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How To Ensure 100% Delivery of Software Development Projects?

How To Ensure 100% Delivery of  Software Development Projects?

Tuesday July 09, 2019,

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Top Software Development Companies in India

Right now, we are living in an IT-powered world where so many kinds of software are being used by so many companies and businesses around the world to make their tasks and processes easier, efficient and effective. Actually, there are many benefits of using software or application in running businesses.

These software can be either a desktop software running on PCs/laptops like a CRM or an ERP software, or it can also be a mobile app running on Android or iOS smartphones. If you too are running a business and want to gain maximum benefits from the latest cutting edge technologies and software solutions then you should first sit down, do thorough research about your requirements, find a top software development company, get your software or app built and get it implemented into your organization.

Steps to follow to Ensure 100% Delivery of Quality Software Project:-

· Check the Feasibility of the Idea

Your software or app can only be successful if it is based on a promising idea, which is feasible. Even if your idea is excellent, you need to ensure that the idea is something that can be delivered as a software of app. First of all, you need to do thorough market research about the demand and validity of your app/software idea before making it into reality. You should also research some of the existing software or apps of your competitors, their existing features and the features they miss, which you can add to your product. You should talk to the customers and finally make a requirement document carrying all the information to develop your software or application and contact top software development services to build your app / software.

Further, you should conduct a SWOT analysis to help better understand about yourself and your business. This will help you to find your:

• strengths

• weaknesses

• opportunities

• threats

• Rough Budget Estimation

Do you know what is the first question that arises when a brilliant idea comes to mind? Actually, it is the cost to create that application, and this is very crucial. Not all projects have a large budget but whatever is the case you need to do a rough budget estimation before the start of the project so that you can make sure that the cost doesn’t overshoot. A rough estimate is a figure which may vary from 20% to 25%. This assessment is calculated in the very first step of interaction with the developers. development falls under their budget.

• Rough ETA for Minimum Viable product and full software

After figuring out the rough budget estimate, the next step is to find the rough ETA, i.e. the expected time to develop the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and the full software. Once the MVP is established, the developers can work on tuning the software application. This will involve the required development, testing, learning, and working on the actionable inputs.

• Hiring a Team / Outsourcing to Software Development Company

Based on the rough budget estimate and the rough ETA for MVP, you can select the software developers or one of the best IT outsourcing companies to work on your project. Here you have got two choices, i.e. either you can hire a software development team yourself, or you can outsource the project to a custom software development company.

o Analysis of previous feedback and review of shortlisted companies

In this step, you should analyze and review the shortlisted software development companies based on your interaction with them and as per their budget estimate and ETA for MVP and complete software. This way, you can choose the best it outsourcing company among the list to work on your project. Before shortlisting them for next step, find their online reputation — what their previous clients are saying about their work.

o Identify their general development and communication processes

Find out which software development model your shortlisted companies follow, i.e. whether they follow Agile development or Waterfall development model. Also find out what are their modes of communication, i.e. phone, live chat, video call, email, skype etc.

o Total Experience of Developers and Quality Assurance Engineers

If you want to build an amazing app or software, then you should choose the experienced software developers, who are backed up with quality assurance engineers to work on your project. This is an important factor as the experienced developers and testers know beforehand how to handle certain challenges which they might face during the development and testing phase of your software application. Hence choose the professionals who have more experience.

o Team Experience with Similar Projects

Although this condition is not necessary but still it is highly useful, i.e. if you can find the developers who have prior experience of developing similar software which you are looking for then it can be a big advantage. This is because these developers already know how to develop a similar software product in minimum time and at minimum cost.

o Client References

One of the best ways to zero on the best software developer or best software development company is to check their portfolio and talk straight to some of their past clients to know about the quality of their previous development work and to know whether past clients are satisfied or not with their development work. Always choose the one who gets good references from their past clients. Ask them to share some reference, whom you can actually call or get in touch with to discuss about their capabilities.

o Budget and Timeline Finalization

If you are satisfied with all the services offered by the software development company related to the development of your software application and you have finally selected it to build your software then it is now time to finalize the cost and time required to build your software as well. The aim here is to come at a mutual consensus figure on which both of you agree and satisfied. For this, you may have to check your budget, your marketing plans and your application launch plans, dates and events associated with it. According to this research, the average time taken for a typical software development is 4.5 months. If you plan well, then your project can finish well within the deadline.

o Milestone Based Delivery

For better and faster development keep the milestone duration short probably two weeks initially. Major milestones include scope completion, design completion, some functional prototypes, code completion, QA completion, and deployment.

o Signing the Contract

After agreeing upon all the things, the one last thing is to sign the contract for software development. This contract should have explicitly mentioned delivery terms for MVP as well as full software along with terms and conditions for post-development technical support and maintenance.

o Full Documentation

Make sure you are delivered the full documentation carrying project scope definition, Wireframes, code documents like Class definitions, Module definitions and all specifications and technical requirements.

On the basis above points I have listed some of the Best Software Development Companies in India and worldwide:

Here is the list of top software development companies from where you can hire a team of developers to work on your software application project. We have included their website, hourly rates, location, number of employees and founding year so that you can compare them easily and choose or hire the best suitable company for your software development work.

  1. Xicom Technologies

Website: www.xicom.biz

Pricing: $25–49/hr

Location: United States, India, UAE

Employees: 300+

Founded: 2002

Xicom is one of the top custom software development companies in India. It was founded in 2002 by industry veterans. Xicom has helped so many startups, SMEs and large enterprises in solving their business problems by developing robust and feature-rich software solutions for them. It delivers high quality, reliable, scalable, flexible and high performing software solutions. It has served over 1500 clients from US, Europe, Australia and Middle-East regions.

2) XTreem Solution 

Website: https://xtreemsolution.com

Pricing: <$25/hr

Location: United States, India

Employees: 50–249

Founded: 2008

Xtreem Solution is a leading company from where you can hire top software developers from India and the US. It is an expert in building web and mobile solutions as per the industry requirements and budget. Their team is equipped with the knowledge of advanced technologies; therefore, they assist startups, small business and large enterprises by building their software solutions. Their team is expert in dealing with projects which are based on AI, IoT, AR/VR and Big Data.

3) iCoderz Solutions 

Website: https://www.icoderzsolutions.com

Pricing: $60–70/hr

Location: India, US, Europe

Employees: 50+

Founded: 2009

iCoderz Solutions is one of the top IT outsourcing companies in India, which has gained high credibility due to its quality services. It was founded in 2009 by dynamic techno-entrepreneurs with the sole aim to provide customized web development and mobile app development solutions to diverse business verticals.

4) Matellio

Website: https://www.matellio.com

Pricing: < $25/hr

Location: United States

Employees: 49–99

Founded: 2014

Matellio is one of the best and fastest growing mobile & web development companies having its base in United States. It provides quality software design and development services and especially impressed people with its web and mobile development services. They use a wide range of latest tools and technologies and also open source software to develop software solutions as per the demand of the project.

5) Clarion Technologies

Website: https://www.clariontech.com

Pricing: $25–49/hr

Location: United States, India

Employees: 250–999

Founded: 2000

Clarion Technologies is one of the top Indian IT outsourcing services in India with state of the art development centers in India and the US. They provide unique engagement models to assist their clients to get the best of the outsourcing world, including high quality resources, top class technical staff, and best infrastructure. Clarion has developed and delivered innovative software applications for several small and medium-sized enterprises and enabled startups to get success across the world.


We have just discussed the most popular and time tested procedure to get 100% high quality delivery of amazing and feature-rich software application which has the potential to revolutionize your business. If you have chosen the right business idea and the top class software development company or the web development company, then most of your work is done.

For example, a top mobile application development company will understand all of your business requirements carefully, will have a good reputation in the market, adequate experience in developing feature rich & quality applications, a team of innovative developers with the required skillset and will also provide proper technical support and maintenance services.

Hence while choosing the development company or mobile app development services, don’t be in a hurry and consider the above tips and take ample time before finalizing on one. We have also given you a list of quality software development companies which possess all the required criteria. Hence you can take your decision easily. With these easy steps, you can build your quality software application and take your business to new heights.

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