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Hyderabad and the Noteworthy Startups You Must Know About

Hyderabad and the Noteworthy Startups You Must Know About

Friday March 15, 2019,

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Cutting the chase short, we have come up here with a list of startups in Hyderabad that are quite successful in the Indian market right now:


Caremotto is a healthcare portal where you can find out about the hospitals and surgeries and even schedule surgeries based on the data base that is provided by the portal. It helps the people discover the best options of hospital checking the category of treatment they are looking for. This was founded by a surgeon called Dr. Niranjan.


Vikas Jagetiya founded OMitra and through this people are able to track the train and get other facilities related to IRCTC. Through OMitra it becomes easy to track train on real time, to get information about confirmation, find out your co-passengers and many other things.


Anoop Munshi once had a bad experience travelling and that triggered the idea of creating Tourity, a portal that helps a traveler getting information about a place while travelling, from other travelers. The portal works on peer-peer basis.


Through Orvoz the gaps that exist between patients and doctors have been minimized. Thanks to the efforts of Ramesh Mudunuri. This help in getting information about health problems, connecting with other people who have suffered the same issue like you and is also dedicated to build awareness.


As health is the problem that the contemporary society is facing, a lot of startups are concentrating in and around the health sector. The aim of HealthSutra is reminding people of India that there are great nutritional values that are attached to our crops like rice, millets jowar, bajra and so on and so forth.


Often not being able to find goods stories in Telugu, Pallav Bajuri sought to make a platform where the regional stories could expression and people could read it.


Being a lover of food you cannot skip talking about HelloCurry which is quick service restaurant chain in Hyderabad. It was the brainchild of Raju Bhupati who founded it in the year 2004. At present the chain of restaurants has a total of 30 outlets and is hoping to expand t other places as well that includes Pune and Vishakhapatnam.


A city like Hyderabad that is getting filled with new offices, Commut was something that was most needed. Through Commut you can book seats for yourself while going to office and enjoy an AC ride to office, all this just from your phone.


MyDentistChoice was founded by P. Sivarprasad where the people can take appointment with the dentist and find out what is best for them when it comes to dental problems. The company has many big dental brand as it clients and has a total 3, 00,000 dentist registered with it.


As I said a lot of offices coming up in Hyderabad and that is creating a lot of needs of different nature. The wise catches the loophole and innovates to bring people the comfort they seek. TinMen provides home made food to people in offices. The company, maintain quality and app communication with consumers, is growing at a considerable rate.


Founded by a guy called Karthik this company started selling printed T-Shirts that has become quite a success. Currently the company has large customers base especial that of youngsters.


VioletStreet is an e-commerce platform that helps designers to showcase their pieces. It is a high end fashion platform that is making rounds in Hyderabad.

So, these were some of the names that have made a contribution to the startup world of Hyderabad.

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