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How to Grow Instagram Followers for Business

How to Grow Instagram Followers for Business

Friday August 30, 2019,

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Gaining more Instagram followers was relatively easier two to three years ago, but given the cut-throat competition in social media marketing, it has become challenging to get organic follower ship now.

Instagram has become immensely competitive due to the presence of creative brands, strict algorithms, and more than a billion active users. Working smarter and harder has become cardinal if you want to grow your business on this social media giant. 

But, every difficulty comes with ease. And in this case, I would prove to be a helping hand for you to maximize your follower base on Instagram.

In this article, I will tell you why it is important to get reliable followers and how you can get them. The success prospects of your brand will undoubtedly increase if you follow my suggestions.

It's Quality that Matters

People nowadays look forward to buying the followers by paying some money. Even though this trick is useful for getting some initial followers; however, these types of followers would be of no use.

To prove this thing right, a famous social media company, Hootsuite decided to test a strategy. They created a dummy Instagram account and paid a few hundred dollars to a company to buy some followers.

After two hours of the payment, the dummy account got more than 400 followers. Consequently, the number of followers reached to 1000 after 24 hours.

Hootsuite then decided to test the activeness and the usefulness of these followers. They posted something from the dummy Instagram account, hoping to get engagement and interactions. But to their disappointment, they did neither get a like nor comment on their content.

They thought that it might take some time to get the interaction and so, they chose to wait. But despite waiting for many days, they did not get even a single interaction.

You might be thinking, why did they not get even a single interaction despite having more than 1000 followers?

It is because the followers they had bought were not organic. On further research, it was revealed that all the followers had:

·        Inactive Accounts

·        Accounts that were not related to the niche of the business

·        Accounts having been managed by some kids

This case study tells us that buying some followers would not be as much conducive as some people think. You should be looking for legitimate ways by which you could acquire real followers who keep themselves engaged with the content.

Here are some tips that you can utilize to enhance grow Instagram followers in 2019. Let’s dive in.

1.    Choose a Theme for your Business Profile:

Someone has visited your profile, and he sees that you have used dull and old-fashioned visuals on your Instagram page, then trust me, he will not visit your profile again.

You must need to know how to play with the psychology of the visitors. You need to trap them by flaunting the compelling looks of your page. Whenever someone visits your profile, they should be having a permanent image of your page that could seduce them to visit your page again and again.

As a result, there are 80-90 % chances that all the new visitors would follow your business page.

2.    Furnish Instagram Profile with all the Details your Brand

Whenever someone visits your profile, they decide only in a few seconds whether to follow your profile or not. They make the decision by scrolling through your bio and having a glimpse over your feed.

For this reason, it is critical to have the following things in your profile if you want to convert the visitors into active followers:

·           An effective Profile Photo

·           Engaging Instagram Stories

·           Attractive cover photos

·           A cool bio

Fortunately, Instagram is now offering a remarkable feature of Instagram aesthetics through which you can maintain the charming beauty of your page.

3.    Use Hashtags in your Content

Instagram stories appear on the explore page, meaning that they can be seen even by the people who don't follow you.

However, your story can also have a place on other pages if you integrate hashtags and locations in your content. All you have to do is insert location and hashtag stickers in your posts.

If you are confused about the utilization of best hashtags, then you can go to HashtagsForLikes. This tool provides you with quality tags that will not only boost the engagement but will also get you more followers.

4.    Steal the Followers of your Competitors

Chasing the accounts of your competitors and engaging with their audience is also a great way to discover new followers. You can do this by:

·        Liking the photo of competitor's followers

·        Commenting on their photo

·        Following the competitor's audience

You will start noticing the amazing follow backs from the users whom you have given favor.

Here you go:

If you follow the right strategies to grow your followers, then you would be able to surpass all the challenges. The combination of quality content, right hashtags and authentic audience contributes to the success of your marketing goals. Utilize these tips and start experiencing a magical boost in your followers.

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