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This Indian Man 'Nagster' Makes Millions Laugh With His Goofiness!

The Indian producer and casting director, Rohit Nag, has a lot of feathers to his hat including one screaming comedy!

This Indian Man 'Nagster' Makes Millions Laugh With His Goofiness!

Saturday May 16, 2020,

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After proving his mettle as a producer and casting director since the last few years, Rohit Nag has also been making millions laugh with his goofiness and has shown his all-round capability. The Indian producer has been an integral part of both the TV and film industries with working as a casting director in Bollywood movies - Revolver Rani. He met his girlfriend then, now wife, Aishwarya Sakhuja for the first time during casting for a comedy show that got aired on Star One channel. The industry recognizes Rohit Nag as a line producer for ads as well as films like Yaaram and Tutiya Dil.

Taking to social media, Rohit can be seen now and then in a video describing his daily acts of goofiness. The cherry on the cake being his entire family participates in those videos. While the story, screenplay and dialogues of these comedy-dramas are penned by the ex-Nach Baliye 7 himself, the funny acts appear to be instantaneous. 

So, I recently got in touch with this brilliant human being cum producer cum director cum entertainer and had an interestingly humorous conversation as expected. Thanking his genuineness and honesty, I learned some of the most extraordinary such life's insights in general and about his journey so far! Here is a look!

Rohit Nag

Rohit Nag At His Best During Quarantine Lockdown At His Home

DJ: What inspires your goofiness/comedy? What do you generally like to joke about in general?

Rohit Nag (RN): There is nothing in particular that inspires me. However, in life, everyone is so stressed, and there is a constant fight over attaining the four basic amenities of life - food, water, rent, EMI's etc. In between all the competitiveness to achieve, if people can get to laugh, their time shall pass smoothly. Everyone needs to work and earn money for sustainable living. But that sustainable living can also be converted to a happy, sustainable life. More happy the quotient, the more comfortable survival gets.

DJ: What's your most accomplished moment as the goofy Rohit we know?

RN: As the goofy Rohit, the most accomplished moment will be how Aishwarya and I bonded over my jokes and became friends. In a chronological sequence, we eventually fell in love and then, of course, she received quite an interesting proposal from me! Finally, we tied the knot in December 2014. In these five years as a married couple, what enlightened our days was our love and my silly PJs. 

And, the second accomplishment that I count as one is our participation in Nach Baliye. Aish and I are not great dancers. We made it so far only due to our 'bakwas' comedy acts incorporated within our dance routines. Above all, we received a lot of love due to it!

DJ: You have been trending on Instagram for your shopping videos with Aishwarya, your best half! What should the audience expect in your upcoming such videos? Any new lined up?

RN: It feels great to learn that I have been trending on Instagram for my shopping videos. So, off lately, I went shopping with my mother and cracked some terrible jokes. And, she was pretty much very cool about it and in fact, made counter jokes. The audience should expect such more everyday humor kind of videos with either my wife or my friends. 

DJ: How would you like to describe your humor style?

RN: It's more like 'for multiplex audience' kind of classy humor. Lol. Jokes apart, I would describe it as 'mango-people humor'. Moreover, it is wordplay - fun around daily grocery shopping or usual random actions, for instance.

DJ: As we all know, you are a producer and casting director by profession for years. Have you ever thought of turning into a full-time comedian per se? PS I can die laughing on every joke you crack.

RN: No, I have not thought of taking up comedy as a full-time comedian though people have recommended the same. You need a different sort of dedication and courage, rather 'jigra' to do so. And, sorry to say but when a man gets used to the monthly credits of amounts on the 1st of every month, it becomes impossible to follow your passion and make it a full-time career. 

Also, please don't die laughing ya, how will the interview continue then. (Giggles)

DJ: How did you get started with making people laugh? And, at what point did you realize that you are funny? Is it your genes?

RN: I never realized that I was funny. I know I am a strangely funny man. It is in my genes, and I have inherited this sense of humour from my parents. The jokes that I have cracked in my Instagram shopping video with Aish (Aishwarya Sakhuja) - 3 out of them stand borrowed from my father. For instance, we were having dinner, and dad asked to pass him 'mother-in-law.' Frankly, we all were confused. Then, he clarified that 'saas' dena. Such jokes run in our family bloodline. My family lives by the motto of 'always keep smiling through all times - good and bad.' 

DJ: Life happens to us all; how have you been able to laugh through your pain?

RN: There is a peculiar condition known as 'Impostor Syndrome.' Not that I have it. This syndrome enables you to put up a more robust and funnier front. However, when sometimes things do not turn out to be as planned or according to your wish, you tend to stress a lot. In place of which why not watch a Rohit Shetty or a David Dhawan movie and enjoy free time with yourself or your family and friends? You might as well be able to learn something new and overcome your grief. If you can make through your pain with a smile, then you can adapt to anything in life. Plus, your enemy should never know that you are undergoing any pain or discomfort! So always smile!

DJ: Your jokes and humor about the simplest of things in life are a significant escape for many. What do you think it is about your delivery (jokes) that has such an impact? 

RN: Seriously, I have no clue what kind of impact gets generated. But I hope people like them. I am glad people like them. I do receive messages stating what awful jokes I make. Though, all in all, people text me saying that they were feeling low and my jokes have made them laugh. So, yeah, it feels kind and encouraging. The audience even shares my videos at times, and I like it.

Sorry folks! The conversation took such an entertaining path that we went on and on. Lastly, a happy belated birthday Rohit (16-05)! The country loves and adores you and Aish for inspiring us!