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How to get targeted audience with bulk SMS service

How to get targeted audience with bulk SMS service

Tuesday September 18, 2018,

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There was a time when only the rich could afford a mobile phone, the times have changed to an extent where everyone owns a cell phone. Why not use this opportunity to improve your business? On a daily basis, we receive messages promoting products and services and you would be shocked by the response percentage from these messages.

Roughly, around 20-30% of your sales occurred over a period of time could be from this type of marketing. Even with today’s technology providing various means or methods to promote a product or a service, bulk messaging is still available. There are many reasons for marketing via message services to survive even during the worst time.

Let’s discuss the importance and benefits of bulk SMS services like MSG91 etc that can help any business grow. Bulk SMS could be used even by governments to share important information with the public, and it is one of the best methods to use and it reaches a high percentage of the populace.

Importance/Benefits of Bulk SMS

You might be wondering that with the most sophisticated technology and social networking, SMS is an old-fashioned way of marketing. However, you could notice the amount of messages received about various products and services offered in your vicinity on a daily basis. That alone explains the importance of bulk SMS.

These points that we will discuss also provide information on improving the consumer database via bulk SMS.

  • Cost-effective

Bulk SMS service is quite cheap or even free to a certain extent. You need to know the best way to use them. There are many sites that offer this service for free up to a certain number count per day.

However, paid bulk SMS doesn’t have any maximum count. You could send as many messages as possible.

  • Efficient

People may or may not read a promotional email, but, people do read messages thinking if it is an important one. The sales percentage only with respect to SMS marketing alone is in between 20-30% and it is quite high as compared to other forms of marketing.

  • Awareness/Brand recognition

Organizations using this service will automatically improve their sales over time due to the quicker and wider reach. This improves the public image of the brand or the organization.

  • Rapport

A promotional SMS could be the same for all the recipients, however, it builds a good rapport with the consumer. Any consumer would think that a personal SMS with an excellent offer information is helpful.

  • Real-time

Bulk SMS is real time and it could be a two-way communication with sufficient contact information provided in the message itself. This helps to keep a track of potential consumers.

  • 48 hours wait time

In case of not reachable or bad network, messages are on hold for 48 hours from the time they are sent. As soon as the cell phone is at a location with a cell coverage, the consumer will still receive it.

  • Tracking

Those SMS’es that delivered can be tracked since we can view SMS sent to consumers via reports.

  • Scheduled SMS

You are not required to be physically present to send bulk SMS. An automated option can be used to schedule the messages to allotted or input numbers on a certain date and time.

  • Precise and Informative

Since there is a limit to the number of characters that can be sent in one message, the information that you provide will be precise. No one would have the patience to read a long message unless it is an important or an emergency message.

  • Multilingual

The concept of language barriers does not apply here, these messages can be sent in various languages. So, the geographical barrier in a multilingual country is no longer a disadvantage.

  • International

Bulk SMS is a service offered globally as well. If the organization has its products and services on a global scale, you could still make use of this service without any hassle.

  • No Spam

Apart from those consumers who use the option of DND –Do Not Disturb, you don’t have restrictions or spam messages to worry about as compared to an email.

  • Access

Even with a smartphone, people need to have access to the internet in order to view an email. However, only network availability is all we need to receive an SMS.

Even with all these benefits or the importance discussed, some might think about modern methods to communicate or market their products and services. I would recommend using this service since it is cheaper and easier to use.

You need not hire a marketing agency to send bulk SMS. It can be done with proper knowledge about how the bulk SMS system works.

Too Much Advertising?

People have become numb to advertising. We all experience those pop-up ads while watching a video, accessing an App or even trying to book a movie ticket. We get annoyed when something important is interrupted by an advertisement.

SMS will not cause that disturbance since it will be available to be viewed at a later time also. As per statistics, 98% of messages delivered are read by consumers. 

Final Thoughts

The main purpose of a message is to communicate between 2 parties. Even with the technology inventions with respect to communication, bulk SMS is an effective tool to this day due to its nature and effectiveness in fulfilling the purpose of a message.

We all receive messages as per our shopping habits and we certainly want to be informed about exciting offers regarding the same to make use of.