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How To Increase the PST File Size to Store Data

Avoid Using PST Splitter and Increase the Size of Outlook PST to Accommodate Files

Tuesday November 06, 2018,

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The whole responsibility of storing data in Outlook is of PST. All the e-mail messages, calendar, tasks, notes, attachments and other files are stored in Outlook PST .i.e Personal Storage Table. These occupies a large space and it keeps growing as messages are received. A PST file can store data of define size limit, if the PST gets full the Outlook application will not work. So, we should increase the size of PST.

Most of the users split the large PST in small PST file and make them difficult to manage. The other method to avoid Outlook PST size problem is increasing it's size. The value of MaxFileSize can be increased to create more space in Outlook PST. The MaxFileSize is present by default in registry, if it is not available then it can be created. Steps to Increase Outlook PST File via Registry Editor.

How to Create MaxFileSize in Registry

  1. Go to Start and click on Run, when the Run command opens, type regedit.exe
  2. The Registry editor will open Now follow the path My Computer > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Office > 15.0 > Outlook. Here replace (15.0) as per your Outlook version
  3. Right click on Outlook>> New>> Key. Enter the Key as PST and enter
  4. Right click on PST>> New>> Dword value
  5. Name it as MaxFileSize and press enter
  6. Edit the DWORD Value, choose the base type as decimal and click Ok.
  7. Now the MaxFileSize is created.

Increase PST File size by Modifying MaxFileSize Data Value

  1. Follow the steps 1 and 2 as in above method
  2. Click on PST and then MaxFileSize will open in right pane
  3. Right click on it and select Modify
  4. Now enter the Value data in desired field and click OK
  5. Remember not to specify the value greater than 4294967295, else outlook will behave abnormally and will ultimately stop
  6. Close the registry editor and restart outlook.
  7. The PST file will be increased

So, You can easily increase the PST file size and work in Outlook normally.

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