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Improve Your Online Food Delivery Service in 7 Easy Steps

Improve Your Online Food Delivery Service in 7 Easy Steps

Friday June 21, 2019,

5 min Read

The beginning of ‘cashless economy’ has seen a surge in the digital food ordering sector as it started growing steadily.

Customers expect delicious delicacies from the restaurants with doorstep food delivery options. This also tends to increase your revenue, sales, and profit margin.

The digital ordering culture is flourishing, and this has completely transformed the way restaurants deliver food.

Popular platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, Ubereats, Food Panda have reached the pinnacle of success as customers rely on them completely.

Improve your online food delivery service in 7 easy steps

In this article, we will tell you how to master the online food ordering and delivery for your restaurant.

Nowadays, every other restaurant is accepting delivery orders. Struck with high rentals and poor sales, most of them don’t know how to successfully run the business.

Here are some tips that will definitely help you to improve your online food delivery service in 7 easy steps:

  • Use mobile food app to accept orders:

With the advancement of technology, online ordering has become the most preferred method of ordering food. Build the restaurant’s own food ordering mobile app or website that directly integrated with your POS.

When everything is done automatically, it saves the hassle of manual calculation. You should know how to efficiently use the technology and improve your delivery. This gives customers a satisfying experience. Ensure you have an SEO optimized website having a clear CTA.

  • Clear communication:

Phone ordering is still used, but online ordering has become more prevalent. This is because phone order has the chance of your staff inadvertently take down incorrect orders or the staff member was unable to understand what the customer is trying to explain.

Train them to be polite with the customers and ensure that they take down correct orders.  

  • Well-designed app for menu / online menu:

Create an online menu that is crisp, concise, and easy to read. It should convey all the necessary information having a clear CTA. The price, the quantity of the items should be clearly written so that it becomes easy for the customers to order.

When you know that your restaurant delivery comes from online channels, what stops you from optimizing your online menu?

It is also important to have a stellar landing page for your online orders that will want your customers to click on the ‘order now’ button.

  • Assign Orders and Tracking Deliveries:

Make use of the online ordering system to assign orders to the restaurant delivery agents and track them once they are dispatched from your place. You can assess the performance of the drivers and optimize routes.

This helps in registering the dispatch time, track delivery staff, and analyse the time taken for orders to get delivered. This module helps in categorizing customers according to their order history and optimizing home delivery orders based on that data.

  • Provide exceptional service:

Providing awesome customer experience is not limited to serving them delicious food; it should also be extended to your restaurant delivery orders:

  1. Ensure the food is hot: Hot food makes your customer believe that it is a freshly prepared food. This can happen when you keep track of the right delivery time and ensure that the orders are reaching customers on time. Equip your delivery boys with insulated food bags that keep hot things hot and cold things cold throughout the ride. For items like beverages and ice cream, use dry ice so that they stay fresh and frozen.
  2. Package food safely: Take precautions that food doesn’t spill and get messes up in the container as it will appear unappealing and less appetizing. You can try out a different packaging technique and take advantage of spill free containers for delivery orders.
  3. Give attention to add-ons: If someone orders a pizza from your restaurant, it is obvious that you will give oregano and chili flakes. The entire ordering experience has to be convenient and fulfilling for the customers. Therefore, ensure the apt condiments, napkins that are to be provided along with the orders.

  • Proper delivery address:

Many delivery orders are delayed not because the preparation takes a long time but because of the prolonged delivery time. It may be difficult for the delivery boy to reach the destination. This hurdle can be managed by proper communication.

Give a call to a customer or message him/her via the online food app before delivering the food. Ask for proper landmark if you feel the address is incomplete.

  • Have a standardized delivery procedure:

It is mandatory that a few delivery responsibilities should be assigned to the kitchen staff and delivery drivers. The drivers should be well-versed in the coverage area and also take note whether your in-house kitchen staff knows who is in charge of bagging the orders so that they are ready to go. This will help in avoiding mistakes.

When it comes to restaurant online delivery, you can neither compromise on the time taken for the delivery or the taste of the food.

With modern technology and changing demographics, the future of online food delivery system is brighter than ever. Therefore, make sure you provide top-notch customer service and build a reliable mobile food delivery app.

Hope you have garnered all the mandatory information on how to increase the restaurant delivery sales that will help you gain huge profits.