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Instant messaging app solution: The stages of development and its distinctive features.

Instant messaging app solution: The stages of development and its distinctive features.

Wednesday May 13, 2020,

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People have become distant to one another with increased responsibility, so there is a need for apps to communicate easily. Phone calls are costing more money, and also people do not find sufficient time to call others. The WeChat clone app is the solution to such issues. It uses the internet for data transmission so that they can converse with their loved ones promptly. Also, users can create groups to convey information to a large number of people. Users can decide the type of group like a business, commercial, etc. Through the info option, the senders can view the status of the messages for different people. Users can also call others either via video or voice calls online. There are several clone apps available, like Whatsapp, Viber, Liner, and many more. These clone apps have the salient features and also certain customization attributes.

The development of the application would be simple. The developers should make sure to include distinct features as there are lots of competitors in this market, and people are accustomed to popular chat applications.

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The process involved in the development of WeChat clone script :

Requirements gathering:

Meeting the app development team and deciding the technologies to be used in the front-end and back-end of the project. Team also decides the general layout of the projects. They decide on the platform to deploy the application. So a general estimate of the expenditure can be known through this.

UI/UX design:

The front end is an integral part of the application development process as it is visible to the users. The interface should be glitch-free and interactive. Most smartphones should support it.


The app models help the programmers understand their standings and redeem their mistakes. A prototype is a sample of the full functionality of the application.

App development: 

This stage involves the front and back end development. It also covers the creation of features, linking of payment modules, and many more.

Quality check:

It is the process where the debugging takes place, and the app goes through several testing modules. After finding the shortcomings, it is sent to the development stage for processing. Hence it is an iterative process. If the app is perfect, it ships for deployment.


The launch of the product in available app platforms like Google play store, iOS app store, etc. happens here.


 After release, the app is advertised on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Unique features of the Instant messaging app

Unique features of the Instant messaging app:

Back up / cross-platform data: Customers can have their chats and media retrieved using this feature. All they have to do is upload the entire conversation to the cloud before transferring. The application is supported by both Android and iOS mobiles.

Delete conversation: Remove the conversation from others' chats using this feature. The discussion can only be removed as long as the members do not see the message.

Fingerprint security: Users can access the application using their fingerprint.

Mute conversations: The useful app can be annoying at times, especially when a notification comes continuously from chats. Users can mute the discussions to a specific period based on their convenience.

Starred conversations: Mark the essential discussions. These chats or media would not be deleted.

Webcast: Users can cast the chats to web browsers by scanning the QR code. They can project it as long as there is an active Internet connection on the mobile phone.

Encrypted chats: This secures the conversations from the hackers or third parties. Users can scan the QR code and verify it.

Double & blue ticks: These are indications for the users. If there are two ticks, it means the message is received, and blue ticks signify that it has been read.

Video & voice calls: Apart from the chats, the app also has quality voice and video call features. Users can also connect and have conference calls using this facility.


The application is beneficial for the users as it is a compatible platform to stay connected to friends, families, colleagues, and many more. It connects people across the globe, and there is no time lag for sending the messages. Line clone script is widely used for educational purposes, business transactions, conveying important news, etc. People across different cadre and age groups use this application for communication. The comparatively new feature, status allows users to express their talents, share clips, and do many more exciting activities. Nowadays, every smartphone has this messenger app in it, and people are using it throughout the day. Experts say that most people prefer chatting to calls. 

The Viber clone script provides owners to gain wholesome profits though this chat app. They get a commission from the service providers and also from platforms like Google play store and iOS app store. Owners can also post advertisements on this platform. It would be a one-time investment with minimal changes along the way.