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Improve customer experience with the help of Artificial Intelligence

Improve customer experience with the help of Artificial Intelligence

Thursday September 19, 2019,

8 min Read

Improve customer experience with the help of artificial intelligence

How AI can help you improve customer experience?

The artificial intelligence is among the most popular and fastest-growing technologies in the world. It is helping businesses worldwide to invest smartly and to deliver a better customer experience. Don’t you like it when someone is available 24*7 to provide you all kinds of assistance as well as recommendations? Well, people love it when someone is there to help them out always especially when they are shopping or looking for a service. Artificial Intelligence is helping businesses of all domains provide excellent support to the clients at all the time. The chatbot is one of the best examples of how AI is improving the overall customer experience. They provide quick assistance to all the visitors and resolve all their queries regarding the products and services as well. Imagine every morning your AI wakes you up and provide you with all the profitable insights and schedule all your necessary tasks for the day. How would you feel if your AI recommends you your favorite products available at a much-discounted price? These things are happening right now with the rise of AI-powered virtual assistants such as Alexa of Amazon and Siri of Apple. The day is not very far when you will be receiving your daily shopping goods through an AI-powered drone at your doorsteps.

Every business domain is banking upon AI to get their things done with great ease whether the self-driving cars or all kinds of flying drones. AI can make your customers feel more happy and satisfied in more than one way. According to the studies AI is going to take over the whole of the customer service market by the year 2025. If invested smartly AI can be the best of your business spending due to its high level of functionality. The study of the traits of the customers is helping businesses serve customers in a much better way. AI has benefitted the retail industry like no other thing before that. It is helping them manage their inventory, optimizing their supply chain operations and upholding the taste of the customers. If you currently own a business it is the best time to get an AI for yourself as well for your valued customers. Almost more than two-third of the global businesses that have put their faith upon AI are witnessing growth in many folds. These types of things have never happened before claims many of them as it involves a lot of data crunching. Hence getting an AI is not enough, you need to train it properly using machine learning techniques and feed it with real data. A lot of data needs to be collected from reliable sources such as the customer's feedbacks, shopping history, social media posts, online messaging, etc.

Once your AI gets familiar with data and the training itself some nice things will happen to you, your business as well as your customers. Introducing AI into your business needs some level of commitment and can be done in multiple ways. One thing that can be done is to learn all the concepts from online courses such as Udacity and Edx and start building yourself. The other way around is to hire a team of qualified professionals who can understand your business requirements and built your AI accordingly. The third is to consult any proven AI firm which can build your business AI and provide constant support and assistance. Remember before adopting all these ways it is very important to first identify the key areas where AI needs to be implemented in your business. I would personally recommend you to start with a small pilot project like an active AI chatbot assistant for your online business. After implementing an AI chatbot you can easily move forward to larger AI-based implementations which can provide you with insights and manage your inventory as well. The particular article discusses how AI can improve your overall customer experience and how to implement it.

How can AI improve the customer experience of my business?

It is a proven fact that AI has introduced a great deal of personalization as well as automation into the lives of people. There exist many ways in which AI is transforming the overall customer experience. Let us discuss how implementing AI in your business can result in greater satisfaction among customers.

Automation in customer service

One of the best things that AI has introduced in customer service is the elimination of all the unnecessary waiting time. People hated it when they were told to wait for long periods by the customer service representative. Thanks to AI nowadays you will get an immediate or a very quick response to any query requested upon. The AI chatbot and the virtual assistants are helping serve the customers in a very agile and smart manner.

Many large companies such as Amazon and WALMART have claimed that this automated AI response system has led to a rise in happiness among all the customers. Hence one of the most important roles AI is playing here is saving up a lot of valuable waiting time of the customers. Additionally, now there is no requirement of keeping a complete customer service staff all day and night. It is a proven fact that even a single well trained AI can handle thousands of customers simultaneously.

A great deal of personalization

Now you can use your AI to recommend shopping products to the customers purely based upon their shopping taste. Large companies are training AI to study the behavior of all the particular customers so that they can serve them in a very personalized manner. This means any food delivery platform like Zomato and Swiggy can recommend individual customers differently based upon their health stats, fitness plans or even daily eating habits. It is one of the best uses of intelligence which helps businesses to know their customers in a very personalized manner. Customers appreciate those firms who make sincere efforts to know their requirements and serve them accordingly.

Companies like IBM and Amazon are developing personalized solutions such as Azure and AWS using advanced data analytics to serve their customers in a better way. You would always like the company that would value your investments by making attempts to collect suggestions and feedback from your side. AI is helping businesses send more personalized messages whether it is feedback form, gift coupons, marketing messages, and a lot more things. Hence this kind of personalized service is making people happy and satisfied out there.

AI-based devices making lives easier

In the coming days, you can get the delivery of food or the eCommerce good that you ordered within minutes at your doorstep. All thanks to the Artificial Intelligece powered drones being developed by the large food delivery platforms and eCommerce companies such as Zomato and Amazon. The coming of AI-based smart home devices such as Alexa and Google Home have made the lives of the customers very easy. Now you can book your tickets, pay your bills, schedule your transfers, and manage your bank accounts all with the tip of your tongue. The AI-powered self-driving cars are taking people wherever they want to go with maximum security. Everywhere from healthcare to homecare AI combined by robotics is helping enterprises serve their customers in a better way. Businesses nowadays are investing in making their own personalized home devices to stay all the time with their customers.

AI has improved security and tightened the surveillance

There have been a lot of speculations about the AI leading to loss of privacy of the customers. According to the facts, there may have certain issues regarding data privacy but its overall benefits outweigh them at all times. Thanks to AI-based cryptographic encryption techniques the communication as well as all the data between businesses and customers is safer than never before. AI-based surveillance drones have made public life safer and secure. Hackers cannot crack the passwords as well as get into the systems all thanks to the AI firewall network which sends immediate alerts when something gets wrong.

Nowadays customers are putting a lot of faith in online transactions because they know that an AI security algorithm is guarding there data all times. Hence AI is playing a very important role in growing the trust between the businesses as well as the customers.


It has been very clear that AI is playing a significant role in improving customer experience and growth of mutual trust. People have argued that the use of AI in business processes will result in the loss of lots of livelihoods. The truth is that it will create better and more intelligent jobs for humans such as training and managing the AI etc. There exist many firms that are solely dedicated to building AI and ML solutions for all kinds of public and private organizations. You can contact any of the particular firms and discuss your AI business requirements from the grass level.

The day is not far away when AI will be holding significant positions in a particular business itself such as customer relationship manager or analytics executive. If your customers are not satisfied with your business processes than you can any day bank upon a nice AI to make them happier and satisfied. I hope this article will be helpful to clear all the doubts regarding the important roles that AI is playing towards customer experience.