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Instagram dictionary: Learn about Instagram hashtags

Instagram is the social network in web version and most famous app of the moment to share photos and videos. In this topic, we will discuss about the Instagram hashtags dictionary.

Instagram dictionary: Learn about Instagram hashtags

Monday January 21, 2019,

4 min Read

What does each Instagram Hashtag mean?

With the Instagram dictionary you will understand the meaning of each term, explained for newbies:


It is an Instagram app with which you can create very funny videos about something every day. Surely you've seen one like this:

BG on Instagram

When two letters are used on Instagram (or any other social network) it is intended to agree a word. In this case, with BG or #BG I have no idea what it means, but it is commonly used as a BackGround or background.

Although it can have any meaning of words that begin with B and G.


It is an English term that translated literally means "compromise". However, in digital marketing its meaning suggests activity on the part of users and the way they interact with your publications.

Instagram feed

What is the Instagram feed?

The Instagram feed is the list where all the publications (photos and videos) of the people you follow appear. The feed of an Instagram profile is the page where all the posts of a single profile appear.


The meaning of FFF on Instagram is ..... Nobody has yet indicated what it means.


@Instaexpertos in an Instagram profile where I publish all the tips and tricks I know about the social network.


Instagram is the social network in web version and most famous app of the moment to share photos and videos. The app was launched in 2010, and after its acquisition by Facebook, today it has more than 600 million active users in the network. It's amazing!

Instagram Stories (Instagram stories)

Instagram stories is an Instagram feature that allows users to share ephemeral videos that disappear after 24 hours. At first it was thought that Facebook had copied to Snapchat at the time of generating the new functionality, although it is not all true, because according to its creators Instagram Stories serves to show the human side of the person behind each profile.

With the stories of Instagram, the aim is to show the human and personal part behind those profiles with millions of real Instagram followers. In addition, you can also share all the moments of the day without these appearing on your profile.


Layout is an Instgaram app that lets you create funny compositions by mixing different photos in one. Choose the composition and edit it as you like.

This is an example of publication:


Translated from English, mood means mood. On Instagram the hashtag #mood is used to determine any mood, normally related to the image they have uploaded.

For example, if an account that you follow publishes a photo of the beach with a radiant sun and the label with #mood it means that it feels happy and eager to live.


Each of the photos or videos that you upload with the app.


The meaning mainly refers to the year 2019 but said in a cooler way. When you say 2k, it usually refers to 2,000. Therefore, 2K19 means 2,000 + 19.

Meaning of Hashtags

# F4F

It means Follow For (4) Follow, and it is used to ask people to do like in exchange for another like. It is something like: if you like, I also give you another.


It can be translated as the state of mind in which you tell yourself today on Instagram.


These 4 letters are the vulgar acronym of Laughing My Ass Off.


It is the most famous hashtag to tag photos of your pet on Instagram. You can access the publications from here.


It is the acronym of Photo of the Day, which translated into Spanish means Photo of the Day.


The hashtag #tbt comes from the English expression Throwback Thursday, which translated into Spanish is something like 7“the Thursdays of yesteryear ". Using #TBT is in vogue because Instagramers use them to show their long-time photos, even from when they were little, thus showing a tender side that drives their fans crazy.

Another similar and very famous hashtag is #FollowFriday, used by many users on Fridays to recommend interesting accounts to follow.

Do you want to add a word or hashtag to the Instagram dictionary? Leave a comment and we will answer you very fast! 🙂