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Inspire the world by kicking away the demon "Depression":

Inspire the world by kicking away the demon "Depression":

Saturday August 01, 2020,

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A technically sound person pursues a target or milestone and when he fails in it, he gets saddened. Is that depression? Certainly, Not. But when he thinks of the failing occasion over and over again, relating to the future degradation which he would be facing; obviously, that is a mental pressure he gives himself which we call it by the term “Depression”. 


Depression is the etymology of a Latin word “deprimere” meaning “Press down”. It is like pressing ourselves down through mind thereby creating an illusionary fear. Actually, society is a calming factor that leads to a peaceful and disciplined life. But the studies conducted by NCBI indicate that society programs that have been crafted for the well-being of the people have some depressive symptoms too. 

Depression and Black Hole:

 Nowadays, People consider “being worried” or a “temporary jam in life” as depression and they get afraid. To be more specific, they are depressed over their illusions that they have got depression. The fact is “Depression sounds different”. Let us compare it with the Universe. Universe is a beautiful creation and so is mankind. It has various creations like pulsars, stars, planets and other beautiful celestial formations. Likewise, humans are packed in with multiple emotions like Happiness, Sadness, Agony, etc. 

Despite all the blissful creations, the Universe has a threatening “Black Hole”. Depression in mankind is a Black hole. The Black hole contains in itself all the celestial bodies. Once sucked by the blackhole, no celestial body, say, even light, gets out of it. 

I am not saying that once you get into depression, you cannot come out of it. Literally, one can. But one should be prepared enough not to be sucked into such obsessed emotions. It is well said by Oscar Wilde that goes like “I am not at the mercy of my emotions”. 

Depression - “A disease or disorder”:

Calling Depression as a disease is still on the cards because doctors and researchers say that Depression is a disorder, but not a disease. But statistical reports of some reputed organisations show that we should be aware of the situation at the earliest. The World Health Organisation has stated that nearly 264 million people of all ages are suffering from Depression all over the world which is roughly more than people suffering from any of the major non-communicable diseases. The Indian Council of Medical Research had come up with their statistical report (2019) that “Nearly one in seven people in India are suffering from various mental disorders including depression”. These reports are not to threaten mankind, but if we find a root cause of those stress and mental illness, then we could find a way out.

How did history deal with depression?

That is a nice question. Because it is a known fact that no one can escape the so-called emotion, but we stand a chance only when we deal with that in a wise way. Obviously, in the older ages of history, one of the most stressful people is the “King”. A King has to protect his country, fight wars, and expand his territory. But at the same time, he spends time in building temples, crafting sculptures and monuments, creating a garden or building some magnificent monasteries and even following some religion. That keeps them away from their depression. 

But as a normal human being in a democratic country like India, we cannot do such magnificent tasks. Actually, that may increase the stress levels further if we think of those complex ideas that cannot even happen, except you do a La Casa de Papel (Money Heist).

But we can follow what yogis follow to reduce their depression. Yogis did have some sort of depression in them and they worked on relieving them using certain yogic poses. Even kings and other great people got the advice of yogis to lead a healthy mental and physical life. Not everyone can rely upon yogic poses or other sorts of physical training and so there are several other ways to get rid of your depression.

Shoo off your depression: Mind Matters the most:

Mind is a powerful weapon. You know what; neurons transmit information in the brain from one to other using electric signals. That's how powerful the human mind is. Such an electrifying mind can alter depression into some productive activities which can eventually lead to well-being. 

  1. Cry out loud - Just don't compress your feelings. Compressing the feelings within you is not considered as strength. Being strong is crying out loud when you fail and then getting up with a new energy. You should know the difference.
  2. Break the chain - Of course, coronavirus does not have anything to do with depression. Here, the chain of suppressing thoughts is to be broken to escape depression. Today is today and tomorrow can bring something new and exciting. So, prevent taking your bad thoughts to the next day.
  3. Move from low key to the highest - Setting large goals is ambitious but if it isn't pursued, it hurts. It leads to depression. You need to break the work to multiple small fragments and achieve them accordingly. More important is that you should encourage yourself for small accomplishments that you have done. For instance, building a house is really a dream for everyone. You can pat yourself for the first saving that you have done for your ambition. Because that too contributes to your house’s construction, right?
  4. Listen to music - Music transforms the world. It has the magic to tingle up the senses and takes one to a blissful tour. Such powerful chords can be induced to wipe out the depression within you. There is no specific theme of music that can get rid of depression because you can really enjoy what your mind matters the most. If you are a jazz guy, just jazz it when you are depressed.
  5. Give your body some pain - Yes, you read it right. We have seen in films that a hero builds his body after a devastating break-up with his girlfriend. Oh Man, break up is really depressing and such distress can be wiped off only by turning the pain from the heart and mind to the body. A pain enduring body can transform one into an attractive man, I assure. Hit a gym, gentleman. 

[Note: Gyms are not meant only for guys]

To cut it short, “Expectations” are the root cause of depression. Not all we expect happens. We can realise from the words of a famous English literary genius William Shakespeare which goes like “Expectations are the root of all the heartache”. 

We are not a sage to let the expectations go off but the thing is whether we are ready to move forward even our expectations are turned down. 

Whatever the game may be, say cricket, a batsman who missed being caught at 5 Runs has the most probability of hitting a century. Similar is life. A mind which escapes from being caught from depression can achieve something great in an alternative way. When it comes to fighting depression, it is the mind that really matters.