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HubSpot vs WordPress: Which Is The Best Option For Your Website?

HubSpot vs WordPress: Which Is The Best Option For Your Website?

Tuesday September 04, 2018,

6 min Read

Finding the right platform to host your website is not easy, as there are plenty of options available. If you don’t make correct decision upfront, then you could end up spending plenty of hours as well as the money in transitioning to a new platform.


That’s why it’s essential to have the knowledge about various hosting platforms and which one could align well with the need of your organization. Otherwise, you could end up in a very confusing situation. When it comes to hosting platforms, WordPress and HubSpot are the names that come to mind of everyone.


In this blog, we have tried to provide the most comprehensive feature-based comparison of WordPress and HubSpot which will help you take the right decision.


So, let’s the get the things moving & analyze both platforms in detail.


[1.] Ease Of Use:-

Choosing a CMS for your business website? Then, you will obviously opt for the platform which is easy to use and understand. That’s where WordPress has been outplaying all the other players over the years. First of all, it is an open-source platform and therefore, any beginner can learn it by looking at YouTube videos.


Another great thing about WordPress is that it comes with thousands of themes and plugins, which makes the website development very easy. Now, when it comes to HubSpot, it not only offers you the tools needed to build the website but also provides you with marketing automation tools which are used to promote your site. Therefore, HubSpot has got an added advantage.


[2.] SEO-Friendliness:-

An SEO-Friendly website for your business is the core need of the current scenario and therefore, it becomes important to choose a platform for your website hosting which helps you in SEO. The success of your SEO depends on the tools & plugins utilized by you as well as the strategy that you implement.


Now, as far as WordPress Development Services is concerned, it provides you with all the themes and plugins which allows you to optimize your website. But, the drawback with WordPress is that you have to install the plugins or themes, while HubSpot offers you robust SEO tools which come with the platform itself. You don’t have to buy or install any SEO tools in the HubSpot COS.


Although, both the platforms provide with the tools that help you to optimize your website from SEO’s perspective, you can’t put the blame of SERP ranking on any of these platforms. The reason behind that is, SERP ranking depends on plenty of other factors as well.


[3.] Cost:- 

When you’re looking to buy any product or service, the price is the first thing that you will look at, isn’t it? It’s very natural to have a look a the price, as you don’t want to waste your money on the product which is not worth.


WordPress is available to you at a free of cost, but for hosting and for certain other plugins, you have to pay some amount of money. In addition to that, you also have to buy themes in order to access extra functionalities, but there are many plugins or themes or tools which are free as well.


Here is how WordPress pricing breaks down:

Free: $0/month

Personal: $2.99/month

Premium: $8.29/month

Business: $24.92/month


Now, when you talk about HubSpot, nothing comes free of cost. You have to buy at least the basic version in order to have your website on this platform and that costs you around $300/month which doesn’t include any marketing packages. If you also want that, then you have pay additional money for that.


Here’s the pricing breakdown of HubSpot:


Website: $300/month + (choose your marketing package below)


Basic: $200/month + you time onboarding fee of $600

Pro: $800/month + you time onboarding fee of $3,000

Enterprise: $2,400/month + you time onboarding fee of $5,000


So, if you analyze the pricing breakdown of both the platforms, you will get a clear idea of HubSpot being on the expensive side compared to WordPress.


[4.] Security:- 

In the digital world, security of the website is the biggest concern of any website owner and therefore, when he/she is given the task of choosing a platform for the website, they will obviously opt for the you who is more secure in nature.


First of all, WordPress is an open-source platform and. Now, what happens in an open-source platform is that the source code is accessible by all the developers who are using this platform and therefore, whenever any security threat arises, it be solved in a quick manner due to a large community.


The main why reason open-source platforms are considered more secure is that you can check the code to ensure that is everything is OK and you don’t have to depend on the vendor who has written the code for the platform.


On the other hand, with HubSpot COS is a closed-source platform and therefore, you will not get access to its source code. Only the HubSpot developers have the access to the code and therefore, it is believed that there is less chance of any security threats.


The bottom line is that neither of this platform can guarantee that no security issues will arise, it’s just that with the open-source platform you have more control.


[5.] Design & Customization:-

If you’re looking for a platform which gives you endless customization possibilities, then you should opt for WordPress CMS. Today, every business wants to stand out from its competitors and you of the ways to do it by having a customized website which represents your brand. That’s where WordPress gives you a lot more control.


For example: if you’re looking to build a calculator, it’s going be very easy with WordPress, but if your primary focus is a professional looking design and you know that, you don’t need much customization, then you could opt for HubSpot COS. Another scenario when HubSpot is a good option is when people don’t want to put too much energy into coding.  


One of the major drawbacks of HubSpot is that the design is very rigid. It doesn’t offer you the kind of flexibility that a designer desires during the website development and that’s why many tech-giants who wants customization in their design choose WordPress.


Summing Up Things…

There is no you-size-fits-all kind of approach when you’re choosing the CMS platform your business. It all depends on the type of website you want to develop, what is the main focus of your website and which platform will align beautifully with the need of your organization.

WordPress & HubSpot are two of the best platforms to host your business website & it’s very difficult to separate out you of them. We have given you the most comprehensive view on this matter. Now, the ball is in your court and it’s up to you to decide the winner between the two.


What is your opinion on this subject? I’m sure you will have your own viewpoint on it. So, do let us know in the comment section. We will try to answer all your queries to the best of our abilities. Thank you.!