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How Will iOS App Development Evolve Over The Next Five Years?

In the virtual macrocosm, technologies have been flourishing and have become one of the sheer essentials for everyday life. With the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, iOS app development has uplifted in various ways.

How Will iOS App Development Evolve Over The Next Five Years?

Friday September 20, 2019,

6 min Read

In virtual macrocosm, technologies have been flourishing and have become one of the sheer essentials for everyday life. With the commencement of the first iPhone in 2007, iOS app development has uplifted in various ways. With the evolution of technologies, the future is seen to be completely based on these concepts. Even if you look back 10-15 years ago, you will not have known the functionality of smartphones, mobile applications, web browsers, email systems, integrated maps, replacement of QWERTY keypads with touchscreens and so much more. 

Just when the iPhone could not offer with too many applications, the iOS app development company launched the Apple Store. This served to be a boon for the Apple users. Let's delve into the concept of how iOS evolved in these years. 

1. Multi-tasking

Since the commencement of iOS, the iOS app developers have been working hard to present you with the best Operating System. It has got the functionality of multi-tasking as well as the potentiality of sync option with Apple's other devices paving way for enhanced and integrated user experience. 

2. Storage Management

Previously iOS development did not have Automatic Reference Counting and due to this, it leads to too many bugs. With the launch of ARC in 2011 with Xcode 2.4, Reference counting code got the feature of being inserted automatically into the code through ARC. 

3. Layout

Another major thing launched by Apple was the Auto Layout features. With the inception of different sizes and screen of the iPhone and iPad, the development of this feature served as a blessing in disguise. The formulation of StackView though looks complicated when you hire iOS developers, it becomes easier to merge layout and resizing masks. 

4. Siri and Maps

  • With the introduction of iOS 13, Apple's voice assistant can do much more than just connecting calls. It will guide you with its natural language, provide you with details of accepting the call or not when you are not available and so much more. Apple now has introduced its Maps with enlightened features which are capable of being in compatibility with Google Maps. 
  • There are just some of the features that have been enhanced with new features and implementation of technologies conducted by certified developers. iOS app development companies have been taking up the functionality of new technologies that are seen to create involvement in the coming years. 

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence serves to be an exemplary prototype. With passing days, developers and technical experts are blending the concept of both technologies to curate AI-based iOS application. Different global brands have been implementing the use of this technology for smoothing functioning of AI-based apps like Starbucks. 
  • In the coming years, you will be able to get hold of more AI apps on iOS that will completely transform the traditional methodology of conducting daily chores of life. There will be a new application that will make your daily life and making the right choices way easier. 

6. Internet of Things

Internet of Things

  • With passing time, Internet of Things, popularly known as IoT keeps getting engaging and better. As mentioned before, your daily life is nothing without the internet. Starting from the mobile phone, television, Apple TV, other devices, headsets, lights, doorbells, security systems and so much more; everything is internet-based. Here, iOS app development is not improving the experience to look around at things. Rather you will be presented with realistic and top-notch choices that you take up in relevance of the information you have got access to. 
  • IoT is flourishing in most of the domain for its ethical usability. This further covers industry domains like hospitality, automobile, retail industry and others. It is quite amusing to delve into understanding how the trends have been developing and reaching every sector within a span of the next few years. It is the change for the good. Along with this, collaborating with AI, IoT has got the capability to elevate customer experience on a global scale. 

7. Cloud-Based Application

Cloud-Based Application

  • The experienced iOS app developers have predicted that cloud-based application is going to acquire the paparazzi in the world of iOS development. In a span of 5 to 7 years, global brands, international businesses and industries will be owning at least one native cloud-based application. 
  • The power of enlarging technologies is rising to a new peak. Another aspect that might take you to surprise is that nearly 80 percent of this market of the cloud-based the application might be owned by Google and Amazon. This serves that 20 percent of the Apple community will be able to access this technology. To acquire a bigger market, several iOS app developments needs to work on their skills and implement their place in the online marketing industry. 
  • Apart from the same, Apple could end up dominating this sector with the implementation of a few innovations in the next few years. The revolution is already seen. From the journey of iPhone launched in 2007 to implementation of App Store, updates installed in the operating system to launch of iOS 13 with new exclusive features. 

8. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

  • Another technology which is creating a great buzz in the market is Augmented Reality, also known as AR. It acquired a lot of attention with its inception back when Pokemon Go was introduced to the virtual enthusiasts. This virtual hunting game grabbed so much popularity that is ranked in about $950 million in 2016 and close to $900 million in 2017, making it a huge hit. 
  • In the coming few years, AR will create a new revolution for curating stunning and user-friendly trend in games and events. This trend will be envisioned in the iOS application created in the coming years. 

9. Machine Learning

Machine Learning

  • Apple is creating a huge buzz with its association with Machine Learning and AI. With the formulation of iOS 13, the gap between Siri and its rivals like Google Assistant stands head to head. And within the coming years, their technologies are here to stay and only get better. iOS app developers are making use of the technologies for the enhancement in the functionality and user-friendly experience for any domain. It could include scheduling based on data, diagnosing medical conditions, chatbots helping and clever sensors built-in iPhone and Apple Watch. 
  • Google is making use of Machine Learning in the most incredible way to transform our lives in the future. In the same way, iOS is going no less. Apple's Core ML is that framework that further makes it easier for the developers for the integration of machine learning into the application with the easy structure of coding. And this implementation is already seen in Music Play and some other specifications and will be seen more in enhanced applications in the coming years. 

Final Words - 

iOS is creating a change in the modern world of application development. There are other functionalities will serve as a boon as paving the pathway to updated technological trends. In the next few years, iOS development will evolve and for the good.