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How to reach smartphone users through your eCommerce business?

The advancement in technology has led to various developments that the human race would have never thought about, and one of them is the eCommerce.

How to reach smartphone users through your eCommerce business?

Monday March 11, 2019,

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Decades back people would have never thought that they can even do shopping while sitting at home, but it is possible now. ECommerce business is trendy these days, and the competition is getting tough every day. If you don’t have a good eCommerce website, then be sure you are going to lose business and lag in the competition.

An eCommerce allows you to sell your products and services online; these are convenient for the buyers as well because they do not have to drive their way to the physical stores to purchase the products. ECommerce has made life easier for the people, browse the internet and order the product you want then get it delivered at your doorsteps. Simple, convenient and comfortable are the synonyms of eCommerce business!

eCommerce Web Development

Reliable and experienced web development services can cost you a lot. Anyone who has little knowledge of web development also understands the value of their skills. These skills help the companies to increase their profit several times, and therefore they are not afraid to ask the price that they deserve.

Depending upon the complexity of the project, eCommerce development can take several months and designers and developers have to work on several aspects of your website to get a highly optimized and easy to use eCommerce website. Choose a reputed eCommerce Wedevelopment company that can make sure the integration of your payment gateways and designing is done correctly.

Discover the incredible advantages of having a responsive Magento theme!

The world is getting smaller in every sense of the world. Modern day transportation has ensured that all but the most remote of places are just a few hours flight away. Keeping touch with people takes seconds, and buying something from a business located on the other side of the world has become more accessible than ever.

Even the devices that people use to connect to the internet have been steadily shrinking. Smartphones have become pervasive, and millions of people use them to browse the internet, communicate, and even shop.

Always invest in the responsive website design to make sure you can reach the maximum number of users. It doesn’t matter how attractive is your online store on the larger screen; if it doesn’t load smoothly on the mobile phones, then it is sure it will be not successful. A responsive design always looks beautiful, and it is also easy to use on all types of platforms.

Nowadays, most of the eCommerce businesses have their mobile applications for the convenience of the mobile users, but if you don’t have an app for your online store, then it becomes mandatory for you to have a responsive design.

Magento has already gained immense popularity amongst businessmen who are entering the world of eCommerce. It is a well-tested, highly robust platform that offers superb functionality, and has been designed keeping in mind the many needs of an online store owner. You may have heard how a majority of online stores are turning their websites responsive, and how there is big money in the mobile market.

You may already be considering making your website responsive once your platform takes off, but you need to know that the best time to make your platform responsive is when you are yet to launch it, and the website is still under development.

The first step to getting a responsive eCommerce website is to have a company that offers a professional PSD to Magento conversion services work on your website design and convert it into a responsive and fully functional template.

You may have already heard of the many advantages of having a responsive online store, chief among them being that it is easier to use, irrespective of the device that you own.

Organic Ranking Improvement

However, did you know that a responsive website is also automatically more SEO friendly?

Here are four advantages of having a conversion of your PSD to Magento done at the hands of a quality PSD to Magento conversion service provider for your eCommerce venture:

  1. Improved organic ranking: Responsive websites have the same web URL, whether you are viewing the mobile version or the desktop version of the website. Such URLs are also known as canonical URLs and are an important SEO strategy. Having a responsive website, thus automatically ensures that your website has a better SEO score than a website that has a separate mobile version.
  2. Better sales conversions: Let us be honest here. The number one objective of any online store is to sell things. It does not matter whether you are selling clothes or high-quality digital content; if no one is making purchases, your website serves little purpose. Making a website responsive has been proven to boost sales, and also results in better lead generation.
  3. More economical: Yes, having a responsive website will cost you more than having a regular website built. But you need to keep in mind that once your business grows and you start attracting a lot of traffic, you will need to have your existing website converted anyway. Too many customers will complain about the website not loading properly on their devices if you don't make it responsive. So spend your money on PSD to Magento conversion just once, and have your service future ready. Plus, you also save money since you need not to get a separate website for mobile devices.
  4. Be more accessible: The end goal of a responsive website is to be accessible to as many different people as possible, irrespective of platform, technology or location. A responsive website works well on every modern device and many of the older generation ones as well, and virtually ensures that the maximum possible number of regular internet users can use it just the way you intended them to use your service. The farther your reach increases the more customers you can add potentially.

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