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How to Set Up Your First Home Office

How to Set Up Your First Home Office

Wednesday July 17, 2019,

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Productivity boosts in environments where creative thoughts can flourish, distractions are less in number and healthy atmosphere invigorate. The present day modern workplaces are designed in such a manner that it maximizes employee productivity. However, the home offices lack these innovations. To make your home office a success, the vital need is to create an office space that promotes efficiency even in a non-traditional working environment.

Whether you’re starting your own business, or you work full time from home or occasionally carry out business related work from home office, consider the following tips to optimize your workspace for serious productivity.

Make a list of all the essential home office needs – Prior you claim a corner in one of your rooms and start calling it an office, it is recommended to create a detailed list of the basic items. The items include a desk, computer, printer, telephone, and scanner and so on.

For instance, if you are a graphic artists, then you would need both a small desk as well as a larger table. Small desk to put your computer while the larger table is required to carry out the artwork. At the same time, there should be file cabinets to store the paper documents and files. While creating the list of critical needs, it is important to consider about how you’re planning to use your home office.

Keep personal and professional distance apart – When working from home, it is advisable to keep your personal life away from intervening in your business life and vice versa. The very first step you can take is to set up a business bank account. This will help you avoid clashes between the personal expenses and business expenses.

Ensure to store personal checks, records and even mails in a room separate from your office. Fully segmenting these two parts of your life will also help you at the time of tax. Usually, the tax deductions related to home offices are thoroughly scrutinized. This will help you by leaps and bounds if it comes to proving that your home and office are separate and dedicated area.

Use plaques and accolades in your home office - You can use custom plaques and awards as a mark of quality and pride to show your customers and clients. The plaques and accolades represent moments of greatness that commanded the attention. If you use them in your home office, it will help establish your position as a reliable and trustworthy service provider that your clients can count on.

All in all, these keep you motivated, and promotes positive workplace morale. Also, recognition in any form boosts your confidence. Plaques and awards are not something that needs to be put in display, but they are essential tools that boost the progress rate of the individuals. They also help you gain the trust of end users and clients.

Ensure your home office is clear of all debris – When your home office is clear of all the debris and clutters, it helps your mind to think creatively and out of the box. This, in turn, boosts your productivity thus maximizing the sales and profits thereof. The first step is to get rid of the useless items. If there are items that you don’t use on regular basis, but you might need them in future, make sure you organize them properly.

Cluster your items into groups. This helps in easily identifying the items when you need them on an urgent basis. For this you can utilize decorative baskets, filing cabinets and other holders. When these items are organized in a proper way, it is both pleasing to the eye and functional. Attractive and organized spaces increase happiness together with productivity.

Make home office illuminated with natural & proper lighting – Brightly illuminated workplaces, daylight simulating fixtures are sure to maximize productivity and also keep the eyes healthy. Therefore, when working from home office ensure that the space you select is optimized both by bright lights as well as natural lights. Natural light is a great strategy to boost your overall work productivity. Ensure direct natural sunlight comes from the window in your home based office.

Improper lighting is the leading cause of eye fatigue, drowsiness, negative atmosphere which is an obstacle in productivity. The hue of light is a ray of hope, to do something new and creative each day, therefore it needs to be considered. While the warm color painted room have a calming effect, on the other hand, the cool colors stimulate productivity.


When you plan your home office space in accordance to your needs and requirements while keeping in mind the budget, you’ll enjoy it more. Get it organized, decorate it with awards and plaques to express who you are and to keep yourself self-motivated. This in turn will ensure that your work is better, you’ll love and appreciate working from home and you’ll have the perfect and comfortable place to work – your home sweet home.