but finding that one right candidate would be like conquering a mountain. With the help of our experts, we are here with two basic challenges that will help you to hire your java developer:

  1. Simple Algorithm Challenge
  2. Application Development

1.Simple Algorithm Challenge

Irrespective of some amazing sources available online to assess the java developers, some of the best firms still prefer to judge the candidates based on the simple algorithm challenge.

In this challenge, the candidate is provided with a number of simple programming problems that he or she needs to complete within the stipulated time. Each of the programming challenge attempted by the candidate will be evaluated on the accuracy, time is taken, space and complexity by the technical team.

2. Application Development the multiple file project challenge

The actual task of the Java developers is to fill out the gap between the real-life problems and coding. Usually, while hiring for a senior level position, simple algorithms would not provide the candidates to explain their candidature for the position. Thus, a full-fledged real-life problem is thrown to the candidate and he or she is given liberty to think in all directions and come up with a code that will solve the problem very conveniently.

To survive this screen test, the candidate must know how to apply the theoretical knowledge in the practical world along with knowing the correct framework of the language.

The benefits of using the java multiple projects are:

  • Helps in testing the hands-on programming skills of the candidate.
  • Candidates get a chance to relate the real-life problems and get a solution for the same.

It is not possible to hire a Java developer based on conventional techniques. A blend of the conventional with modern assessment techniques will help you to achieve your objective to hire the best Java developer for your firm.