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How to grow your eCommerce empire with Instagram Influencers

Instagram influencers are the buzzing sensations of all time. Entrepreneurs today leverage Instagram Influencers to target their niche and promote their eCommerce solutions effectively. Go through the quick tips and tricks to uplift your eCommerce store with Instagram infulencers.

How to grow your eCommerce empire with Instagram Influencers

Tuesday June 11, 2019,

9 min Read

Instagram eCommerce
Don’t you often aim to be the most successful entrepreneur?

Every other entrepreneur wishes to lead the race.

Aren’t you one of them?

Let us help you win the race with our tactics of effective social media usage in the following guide.

With the advancement of technology and the advent of the Internet.

Social media has found such a cumbersome place in the marketing industry. With over 3.99 billion active social media users across the globe.

It is highly advisable to make out the best of profits from social media.  

However, it hardly matters if you are not fond of social media.

For, your target audiences love it to the core.

So, stop scrolling uselessly.

Rather, start exploring the best platforms.

Covered up with more than 100 million photo updates every day. Instagram is a leading social media tool. For it effectively conveys the information with visuals.

Do 100 million photos per day sound like huge competition?

Hey! Hold on for not much businesses have their social media account on Instagram. Which clearly indicates these low competitive rates will bring higher social engagements.  


Studies suggest that more than 80% of Instagram users, reside outside the U.S.

So with Instagram, you can promote your brand/niche worldwide, very confidently.

Why Instagram?

The quote, “an image is worth a thousand words” has probably led Instagram rule the world of social media.

Today, with Instagram you can drive a high number of site visitors to your website. Hence, driving more traffic and revenue to your business.

Images add compliment to your niche and so do people often prefer visuals than reading about your niche.

Also, image sharing has become such a craze beyond sharing selfies with peers.

Instagram proves to acquire more social media engagement than other networks.


Hootsuite says 80% of users follow a business on Instagram and 75% of them take action after visiting a post.

Such a study signals you about instantly levelling up your revenue to the next segment.

With about 68% of female users. Instagram has gained such fame worldwide.

Instagram users

Image source: Statista

Instagram was seen with 1,000 million users worldwide in the year 2018.

It is one of the best social media influencer platforms and is really fun to use.

Make sure you constantly advertise/promote the niches, preferred by your targeted age group audiences.

It is all about targeting the apt audience for your niche and let your Instagram stories shout your name across the globe.

Finding a suitable audience requires a little help from Instagram influencers. You would simply not employ people to track followers as per your niche and follow them back in order to get your niche sold.

Be it eCommerce or Instagram, both demands “smarter you”.

Leverage higher ROI for your eCommerce marketing empire with the ever benefiting Instagram influencers in no time.

Let us quickly explore effective Instagram marketing tips.

What are Instagram Influencers?

Instagram influencers are said to be the celebrities of “Instagram” world.

Millennials are looking for eCommerce Instagram influencers in order to boost their sales.

“Instagram influencers” are the buzzing sensations of “all” time. Entrepreneurs today leverage Instagram Influencers to target their niche and promote their eCommerce solutions effectively.

Every other entrepreneur today looks for Instagram influencers.

They are ruling the online world today. It is often appreciated to go with the flow and follow what’s best.

Instagram Influencers are the trendsetters of all times.

One needs to adhere to the fact that not every Instagram user is said to be an Instagram influencer.

Rather, one who has established integrity with huge engagement rate and has the capability to influence their followers are often categorized as Instagram influencers.

They are individuals with the ability to alter one’s purchasing decision. Because of their high, reputed position and depth of knowledge about the product.

What makes Instagram Influencers so influential?

Instagram influencers have high knowledge about the niche.

Influencers generally possess expertise in some domain.

They are good at persuading audiences.

They are said to have better engagement rates with their audiences.

Why Instagram Influencer Marketing?

Carrying the “influential-attitude” Instagram influencers are high in demand every now and then.  

Take it this way, say you are looking for a deodorant. On coming to know this, your friend suggested you a Deo X and the same day you saw a hoarding of some Deo Y. Which one will you go for?

Obviously, the one suggested by your friend. Isn’t it?

Because of the bonding that you and your friend share.

Similar is the case with Instagram Influencers. They have such high engaged audiences who trust them more as compared to commercials.

Selecting the Right Instagram Influencer

Selecting the right influencer for your niche is the prime step towards Instagram influencer marketing.


Asking a gym-fit Instagram Influencer to promote your niche comprising of “finger rings” will not benefit you.

For, the niche and the influencer are contrary to each other’s part.

Creating an Instagram influencers list before reaching them out is imperative.

Further, you must know the specialization and area of interests of the influencer beforehand.

Approaching the influencer with the highest number of followers is not appreciated. Rather, studies show that Instagram Influencers with fewer followers show larger audience engagement rates.

Instagram engagement

Image Source- Smarp Blog


Calculating the engagement rate of Instagram influencers-

Avg Engagement Rate (%) {Per Post} = [Total Measured Engagement / Follower Counts ] / Number of Insta Posts x 100

*Total Measured Engagement= Sum of all Likes, Comments and Shares

*Follower Count= The number of followers you had at the time of the post

Instagram Influencer marketing is all about “who” to follow and “whom” to target.

How to find influencers on Instagram?

As stated initially, you need to form a list of all the Instagram Influencers. Get some help from Google, as a little bit manual effort will prove to be of much help.

Look for the latest blogs that enlist the most influential Instagram influencers. Do go through its Page Authority and Domain Authority of blogs before getting help. Refer here for top Instagram influencers you must follow.

Search them on Instagram.

Analyze their profile- how active they are on social media. Research their social media profiles in depth.


Look for links via which you can contact them.

The screenshot above portrays the email ID along with her Twitter account details.

You can reach your influencer via email or Twitter. You can also DM (Direct Message) your targeted influencers.

See how actively they share their posts on other social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. As “desiperkins” has enlisted her Twitter account details.

So her audiences can reach her on Twitter too, which might result in greater conversions.

Sharing the same post on different profiles leads to more engagement of audiences.

Make sure you select the right Instagram Influencer who is apt for your niche.

Look for your Instagram influencers' cost. It generally varies from influencers to influencers depending on the number of their followers.


See how efficiently she portrays every niche and mentions the brand name.  

However, Micro Instagram Influencers seem to show high engagement rates. You must not get attracted by the high number of followers.

Targeting Millennials through micro influencers Instagram

It hardly matters, if you have just started your eCommerce business or have gained great fame in the eCommerce industry.  

Marketing asks you constancy and persistence, be it any form. A constant advertisement for your niche is a must.

However, understanding that all your savings must not be spent on Instagram influencer marketing. We have treasured this exclusive Golden plan for you.

Remember, “Bigger isn’t always better”. Running behind top Instagram Influencers won’t always result in your favor except for huge money investments.

Studies show micro Instagram Influencers have resulted in increasing ROIs of SMEs when compared to top Instagram influencers.

Here are a few quick tips to publicize your niche effectively-

Choose a trending niche for your eCommerce store. Get some help from Google Trends and look for the niche with the most searched results.


Being an entrepreneur asks you to look for the trending niche. We took two niches in order to check their popularity.

Google Trend showed “cotton shirts” to be more preferable. It is advisable to look for current trending niches. As you can see the search result above is fixed to “Past 30 days” rather than seeing results for a year or so.

Further, look for countries where your preferred niche is high in demand.  

What’s next?

Start looking for Micro Instagram Influencers in those regions and contact them for promoting your niche in their influential areas.

Another benefit involved with Micro Instagram Influencer is that it won’t cost you too much. Hence, resulting in higher ROIs for your eCommerce business.


Audiences seem to be highly attracted to #hashtags. It is advised to use at least 11 hashtags per post when posting a story on Instagram.


As for now, you already know that Instagram asks for hashtags.  It is a good idea to stuff your story with hashtags.


Ask your Influencers to come with creative ways to showcase your niche- Live video streaming is a craze among people these days.

Ask them to use the language that everyone understands- “EMOJIS”.

Instagram hashtags

Image Source- Agorapulse

Rewarding your Instagram Influencers

Maintaining a professional is appreciated, but on the other hand, it is often suggested to reward your influencers with some presents.

Rewarding your Instagram influencers with your eCommerce niche as a token of love is a good way to boost their confidence. They would look forward to work with you for a longer term.

Taking your eCommerce business to another level

Millennials aren’t magical. Rather, they are set of buzz terms persuaded by influencers to make purchases.

The new era of Influencer marketing has taken over the traditional trends of marketing.

Being an entrepreneur, your work does not limit till setting up an eCommerce store. Rather, you must target your prospects and generate leads.

Trying your luck with influencer marketing won’t leave you empty handed if acted the correct way.

Target micro Instagram influencers, with smaller followers rate. They prove to be more effective.

For in an Internet-driven era. Picking up social media for effective advertisement will surely help you take your eCommerce empire to another level.

For, people trust people more than brands- that’s human nature.

Who are your top eCommerce Instagram Influencers?