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Facebook lookalike Audiences Campaign | The Complete Guide

Facebook lookalike Audiences Campaign | The Complete Guide

Monday April 29, 2019,

3 min Read

Facebook Today is totally a different concept in which it has various advertising tools.

Like Facebook lookalike Audiences, facebook marketplace and much more.

So today we are gonig to learn about how to setup facebook look-a-like audience!

So First Step to start with is Create a Facebook personal account with your phone number or gmail id.

Second step create a business page on fb.

Third step is to go to facebook.com and after that type after the link facebook.com / ads / manage.

You can also search it directly from the fb side bar option image for the url is attached below:


fb reference url

Then after getting redirecting to the facebook ads manager .

Then it will look like the image shown below:

Click to the create button shown below!

facebook ads manager

After that select a campaign type.

Since there are many types of campaign offered by the facebook select a campaign accordingly.

Then after selecting your campaign type click continue.

Then after that you can see a option as set your auidence.

You have to choose the option of custom audience to create an campaign as a Facebook lookalike Audiences.

show below is the image for your reference:

facebook lookalike audiences

But before setting this up you have to know about the Facebook lookalike Audiences what exactly it is

it is!

So first thing in your mind must have come what is Facebook lookalike Audiences?

how it will help you in your campaign to grow faster and give you a correct leads according to your requirement !

So the answer for it is that it is a audience collected in your past in the form of data like: mobile number or email adress.

So your next question will be how to add your bulk data in your campaign?

You will see a option of lookalike source in that you can copy paste your bulk data of your previous customer.

But even after doing that how it will work?

So facebook fetch the all the uploaded data and show the ads to the people who's contact no has been added or emails and it also show the add to the people who are similar to the data uploaded then after this upload your content images for your add and publish your add.

Still Confused have a look at the image below for your reference what it means:

facebook guide

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